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After the Deep State overthrew the American government on December 12, 2000 and destroyed the entire voting apparatus they believed there would never again be a president chosen by the American people. Using the corrupt two-party primary system, the Deep State was able to ensure that their chosen lackeys would be the only two choices, no third party need apply. The long standing dispatching of American presidents either by physical or political assassination would no longer be necessary.

Henry Agard Wallace (October 7, 1888 – November 18, 1965) served as the 33rd Vice President of the United States (1941–1945), the 11th Secretary of Agriculture (1933–1940), and the 10th Secretary of Commerce (1945–1946). He was the presidential nominee of the revived Progressive Party in the 1948 presidential election. He strongly supported New Deal liberalism and sought conciliation with the Soviet Union…

Vice President John Nance Garner had broken with Roosevelt, so Roosevelt selected Wallace as his running mate in his bid for an unprecedented third term. The selection of ex-Republican, non-politician Wallace upset many delegates at the 1940 Democratic National Convention; Wallace was nominated only after Roosevelt threatened to decline the presidential nomination.

On March 30, 1945, President Roosevelt arrived in Warm Springs, Georgia, for a 2-week vacation. Just 12 days later he was assassinated by poisoning. The President was only 63-years-old. Just like the assassination of our beloved President Lincoln, the fingerprints of the British Secret Service are all over this assassination . . . and its outcome…

When Dr. Bruenn telephoned on Thursday, April 12, his report was most optimistic. a level physics electricity questions and answers The President had gained back eight of his lost pounds and was feeling so fit that he planned to attend an old-fashioned Georgia barbecue in the afternoon and a minstrel show that evening for the Foundation’s patients. Every cause for anxiety seemed to have lifted, and given another lazy, restful week, there was no reason why he should not return to Washington on April 20 to greet the Regent of Iraq.

Navy admiral McIntire was in Washington City at that time, but the President’s personal physician, a cardiologist named Dr. Howard Bruenn, was with the President in Warm Springs. Nicholas Robbins (real name Nicholas Kotzubisky) was the driver and photographer for Elizabeth Shoumatoff. Roosevelt was having his portrait painted by Russian born artist Elizabeth Shoumatoff when he took a break for lunch:

At twenty minutes to one, Arthur Prettyman, the valet, came in and set a cup of gruel, a pitcher of cream, and a glass with a green fluid beside the president. FDR grimaced and without lifting his eyes from his reading, downed the latter , a vile concoction that was supposed to increase his appetite. world j gastrointest surg impact factor Daisy got up, poured cream into the gruel, and mixed it. Franklin absently took a few mouthfuls, still absorbed in his papers.

Twice more he (Dr. Bruenn) telephoned to Admiral McIntire. Once he left in the midst of the conversation with McIntire because George Fox called him. I felt that the end was fast approaching. Bruenn explained afterward that a few minutes before the President breathed his last, he and George Fox started artificial respiration and administered a stimulant.

Violating Georgia state law, no autopsy was performed on the President, as his body was rushed back to Washington City for a quick funeral service, and then burial in Hyde Park, New York. After poisoning, a human body emits a terrible odor and burial must be done rapidly . . . unless another body is substituted. The official cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage.

Joseph Stalin understood immediately that Roosevelt was murdered and that the agreements signed at Yalta between the Big Three would be null and void… Stalin ordered an immediate all out assault on Berlin with absolutely no consideration for the casualties involved (about 80,000 Russians killed, 275,000 wounded). Berlin was finally taken by the Russians on May 2, 1945…

“Kennedy intended to pull the US out of Vietnam once he was reelected. He intended to break up the CIA ‘into one thousand pieces’ and curtail the military-security complex that was exploiting the US budget,” he wrote. “And that is why he was murdered. The evil that resides in Washington does not only kill foreign leaders who try to do the right thing, but also its own,” he added…

The President’s Commission on the Assassination of Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, was established by former President Lyndon B. Johnson in November 1963 to investigate the assassination of JFK. The commission’s final 888-page report released in September 1964 concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted entirely alone in assassinating President Kennedy…

“The Warren Commission was well aware of this. electricity lab activities The coverup was necessary because America was locked into a Cold War with the Soviet Union . To put US military, CIA, and Secret Service personnel on trial for murdering the President of the United States would have shaken the confidence of the American people in their own government,” the scholar noted.

