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We field a LOT of questions regarding our reconditioned FMTV’s and our Acela Monterra trucks– I mean, they are about the coolest and most capable trucks ever built! We ask that you please read through this entire document to familiarize yourself with our trucks, our processes, our capabilities and our eagerness to work with you. If your question is not addressed here, PLEASE feel free to contact us – we’re eager to help!

FMTV refers to the “Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles” which includes 17 variants of the 6×6 “Medium Tactical Vehicle” (MTV) and the 4×4 “Light Medium Tactical Vehicle” (LMTV). FMTVs were produced exclusively for the United States Department of Defense as extreme-duty, high mobility troop carriers, mobile command centers, MHE cranes, wreckers, etc. They were built specifically to operate in the most challenging conditions on the planet. The program has been an incredible success with over 90,000 FMTV’s delivered since 1993. tgas advisors company profile They are the only wheeled vehicle to ever achieve the U.S. Army’s “Ultra Reliable” status and are still in production today.

MTV Truck Sales is a sister company to Acela Truck Company. Acela Truck Company produces the Acela Monterra line of fully frame-up refurbished FMTV’s and manages all fleet and commercial sales of the Monterra product line. Acela also performs the mechanical reconditioning of MTV Truck Sales’ FMTV’s. MTV Truck Sales is the retail arm of Acela and exclusive provider of reconditioned FMTV’s and retail parts sales.

We offer FMTV’s in two levels of refurbishment. Our mechanically reconditioned FMTV’s have their original beds/bodies still attached and have undergone a complete mechanical inspection, diagnostics and fluids/wear parts replacement with over 50 new parts. Reconditioned FMTV’s are sold as-is with computer diagnostic print-outs (A1 Only). The Acela Monterra is our flagship, high-end product and recommended for commercial use and ultimate comfort. electricity transmission costs Monterras have undergone an exhaustive refurbishment process in which they have been completely torn down to their frame rails, cabs removed and gutted. All parts are properly prepped and painted and reassembled according to strict processes in a LEAN manufacturing environment with over 650 new parts and sold with a one-year limited bumper to bumper warranty.

We eat, breathe, sleep and bleed FMTV’s – it’s all we do and we’ve been doing it for 8 years, since we worked with the original commercial variant of the FMTV, the SD Brazos. We operate out of a 30,000 square foot production facility on a 10-acre campus with well vetted and expertly trained and seasoned FMTV diesel mechanics, paint and body techs, production, sales, marketing and administrative staff. About half of our staff are US military vets or are still active in the National Guard. Our engineer just happens to be an Abrams tank gunner! We are 100% committed to delivering reliable reconditioned FMTVs and fully restored Acela Monterras and bend over backwards to ensure total customer satisfaction during and after the sale!

Over 80% of FMTV parts can be commercially sourced online or at most diesel parts shops. The Caterpillar engine, Allison transmission, and many other components are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts. Parts not commonly available, such as cab/body and axle parts, can be sourced directly from us and/or our parts and service partners as we/they maintain an extensive inventory of these parts. An inventory of parts can be found here.

The FMTV is as expensive (or inexpensive) to maintain as any other comparably sized diesel truck. Virtually all parts are readily available (please see Parts Availability Section) and periodic maintenance is not beyond that of comparable 4×4 or 6×6 trucks. FMTV’s can be serviced at almost any diesel truck shop at prevailing rates – many of whom offer steep discounts or “points” for oil changes and other service work to over-the-road truckers – so look for maintenance specials at truck stop websites and in their flyers!

CTIS Though all FMTV’s were originally equipped with CTIS, most have sat unused for years and the CTIS system components have degraded. In order to ensure that you’ll be getting a well-operating CTIS system, with any level of comfort, we replace over 30 [expensive!] military-only components with Dana original equipment and spend a significant amount of time programming, calibrating and thoroughly testing the system. Because of the additional expense we chose to keep our base prices as low as possible for those that don’t need/want CTIS and offer a reconditioned system as an option. CTIS is highly recommended for those operating regularly in mud, sand, snow or other on- and off-highway conditions.

There are six generally available 395/85R20 military tires available in North America, all manufactured by Michelin and GoodYear. Only two of them are used by United States Department of Defense or offered by us; they are the Michelin XZL and the GoodYear MV/T (G). While each has more than adequate payload capacities, the Michelins have a 55 MPH speed rating while the GoodYear’s have a 81 MPH maximum speed rating (and thus come standard with high speed gear option). gas examples matter A complete tire comparison chart can be found here.

First the hot…FMTV’s were designed without cab insulation (other than insulated center engine cowlings and insulated center floor mats) or air conditioning which make hot weather operation, well, hot! Air conditioning is available as an option and DIY insulation kits are available here. FMTV’s are equipped with a large cab heater as standard equipment. While it does a good job of blowing heat, we recommend insulation for better cab temperature control.

Then the cold…FMTV’s are not equipped with glow plugs for cold weather starting. Instead, they are fitted with Ether start systems (that vary slightly from A0 to A1 models) that require the driver to push a dash-mounted button to inject an ether mix directly into the engine for starting. The system is very reliable and contrary to belief, it is impossible for the system to cause any damage to the engine.

