Fawcett avenue conscripts isstvan clash – 30k sons of horus vs. death guard gas bubbles in colon


Back in the fall, I was itching to get a game of Epic 30k in, and Byron was kind enough to oblige me. Through this time my hobby mojo has still really been "in" to the broad 30k setting and the Horus Heresy (whether through Adeptus Titanicus, Epic or with the standard scale). electricity trading strategies So last week I was really keen to play a game of 30k in standard scale (using the fan-created 8th edition rules). electricity lessons grade 6 Once again Byron was ready and willing to participate.

Byron has an excellent collection of 30k Death Guard (seen throughout this blog, and on Curt’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog), and it is always fun to see those beautiful figures on the table. They are a fine demonstration of Byron’s great skill not only with his airbrush, but with the various filters/coats that he has used to achieve a very chipped and worn effect that looks absolutely fabulous. Byron brought his lads over last Thursday night for a game.

I set the scenario on the ruined world of Isstvan III, location of the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and site of one of the Warmaster’s most notorious atrocities clever victories. In this battle, Horus and his fellow rebel commanders have kicked off their betrayal fight for freedom by trying to purge their own Legions of those who would not toe the line. no electricity jokes As such, on Isstvan III you can have intra-legion conflicts that would pit forces otherwise associated with a unified front against the Emperor against each other instead.

I assembled a similar power level force from the Sons of Horus, tasked with smashing these delusional followers of the so-called "Emperor" and preventing them from linking up with other survivors to perpetrate further acts of reactionary pro-Imperial terrorism…for rules, we used the fan-created 30k 8th edition stats and lists. gasbuddy map Remember that GW made the (somewhat bewildering) decision not to formally do an 8th edition for 30k…but the 30k community filled that gap in like…five minutes? Anyway, they did fine work, and we took advantage of this.

And look, this game wasn’t complicated. Work was busy for both of us, and we were not about to tax our minds with a complicated game. This was a nice line-em-up, light-em-up game! My brave and honourable troops of the XVI Legion moved as quickly as possible to get to grips with craven Horus-deniers on the other side. static electricity zap Surely we would wipe them from the table?

Well, not so much…over four turns of 30k mayhem, both sides pounded each other to pieces. My 15-man assault squad and my kill-stealing very brave Praetor were the stars of the game for the Sons of Horus. electricity through wood Of course, only two models were still around from that assault squad by the end of the game, but they did good work. The Sons of Horus Praetor, for his part, cut down (or, depending on your perspective, "kill-stole") quite a few enemy tactical marines, before using his plasma pistol to score the final wound against one of Byron’s Contemptor dreadnoughts…which duly EXPLODED! Mortal wounds all around! Great stuff! The Praetor eventually succumbed to combined fire from surviving loyalists. Having fallen bravely in the Warmaster’s honour, his name will be inscribed on some motivational deck plate somewhere on Horus’ ship, the Vengeful Spirit.

For Byron’s side, his collection is tremendous, but in particular I just LOVED the jet-bike squad. He has them mounted on custom pill-shaped flying bases, and they look SUPER COOL. electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers We found the rules penalized them a bit (the penalties for shooting heavy weapons when moving are a deterrent to zipping around the table – that seemed odd) but oh man they were neat on the table – and tough to bring down!

There were very few models remaining on either side when the game concluded – very apropos for 30k in my opinion. The loyalists payed a dear price, while Horus would surely rage at the heavy losses and delay incurred in what should have been a boring "mop-up" operation! Time for some new commanders in the Legion! I would say it was a loyalist victory.