Fantastically fun superhero party games electricity word search pdf

Have those teams line up a few feet apart from, but facing one another. Call one team the superheroes and the other team the arch-enemies. Since kryptonite can’t be touched, give each player a krypto-proof stick; paper towel tubes work well–you can even have the kids decorate them ahead of time.

Set a timer or play a song. Kids will have until the timer runs out or the song is over to try and push as many pieces of kryptonite as possible past the opposing team’s side while trying to defend their own sides at the same time. When time is up, count how many pieces of kryptonite are on each side. The team with the least amount of kryptonite behind their line wins. Kryptonite Relay

Another way to use those rolled up balls of green for a superhero party game is to have a kryptonite relay race. Divide guests into two teams. Give each team a broom and an equal amount of kryptonite. Players have to take turns sweeping a piece of kryptonite from the starting line to a designated “anti-contaminate” unit (such as a box or basket turned onto its side).

To play, kids must draw a superhero name from the bag and then go out and search for the matching arch-nemesis. When players return with the correct card, award them a certificate of bravery or a small trinket prize. Phone Booth Costume Change

To play this game, you will need two phone booths. You can make them from empty refrigerator boxes. You can also hang phone booth signs side-by-side on a free-standing room divider or hang a curtain over a corner of the room to create a shared phone booth space.

Place the superhero costumes inside the phone booth. Place the remaining items in front of the teams. On “go!”, the first players in line must put on the ordinary clothes, run into the phone booth and change into the superhero costumes. They must then come out of the phone booth, run around a pre-determined course and then back into the booth to change back to the ordinary suit. They have to then return to their teams, take the suit, tie and glasses off, and give them to the next players in line, who have to repeat all of the actions of the first player.

Print out pictures of four different superheroes. Download the theme music for each superhero you choose. Hang one of the superhero pictures in each corner of the party room. Play some music and have the kids dance. At random, stop the dance music and play one of the superhero theme songs. The players have to dash to the corner with the superhero that matches the music. The last kid to make it to the correct corner is out. Continue playing this way until only one player remains. Arch Enemy Knockdown

Divide the players into two groups. Call one group the superheroes and call the other group the villains. Give each of the superheroes a can of blue silly string. Give each of the villains a can of yellow silly string. Tell the superheroes that the villains have developed web-shooting abilities, just like that of the superheroes. Set them all loose in the yard to shoot each other with “webs.” When time is up, see which color of silly string is most prominent on the opposing players to determine the winners. Superhero Amnesia

In this game, all the players are superheroes who have had their memories erased by an evil enemy. Write the names of various superheroes on index cards. Fold them and place them in a hat. Have the kids pick a card out of the hat without opening it to see what name is written. Tape the cards to the players’ backs so they still can’t see who they are. Let the kids mingle around and ask each other Yes-or-No questions until they can guess their superhero identities. Emblem Relay

To play this game, print four superhero emblems on letter-sized paper and tape them to a piece of poster board. Cut the poster board to create four large squares with one emblem each. Divide players into two teams and give each team two superhero emblem squares.

On go, the first players in line must place one of their emblems on the ground in front of them and step on it. They must then place the second emblems in front of them, step on those, and pick up the first emblems and set them down in front of them. They must continue to do this to form a path that leads them away from and then back to the starting line, stepping only on their emblem squares to get there. When they return to the starting line, the emblem squares are passed to the next players in line, who must also follow the same path while stepping on emblems. The first team to complete the emblem relay wins. Superhero Tag

At the start of the game, all of the villains must cross from behind one line to behind the other line without being tagged by the superhero. Any players tagged by the superhero are turned from villains to superheroes and must stand in the middle as well. The villains must cross again to the other side, trying not to get tagged by the superheroes. Play continues like this until all of the villains have been caught and peace is once again restored to the world.