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Let me start by saying that this is a CULTURAL destination not a beach destination. If you are going there thinking that you are going snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, etc., this is not for you. If you like Spanish Architecture you are going to love Old Havana. You will also be sad at the condition of the gas vs diesel mpg majority of the buildings. The main area in Old Havana is Parque Central (Central Park.) The main hotels and the Capitol surround this manmade park. These buildings have been restored and are absolutely beautiful. However, walk one block in any direction and you will see a lot of rundown buildings. You may see one or two that have been restored and the rest are literally falling apart. Missing windows 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh, doors, roofs, broken down stairs etc. It is a miracle that some of these have not collapsed as they are clearly unstable. It is my understanding from speaking with the local people, I became friends with numerous there, that the majority of Old Havana is owned by the government. Most people that live there are given the apartments by the Cuban government as they are poor and they only have to pay gas, electric, and water which is very minimal. As the Cuban government restores these buildings, the people are moved to other locations. There are so many buildings in disrepair that I really cannot see how these will all be restored. If you decide you are going to take a walk at night, be aware that it is a bit scary. The streets are dark and there are a lot of people hanging around. While crime is low to non-existent in Cuba, as the laws are brutally tough, I would still proceed with caution when out at night. As we were walking, someone slipped drugs into my friends’ hand and asked that he buy it, he quickly dropped it on the floor and we left. Another friend had a prostitute proposition him, he declined of course. You will come across tons of people congregating in one street because that is where they can obtain a Wi-Fi signal, it is a sight to see. Yes, every single person I saw in Cuba had gas 1940 a cell phone, I mean EVERY single one. Plenty have tablets and plenty young kids walking around with Beats headphones. I was there the end of May and it was 97 degrees with what seemed static electricity jokes to be 110% humidity. The heat was unbearable and as much as we wanted to walk it was nearly impossible. We tried every mode of transportation from a bike taxi, Coco Taxi, horse and buggy, yellow taxi, and of course, the classic cars. That was unbelievable!!! The prices on the cars will vary so shop around. They will usually drop $10 off what ever price they are asking for with no problem. Depending on where you are going it will be between $40 – $50 an hour for the car, not per person. The best thing that we did was the double-decker bus on the first day that we were there. It is $10 for an all day hop on hop off pass until 6 p.m. You can see the entire gas and bloating city from this tour and decide whether or not there are areas that you would like to go back and spent some time at. This was the best $10 spent on the entire trip!!! It leaves from Parque Central in Old Havana and you do not need to make any reservations, simply show up, pay, and you’re on your way. As far as the food is concerned, I was very disappointed. I have had better Cuban food in NYC and luckily enough from Cuban friends. To be fair, I ate at restaurants that were recommended by the concierge, doorman, security personnel , etc. at the hotel. The food was extremely salty and it was expensive. The best restaurant that we ate at was recommended to us by a girl at one of the local shops. My advice is to avoid asking the hotel for restaurant recommendations, ask the locals instead. If you are exchanging American dollars, it is not cheap. They somehow think their money (CUC) is worth more than the American dollar. Hence, you lose out. You will get $.87 for every dollar that you exchange. It is not cheap here, it is expensive. They basically see the tourists coming and the prices are basically gas after eating red meat made for us. Local Cuban people would not be able to afford what you will be paying for dinner at a nice restaurant. For instance, dinner for 3 was around $150 for your basin rice, beans, and meat with one drink each. Another night it was $180 for a seafood dinner for 3. We then went to a local place for Tapas, that was $100 for about 6 tapas and 4 drinks. Keep in mind it was Tapas and we are in Cuba. Last piece of advice for the ladies, PLEASE wear e payment electricity bill mp appropriate attire, you are not going to Vegas. Wear comfortable clothes as you will be doing a lot of walking around. Not to mention, you may not be allowed into certain places if your attire is deemed to be inappropriate. I know because it happened to one of the friends I was with and it was quite an embarrassing situation.