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Don Barton, Pete Hobday, Johnny Czech, John Swainson, Don Simpson. gas stoichiometry examples Fifty years ago today, my brother Johnny was killed in a horrific car accident in Toronto, Canada. I was living in Costa Rica with my dad at the time and literally deathly sick with hepatitis (which I didn’t know I had). The phone rang in the early morning hours of December 1st and I awoke from a deep sleep to the shock of my mom calling to tell us of the tragic news. (My mother and Johnny were living in Toronto.) My dad arranged for an immediate flight. The first thing after landing in Canada and arriving at my mom’s place was that she was alarmed to see me in such a sick condition: she took me to emergency right away, where I was admitted and put in isolation. I remember my mom being angry that my dad had not taken me to a doctor in Costa Rica seeing how sick I was. I had never been this sick in my sixteen years of life! My parents made the arrangements for Johnny’s funeral and my doctor gave permission for me to go to the funeral and then return to the hospital straight after. gas x tablets himalaya There was no Christmas for us in 1968. If it hadn’t been for me returning to Canada, so that my mother could take me to the hospital, I would have died, it was that serious according to the doctor. Through Johnny’s death, he saved my life. For this 50th year, I received a recording of my brother’s band from one of the band members. Johnny was the drummer and this was an unexpected, awesome surprise! Thank you with all my heart dear Peter!

Another year has come and gone since I started blogging. electricity icons free That makes 7 years of writing a public memoir about fashion and my lifestyle. Those who have followed me know that I am interested in more than just pretty clothes. My compassion for animals, my concerns for our environment, promoting ethical fashion and a healthy lifestyle is what has kept me motivated to write. n game I’ve enjoyed meeting interesting people from around the world that I would otherwise not have met and who are now friends. I promote Slow Fashion: organic, fair trade and cruelty-free. I initially signed up with WordPress in January 2011 so that I could comment on my daughter’s fashion blog. I had toyed with the idea of starting my own blog because I have a passion for fashion and thought it would be a fun hobby. I always wanted to write a book, so I wrote this blog instead. Guess you might say I have writer’s blog 😉 It feels like I’m adding a chapter every week and one day I will write the last chapter. gasco abu dhabi email address Till then, I’ll keep writing and sharing my thoughts, hoping to inspire women at any age to be our best. circle k gas station locations Staying young is a state of mind. Although we may show a few wrinkles and gray hairs as the years go by, we can stay young at heart. That person in the mirror is still the same, hopefully a little wiser and more confident, but essentially you are still you! We can make the world a better place with compassion. Thank you for taking time to read, comment and simply click the like button! Lots of love and warm hugs!

I have heard people use the term “fabric” for leather. Leather is animal skin, but I guess people prefer the euphemism—fabric. grade 6 electricity project ideas The little bunny on my sidebar lets readers know that my blog is fur-free. I wear faux fur to promote the look without cruelty. I have a hard time now to wear leather. Once upon a time I thought it was a byproduct and it would be thrown in the garbage because the animals (mostly cows and pigs) were killed for meat. I found out from my daughter, Jean, it is actually a co-product with much money to be made, all at the expense and abuse of these poor animals. Leather is now like fur to me: the skin of dead animals and it is making me very sad to wear it. I am finding faux leather and canvas shoes that are comfortable, stylish and cruelty-free. u gas station I have not given away my leather shoes yet, but I still feel sad when I wear them. Fur and leather production uses so much chemicals and pollutes the environment. It is not eco-friendly as they would like to pretend. Thank you Jean! I hope people will take the time to check out the links that will inform them of the needless suffering of countless sentient beings and how we can all help animals simply by not buying animal products. Thanks for the wealth of information I have read on your blog. I love how you call it Sunshine and Slaughter, explaining that someday you hope the “S” will be dropped and it will be a world of sunshine and laughter!! note: Jean’s blog is not graphic Thank you for caring and sharing!!