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“You have a limited supply of water for consumption,” explained Cinco, head of the Pagasa Impact Assessment Application Section, Climatology and Agronometerology Division. British gas jokes “To make it last, you ration the water. Power vocabulary words But it’s not just consumption. Y gasset There’s also evaporation to consider.”

“For example, the evaporation rate for a given area is 5 millimeters [mm] per day. 5 gases that come from car emissions To maintain an ample amount of moisture in that area, it must receive an average of 150 mm of rainfall per month,” she said. Gas in back shoulder “But that’s assuming there is still moisture in the area.

When drought impacts the water supply, crop failure and reduced irrigation occurs. Power definition physics electricity However, the drought’s effect is not confined to the agricultural industry.

The reduced water supply will result in less water for domestic use and adversely affect electrical production from hydropower sources. Electricity test physics Power outage

CINCO explained that the drought and dry spell currently prevailing in Mindanao is comparable to the effects of El Niño that hit the country in 1998.

Records show during that year, water shortage in hydropower facilities reduced power generation to just 34.61 gigawatt-hours (GWh), down from the previously recorded 10-year average of 133.59 GWh. Electricity in india voltage This was a staggering 74.1-percent reduction, resulting to power outages of several hours in Mindanao. Gas near me now Many expressed fears these outages will occur anew.

At present, publicly available records show that the Mindanao electrical grid has a capacity to generate 1,445 megawatts (MW). Gas pump emoji However, the recorded peak demand for electricity is 1,458 MW. Gas in oil tank The generating capacity is short by 13 MW.

This means the priority for cloud-seeding operations are water-catchment areas, such as dams and lakes, because they both serve as the sources for hydropower, irrigation and water for human consumption.

“The first principle in cloud seeding is the presence of seedable clouds that can generate rainfall,” she explained. Npower electricity meter reading “Even if you have the seeding materials and there are no seedable clouds, we cannot generate rainfall. Electricity per kwh calculator These seeding materials cannot form a cloud that can produce rain.” Too hot

PAGASA Cloud Seeding Project Coordination Officer Lorenzo A. K electric share price forecast Moron said “conditions must be favorable in order to produce rainfall.” “When conditions are favorable, the seeding materials enhance rainfall,” Moron added.

“Clouds contain moisture,” Monteverde said. Power outage houston zip code “However, not all clouds contain enough moisture to form rainfall that reaches the ground. Electricity origin The seeding materials are used to generate enough moisture to form large enough particles for rainfall that can reach the ground.”

Moron cited as example their recent cloud-seeding project in Zamboanga. Electricity in water “If the climate is hot enough, the rainfall evaporates before reaching the ground,” Moron explained. Electricity word search “That’s what happened in Zamboanga. Electricity experiments for preschoolers The heat evaporates the precipitation on the way down.”

“Our cloud-seeding operation is not a full-blown operation in nature,” Monteverde said. Electricity and magnetism review “We are under a science agency, so we focus on research to improve the methodology for cloud-seeding operations conducted by the BSWM [Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Soil and Water Management], which is the mandated agency.” Zamboanga lessons

“The cloud-seeding operation did produce rainfall. Electricity bill nye Unfortunately, the rainfall occurred outside the target area,” he said. O goshi “It may not have provided a significant increase of water for the watershed, other people still benefited from the rain.”

Water-catchment areas and watersheds are areas that Pagasa targets for its cloud-seeding operations. Electricity outage houston “Other sectors are a second priority for our operations,” Moron explained. Gas vs electric stove “The [DA-BSWM] is the lead agency for conducting cloud-seeding operations focused on agricultural areas.”

“That’s why cloud-seeding operations must be approached through a scientific matter,” Moron said. Gas news today “We use various tools to determine the presence of ‘seedable’ clouds in a target area.”

These scientists look for low lying cumulus convective clouds. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut Once such a cloud is spotted, the cloud-seeding aircraft then disperses a seeding material into the cloud. Static electricity review worksheet This is usually iodized salt. Gas stations in texas New types

PAGASA, the government’s weather-monitoring agency, is now testing a new type of seeding material to improve the effectiveness of cloud-seeding operations in the Philippines.

“We are now testing a new type of salt,” Monteverde said. E85 gas stations colorado “Before, we used iodized salt. Gas approximation The new type is more of a powder because the finer the salt, the more moisture it can attract.”

“This new type is more buoyant in the air, giving in more time to attract more moisture in the atmosphere,” Moron added. Mafia 2 gas meter “We can seed a larger area with 1 gram of the new powdered salt compared to 1 gram of the standard

Monteverde explained that this new powdered salt has an additive to prevent it from clumping together, which helps maintain its powdery form.

Both Monteverde and Moron expressed confidence that Pagasa’s efforts will pay off by increasing the amount of rainfall produced in cloud-seeding operations.

“Science is a work in progress,” Monteverde said. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat “We always look at data to find out which method works best. Electricity reading comprehension This is an investment. P gaskell We find out what works best and turned that method over to the BSWM.”

Aside from research and development, the scientists and technical experts of the weather bureau play another crucial role for cloud-seeding operations.

“We use Doppler radar, upper air soundings, and other tools to detect and monitor the movement of potential seedable clouds,” Moron added. C gastronomie brignais Unfavorable conditions

“For Zamboanga, based on climatology and climate records, there is really very little rain there during February,” he said. Gas kansas “It’s really dry and unfavorable for cloud- seeding operations.

However, since it was an urgent request, we went ahead and used the opportunity to conduct further research and tests during the cloud-seeding operation.

At least, according to him, the cloud-seeding operations provided relief, “especially when the target area is a dam, because a dam can store rainfall.”

“One other point for cloud-seeding is this: Even in instances that rainfall is not produced, cloud-seeding operations can lower the temperature to slow down evaporation,” Monteverde explained. Gas efficient cars 2015 “That is one positive impact.

“However, it was established that after the cloud-seeding operation, the rate of evaporation in the dam fell, helping the dam to sustain its water supply longer.”

“And when we talk of freshwater resources, it is used for multiple activities,” Moron said. 76 gas card login “[This resource is not only for domestic consumption, it is also for commercial and industrial purposes, such as agriculture and power generation.”

“Cloud-seeding operations must be multipurpose in approach,” he said. 2015 electricity increase “We should not be conducting cloud-seeding operations solely to have water to drink. 9gag instagram logo Cloud seeding is meant to increase freshwater resources for multiple uses and activities.”

“Cloud-seeding operation is not a guarantee that we will produce actual rainfall, because conditions vary from place to place,” Monteverde added. Ideal gas questions “We, in Pagasa, are conducting research to determine the best conditions to help enable the present technology available to work efficiently.”