Fatima energy seeks pm nod for interim tariff approval – profit by pakistan today gas near me open now


As per sources, the committee was set-up on instructions of the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE), to be held under the aegis of Secretary, Cabinet Division including Secretary, Power Division, Managing Director, Private Power Infrastructure Board (PPIB) and Joint Secretary (EA).

It is pertinent to mention that in a statement issued on Saturday FEL clarified that the FEL 120 MW Coal bas ed power project was registered with Private Power and Infrastructure Board ( PPIB ) in December 2015 specifically under the National Policy for Power Cogeneration by Sugar Industry 2008 .

The statement added, FEL p roject is the world’s largest and most efficient in this configuration, which is, financed by Pakistani l enders and investors. The project is designed to use indigenous fuel bagasse, which is environment-friendly and shall save foreign exchange of Pakistan.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ( NEPRA ) has issued tariff determination of FEL dated January 18, 2018, for the supply of power to CPPA and advised CPPA to proceed further with a power purchase agreement with FEL. S ince then FEL is striving to supply of low cost critically required power immediately to the people of Pakistan through the national grid .

Subsequently , FEL has c omplied with all procedural and regulatory requirements and submitted a mutually acceptable draft Interim Agreement to CPPA (G)/Ministry of Energy (Power Division) to be followed by power purchase agreement (PPA) later, fully complying with NEPRA determined Tariff . FEL has never requested for any deviation from NEPRA tariff determination which is binding on all parties, statement noted.

Ministry of Energy (Power Division) MoE desired clarifications from Mininitry of Law related to court proceedings , which FEL has filed for execution of a Islamabad High Court order dated September 6, 2017, as NEPRA has failed to implement the court order. Ministry of Law has clarified that since no restraining orders have been issued by the IHC, therefore CPPA could proceed further with buying power from FEL power plant .

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier in media news, an inquiry was held by Ministry of Energy (Power Division) at the direction s of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif during CCoE meeting to probe matters relating to the FEL project for conversion from captive to IPP mode .

Media reports unequivocally exonerated FEL and Ministry of Energy (Power Division) for any wrongdoing or malpractice as FEL was never a captive power plant and always registered as IPP under one power policy being Cogeneration Power Policy 2008 .

It is obvious from above that there is no new tariff application filed by FEL with anyone as tariff has already been determined by NEPRA in Jan 2018 and validly exists in the field. Ministry of Energy (Power Division) has not rejected any proposals or requests submitted by FEL .

In view of above, FEL has complied with all power sector regulations and the law without any deviations. FEL is standby for Ministry of Energy (Power Division) to complete the required process for the purchase of power . Unfortunately , the power plant is idle for 2 years depriving consumers of low cost readily available energy in peak summers, causing huge losses to the company and the nation.