With proper tires and tire pressures, FMTV’s actually handle quite well in snow and ice conditions. We highly recommend GoodYear MV/T tires (over Michelin) for winter driving. We also have studded tires and siped tires available for additional traction. CTIS is also incredibly helpful in snow and ice conditions. Additionally, because A0 FMTV’s are not equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) we highly recommend siped or studded tires for regular winter traction.

Our mechanically reconditioned FMTV’s go through an exhaustive, well-vetted process to ensure the highest level of dependability, are fitted with over 50 new parts as standard and are sold as is with full computer diagnostics data (A1 models). New option content such as air conditioning, plows, etc. carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. Acela Monterras are delivered with a one-year bumper to bumper limited warranty.

Peace of mind and time to enjoy your new truck!! Take it from us, you have NO idea what you’re getting from surplus auctions or other online sites. k electric bill payment online Most surplus buyers (military truck enthusiasts) enjoy spending months and even years diagnosing problems, researching and sourcing obsolete parts, making never-ending repairs, modifications and upgrades with tools not necessarily suited to the job, sometimes without the experience to perform much of the work at the high safety standards to which we adhere. We are the world’s foremost experts on FMTV repair and refurbishment and FMTV’s are ALL we do, day in, day out. We have been selling and supporting versions of the FMTV in the oil & gas and mining industries since 2008. We inventory virtually every part on the FMTV, we have torn down and replaced or repaired every part and every system on the FMTV, and we can do so in a fraction of the time or cost of anyone else….let us pass the savings on to you! Until you’ve been immersed in FMTV engineering and mechanics, have purchased, diagnosed, repaired, stripped, rebuilt and maintained hundreds of FMTV’s and know exactly how to properly vet surplus FMTV’s, you really don’t know what you’re getting at auction and will most likely inherit someone else’s very expensive, very time consuming and untimely problems. Remember…you get what you pay for! We have the experience, the tools, the skillset, the wherewithal, the attitude and the parts supply required to deliver the highest quality FMTV’s customized to your specific needs at a very reasonable price.

The 6×6 MTV also operates in full-time All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and provides 70% power to the intermediate axle (NOT rear) and 30% power to the front axle in standard forward operating mode (“Drive”) and operates in gears 2 through 7. When in “Mode” (off-road mode), power is split 50%/50%, 1 st gear is made available and the rear axle is engaged to spin at the same speed as the intermediate axle.

Though there is certainly a range of conditions, in general, our mechanically reconditioned FMTV’s have very low mileage, zero to minimal rust, new engine and transmission fluids, new filters, tires at 75%+, brakes at 75%+ , rebuilt air over hydraulic pump, fully functioning cab air ride system and have undergone thorough bumper to bumper inspection, repair and upgrade processes that include the automatic replacement of over 50 parts and repairing every known issue. Please see our FMTV inspection and new parts checklist for a complete listing here. Acela Monterras are completely torn down and restored to better than factory-new condition with over 650 new parts.

Yes, kind of, sort of, maybe… California Air Resources Board (CARB) has strictly regulated the registration of diesel powered vehicles on its highways. Here is our [non-binding] interpretation of the regulations: NO A0 FMTV (1999 emissions engines) are allowed. A1 4×4 FMTV’s (2003 emissions engines) with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR’s) under 26,001 lbs. GVWR are allowed for on-highway use until 1/1/2019. No FMTV with a GVWR rating of over 26,001 lbs. is allowed regardless of year or engine. gas efficient cars 2015 These are our interpretations only – we do not guarantee accuracy. All of this information is subject to change. Official CARB diesel regulatory information can be found here https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onrdiesel/documents/multirule.pdf – please check with CARB to ensure use of your FMTV for your specific needs.

We ship our customers’ trucks by flatbed every day. We’re happy to make arrangements for door to door shipping. We can also ship outside of the U.S. – please contact us to discuss details. electricity 101 presentation If you prefer to pick up your FMTV in person, our shop is less than ten minutes from Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport (BZN). Taxi service and Uber are readily available.

We’ve strived to build and maintain our website to operate as a “go-to” source of all things FMTV. With that said, there are FMTV owners that share a wide range of information and experiences on forum sites like Steel Soldiers and Expedition Portal. Feel free to explore, ask any questions of us (that aren’t already answered on our site) and please make suggestions about what additional content you feel we should provide here.

This is sometimes a loaded question… Federal law requires drivers of any vehicle (other than an RV) with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs. or greater to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). While we do have 4×4 models with GVWR ratings under 26,001 lbs, some states additionally require a CDL for operation of vehicles with air brakes (regardless of GVWR) or require an air brake endorsement to your non-commercial license. With regards, to RV’s…we are unable to sell our trucks with titles branded as RV’s (because they’re not), but if you are planning on converting your FMTV to an RV after purchasing, every state has a straightforward process to change title branding from truck to RV once you’re finished with your conversion. Please research your local laws to ensure compliance.

Importation of vehicles over 15 years old into Canada is not regulated with regards to emissions or current safety standards (with the exception of a speedometer displaying KPH and daytime running lights (both available – please call), however, each province has total authority over licensing the vehicle (or not). Please check with your local motor vehicle licensing agency to ensure that you will be able to register your FMTV once imported.