Farm house in the city – west end, downtown u of richmond and fan – dumbarton gas station jokes


This is a 100 year old farm house that was renovated in 2005. It has 4.5 bedrooms 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, washer/dryer, full living room, dinning room. Great location to I64 and I95, downtown 10 min, short pump 15 min, fan 7 min shopping 5 min. This was one of the original farm houses in the west end of Richmond at the turn of the century. All hardwood floors, large rooms and closets. 1 King bed, 2 queens and 2 twins. It also has a blow up queen. It does not have hand rails in the bathrooms for elderly or handicapped people. It is an old house with quirks. Many people who have stayed say it has old charm. You are renting all 4 gas giants names the main house 2 floors and the front and right side yard.

There is a large fenced yard that if you may use with prior permission as well. The guest house uses the large yard typically and parks on the left side of the main house near the garage. I am pretty easy to deal with and have had interesting groups. I keep it very clean and would hope you would also . I do not have granite counter tops, instead I’ve invested in top quality beds, linens and have a new 55 TV with full cable and HBO. I believe you will be very comfortable electricity origin. The county is frowning on larger groups than can actually stay. Please contact me with your intentions and ideas. I’m open minded and the neighbors seem to not be a problem. View more

The write up said some work was being performed. The home has structural issues. It should not be listed on your site for rent. Many cracks visible in the walls. The upstairs hall way slopes to one side. At the entrance to the master bedroom there is about a one inch difference from left to right. The dining room has water intrusion on one wall. The plaster is flaking off because of it. There is a large hole in the baseboard wall area next to the tub/shower combo upstairs. The wall is wet and rotted. The floor in the master bedroom has new laminate flooring put down over a sub floor that as not properly repaired. The floor gives when electricity facts label you step on it. It is not level. Cable guy was suppose to come fix the TV not working. He did not. I spent two hours tracing wires and getting it to work. The upstairs tub is missing handles so you can only shower. Somebody lives in the basement which is not normally a problem. But the closed off stairwell in the house that had gone downstairs was not sealed off. We all smelled smoke z gas tecate coming from downstairs. Downstairs shower had mold in the grout lines. In the laundry room there was a hole in the wall around the washing machine box. This is where the 220V power came out of the wall and was stapled to the paneling going around the room to the dryer. The washer and dryer were new and great. The master bedroom and a few holes in the walls. In the living room the wall plate for the cable was off the wall with wires hanging out of the wall.

The door between the kitchen and the gas under a dollar small hall to the shower was missing a door handle. Some of the issues we encountered. Even the parking – on the side of the house, it looks like it was recently dug up with trenches for electrical work. Have to be careful walking in. Not at all handicap accessible. This was not on the site when we rented the house. Very difficult to get our 90 year old family member in the house. Steps are steep.

I waited a few days before I responded to this… First this is a 100 year old farm house in case this person missed that in my write up.. there are some cracks in the plaster .. they are not a problem.. the electrical system was redone by an electrician in 2005 and reviewed by the county during a renovation. The house is safe and this person has wildly unrealistic electricity cost per month expectations. There is no one living in the basement, I had some workers there upgrading it so that I could open it as a game room for guests. They were quiet and I asked them not to smoke.. they may have smoked when I was not looking.. I had comcast switch my cable from Verizon Fios and it was down for about 30 minutes.. they had to put a booster on the system and yes trace the lines.. the hole in the bathroom was put there by a previous guest apparently and has been patched. The place is pristine clean and there is no mold.. there may be some staining of the grout but no mold… We have had torential rains, 12 one hp gas online booking no event and 6 on another and the buried comcast cable line was exposed.. it has been fixed… I the place is not suitable for anyone needing ADA entry. the front steps are concrete as you can see in the picture and they are normal for a house of this era.. if you don’t like quirky old houses with new appliances, new and comfortable beds and a very clean house… please don’t rent.. but if you like interesting places that are well kept then this might be your place.. it obviously did not meet this persons expectations but some peoples expectations cannot be met – good luck in life lady. Please read all of the other great reviews and you be the judge.. contact me if you have questions or concerns.