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To their credit, the CERN 9gag memes researcher who gave us our tour was knowledgeable and was able to answer a number of basic and advanced physics questions from all of the participants. However, the tour was not as advertised on their website (which, as of today, has been updated). I understand that they can’t take you down to the LHC. However electricity trading jobs, our tour included: a. a twenty-five minute intro video on the history of CERN (it was 10 years old). b. a walk across the street to the ATLAS Center. We saw the control room and our guide discussed three of the displays. c. a 3D fifteen minute video that reinforced what we were told in the exhibit area. According to the CERN website: 1. The tours may be strenuous for some visitors, particularly for the elderly, pregnant women and the handicapped (e.g. steep stairways gas gangrene) 2. The tours might be uncomfortable for people who suffer electricity load profile from claustrophobia Not true. The tour lasted barely two hours, not the three as originally advertised (now it says its a two hour tour). Our original tour lasted barely 90 minutes and the guide asked us if we want to see the 3D video. The tour was also originally advertised for allowing only 7 people. There were close to 25 people on our tour gas house edwards. As a physics teacher, to say I’ve been to CERN is cool. But I was very disappointed in the tour.

Well, it’s really hard to write review on CERN. First thing is, pls book the guided tour as early as possible as I heard that it’s very good. It was on the top of our have to do thing in Geneva and about 2 months before our trip, I tried to book the guided tour online from CERN website http 76 gas station locations://outreach.web.cern.ch/outreach/visites/index.html all tours booked out, even we have 4 days in Geneva to chose from. Getting there is very easy and super efficient thanks to Switzeland’s efficient public transportation system. We caught tram 18 from Cornavin train station which took us straight to the front of the Globe. If you can secure npower electricity bill the guided tour, then great on you and build the itinerary around it. If not, depends on how much you static electricity images understand, you might stay between 1 hour to a few days there. We stayed for about 3 hours and after the first hour, my boys age 11 and 13 plus myself totally lost our patient and concentration. However, my husband (got PHD gas lighting urban dictionary in math and always interested in natural science subjects at school) loves the experience to every minute and just wished that he could have stay a day longer and try to get in the fully booked guided tour if someone failed to show up. As we couldn’t attend gas vs electric stove top the guided tour so we started at the Globe exploring the exhibition «Universe of Particles» which is my boys and my favorite place as I can understand about 1% of what they’re talking about there and the shows there is quite good. My take away is right there at CERN, the world wide web concept was born which is quite significant to how we communicate now. After that oil n gas prices I was lost and the boys were lost not long after me, I think their knowledge of natural science is slightly better than me. I think 3 hours there for people who have no idea what it’s all about is very long, but for people who knows shouldn’t be enough. And sometimes, I heard that if you are lucky enough, you might even be able to tour the underground that will a gas has lead you to the LHC. Well, my husband would have given CERN 10 stars out of 5 but my boys and electricity definition chemistry I can only give it 3 stars. I still recommend CERN highly to family with kids of all age and just modify your visit time according to your child’s age and your level of physics understanding. You will love it one way or the other 🙂