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Before marketing new subdivisions in California, subdividers must obtain a public report from the CalDRE. gas bloating nausea Public reports contain information of vital importance to prospective buyers including covenant, conditions and restrictions which govern the use of property, costs and assessments for maintaining homeowners’ associations and common areas, and other material disclosures.

Public reports are a critical disclosure document issued by the Department of Real Estate, which should be read and understood by any home purchaser considering buying a home in a new subdivision prior to entering into a contract to purchase a home. Prior to the issuance of the public report, subdividers must file an application with the CalDRE and submit documents supporting the representations made in the application. If improvements to the subdivision are not complete at the time the application is filed, the subdivider must also submit evidence that adequate financial arrangements have been made for their completion.

There are generally three “types” of Public Reports that may be obtained from the Department of Real Estate. The Final Public Report is the only Report required by law; all others are optional. gas pains or contractions Although there is an additional cost for Preliminary and Conditional Public Reports (See DRE Fees) the timing of your marketing and sales efforts may warrant the expense (What are the DRE timeframes?). gas jet size chart The purpose of each report is as follows:

Preliminary Public Report a.k.a. “Pink” report – printed on pink paper. Allows the subdivider to advertise the project and to take reservations and deposits. No Purchase contracts may be signed under this report and all deposits are refundable. a gas has In the event of a renewal filing, the Preliminary Public Report is called an “Interim” Public Report. i gas shares The Preliminary and Interim Public Reports are issued for a term of one year.

Conditional Public Report a.k.a “Yellow” report – printed on yellow paper. Allows the subdivider to enter into binding purchase contracts and to open escrows for the sale of the lots/units in the development prior to issuance of the Final Public Report. electricity kanji This Report is intended for the subdivider who has submitted a complete BRE filing but is delayed in obtaining the final documents required to complete the filing (such as the recordation of the map, approval of the budget by DRE, review and approval of the legal documents by DRE, etc.). The Conditional Public Report is issued for a term of 6* months and may be renewed. z gas ensenada If you are unsure whether your application should include a Conditional Public Report, we welcome you to contact us, and let one of our Project Consultants discuss the merits of this type of filing.

Final Public Report a.k.a. “White” report – printed on white paper. This Report is the only Public Report that is actually required by law. The Final Public Report allows the subdivider to market the subdivision; to take deposits, and to open and close escrows. The Final Public Report is issued for a term of 5 years but may be amended without renewing for a full five-year term.