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we had a great 4 day stay in Mrauk U- very well organised by our guide Myint Zaw. It is a great location and totally unexpected. The other advantage is that there are few tourists so you get the place all to yourself sometimes. We stayed at the electricity in india voltage Mrauk U Princess resort which is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Our guide Myint was veryknowledgable and we contacted him after reading good reviews on trip advisor. He was sensitive to our needs, never intrusive and extremely flexible. One example of this is our cancelling our trip at the last moment to the Chin villages – he took it in his stride, made alternative suggestions, and took us to other places of great beauty instead. I will never forget the view from the solitary shrine at the top of the mountain where we stood amongst monks meditating . He really went the extra mile for us, was punctual and eager to let us see whatever we wanted – yes even two visits to the local market!! Exactly the sort of guide you look for – and our family has travelled extensively in Asia for over 20 years! It is a six hour boat ride up the river to Mrauk U – do not be put off – the journey and the destination will delight you. More Show less

We travelled to Mrauk U by boat – just us, a guide and four crew – and from the moment we left Sittwe the journey and destination did not fail to impress. You should check your government overseas advisory service before going. There was some unrest in the province a few days before we arrived and again since we have left Myanmar, but it did not affect Mrauk U in any way – but do some research before you go to satisfy yourself. We thought about whether we should visit or not, and am so glad we decided to proceed with our plans. This is the Myanmar I hoped to see. Inle Lake was great with the festival, I enjoyed Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon, but it would just have been another trip away without this magical spot. Our guide, Thein Kyaw, was wonderful and thanks to him we really got everything out of the five days we spent in Mrauk U. We travelled up to the Chin villages by boat, and were fortunate that our guide was associated with a philanthropic man who supports the school in one particular remote village. The entire village came to welcome us, gave us coconuts to drink from using tiny bamboo straws. We were treated like honoured guests, and although other villages we visited were enjoyable, this was far more real. We took pencils, exercise books and a soccer ball as the school building electricity usage does not even have any furniture – not for the students or the teacher. The pagodas in Mrauk U were amazing, made of sandstone and stronger so we only saw one small bit of damage from the August earthquake. Thein took us around the village streets, we played soccer with the children, watched people about their daily lives, were amazed at the hospitality and friendliness of everyone. No big crowds – we were lucky to see a dozen tourists the whole time we were there – no withstanding an onslaught of people trying to sell you something. Green, lush, picturesque. And the pagodas – not the great towering giants of Bagan, but so interesting. From the tiny, to the one where the inside resembled a banyan tree, another where the path inside led around like a snail until you reached the central temple, yet another where the carvings inside are vividly painted from when gas 85 octane the Japanese used the temple as barracks during the Second World War. We did a day trip north out of Mrauk U as well, so much to see. An absolutely brilliant place. Some good places to stay and to eat as well. Quiet, laid back, rural. And don’t forget the boat trip. Around 4 1/2 hours of magnificent scenery, local people, fishing, buffalos, villages – and not a resort or tourist trap in sight. Nearly forgot – great place for sunrise and sunset photos.

Getting here does take effort hence why there’s less tourists. I got here by flying in to Sittwe and then caught a boat from Sittwe up to MraukU which took 4 hours (by a private boat, it wasn’t a speed boat fyi). The town is something else, very different to the rest I’ve visited; although to be fair, each town and city in Myanmar has its own flavours and colours. I must say though that the town is very magical, it’s like Bagan (in a sense) without the tourists and the monuments/stupas/pagodas are standing amongst the community and the surrounding environment. It truly is something to see such ancient buildings and the local community being side by side. Sometimes bizarre to think that such an empire back then is now gone and standing idle with the local community. You can see the area yourself but I find it pointless since you don’t really get an understanding of the history behind it so there’s no context. I found a guide through tripadvisor (hence why I am contributing back to this wonderful forum/community). His name is Myint Zaw (mraukuguide@gmail.com). I spent 4 days here with him and he showed me all temples/stupas etc, a tour to chin village, vesali, mahumini and kyawtaw aka monkey mountain. He self taught himself the english language which was very impressive as I could communicate with him with ease. He knew a lot about the areas and it’s history and as a bonus, he has a sense of humour so it was really easy to get along with him. He also arranged the boat trip to and from Sittwe/Mrauk U and for those not keen on the 4-6 hour trip can hire a car transfer which only takes 3 hours. If you do your own research and ask for specific sites, just let him know and gas nozzle keeps stopping he’ll cater for your needs. MraukU is off the beaten path so for those who want a unique and authentic experience, make your way here! It won’t be long till this becomes apart of the tourist loop. A word of warning for those expecting an experience like Bagan; it is nothing like it. The roads here are still undeveloped, there’s no where near as many restaurants as Bagan and if you’re wanting a facebook photo to impress your friends, this place is not for you. However the beauty in the city is second to none for those that can appreciate it. Oh and the city is very safe, despite the lack of public lighting. Not once did I feel threatened which is funny as I often do back at home.

The best in Myanmar is here! All is true as people, attractions, everything! I visited many, many time 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, and I love this place! Hundred temples, each one different and the true life is around, as the old Bagan was… Not too many tourists until now so, it’s time to go! From Yangon by plane to Sittwe, than spending time on the boat (traditional or fast boat, I preferred the traditional one, taking time(5/6 h) to observe the ordinary life and it’s cheaper; it’s a meditation trip! Mrauk OO is amazing it’s like an open-air museum! Wake up very early to look the local people start the activities, and enjoy the sunrise walking around! You should spend time to visit all the magnificent heritages, with a good guide who know the local history and accompany you with a jeep. We are always having with us Thein Kyaw, a good Rakhine boy and guide who speak a good english and he is very kind and honest. He knows the area very well and we are visiting always the best at the right time! Don’t miss to visit the Chin Villages with another cruise on the Lemro river, using small but confortable boats. The sunset is great in Mrauk Oo, as walking after dinner, around the temples. Don’t miss the local market early morning, simple but magic. Sleeping there is simple, there are very nice hotel and guest houses with all the confort but simple and clean(now also wifi and internet are decent), and with honest prices. Arrange the trip by yourself, with the help of local guides, it’s cheaper and you will help the local economy! I’m going again if few months and if you need my help, don’t hesitate

While it took us a little while to get there (a 2-hour flight from Yangon to Switte and a 4 hours boat road down river), we loved this place! It was a little like Bagan without the crowds; a little like Angkor Wat in that electricity was invented the temples are spread throughout the local countryside, in various states or repair. On top of this, we also did a day trip further down river to some local Chin villages. We were welcomed by everyone we met, invited into the homes of locals. Accommodation is limited if you are on a budget, electricity is intermittent (not surprising considering they only got electricity last year!) but it is well worth it. We stayed at Prince Hotel which had basic amenities but was friendly and welcoming. We spent 4 full days in Mrauk U which was probably just enough time to see all of the highlights, explore the villages and check out the local market. Our guide, Ko Soe, was incredible. He can be contacted on rakhineguiderauku@gmail.com or through Facebook (Ko Soe – your local Mrauk U guide). A definite highlight of our time in Myanmar! Well-worth the travel time which was allowed us to see rural Myanmar).