The Deep State with the assistance of the two corrupt parties believed they could control the elections in America after the 2000 coup. In 2016 the both parties were saddled with candidates they did not want so it wouldn’t have mattered if Hillary had won, she would have been impeached and America would have had the Deep State’s Tim Kaine as President.

First, it shows the whole world that the unlawful U.S. sanction regime illegally enacted against Iran WILL BE ENFORCED—EVERYWHERE. In other words, no President or Prime Minister, CEO or CFO, Vice President or Foreign Minister, COO or CIO will be safe from arrest and prosecution if there is so much as the slightest evidence that they have violated the American sanctions. This exceedingly chilling message associated with apprehending the Chinese CFO is unprecedented in modern history.

Secondly, the neocons have signaled to the whole world that they own and operate the foreign policy of the Trump administration. Not only did Bolton et al. completely wreck the fraught trade discussions between Trump and Jinping, the NWO perps sent another message that every nation must implement the Neocon agenda. That agenda not only includes strict compliance with the dictates from the apartheid state of Israel, it also means not impeding the Greater Israel project.

Thirdly, the neocon perps of this transparent psyop are telling the global information technology industry that the American and British Intelligence Communities will not tolerate being denied access to any type of IT device. Some of the key networks, hardware and software (e.g. 5G) produced by Huawei Technology had no back door for the NSA to penetrate. This is why Huawei’s networks and technology are being unfairly banned in various nations. With the coming of 5G networks, only CIA-approved technology will be approved so that the 5 Eyes can maintain their worldwide spying and surveillance regime.

The Federal Reserve banksters know that their monopoly on the money supply and physical gold is dissolving by the day. And, that the Western-dominated Global Economic and Financial System risks total breakdown once U.S. dollar-denominated debts and assets are decoupled. As the petrodollar loses it world reserve currency status, the power and influence of the Anglo-American Axis likewise wanes. And so it is.

CNN reports that White House chief of staff John Kelly is expected to resign soon. There have been similar rumors before, but this time the news may actually be true. That is bad for Trump and U.S. policies. Kerry (sic) is one of the few counterweights to national security advisor John Bolton. His replacement will likely be whoever Bolton chooses. That will move control over Trump policies further into the hands of the neo-conservatives…

The U.S. Justice Department arranged for Canada to arrest the chief financial officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, over alleged U.S. sanctions violations with regards to Iran… Meng Wanzhou is a daughter of the founder and main owner of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, and was groomed to be his successor . The company is extremely well regarded in China. gas definition physics It is one its jewel pieces and, with 170,000 employees and $100 billion in revenues, an important political actor.

Bolton surely should have informed Trump before his dinner with Xi, in which Bolton took part, but he didn’t. It was a trap. The arrest is a public slap in the face of China and to Xi personally. It will not be left unanswered. Whatever Trump may have agreed upon with Xi is now worthless. John Bolton intentionally sabotaged the talks and the U.S. relations with China…

The U.S. spy services and military do not like Huawei. They can no longer easily hack the equipment it sells. Convincing Cisco or some other U.S. company to leave back doors in their equipment is quite simple. One can always threaten the management or board of these companies with some tax investigation or over other shady activities. That is not so easy when the company is hosted in China. It requires the NSA and others to use more expensive efforts to reach their aim…

Meng Wanzhou, the arrested Huawei CFO, will have her bail hearing in Canada today. electricity production in india It is likely that she will fight her extradition to the United States. Staying in full compliance with U.S. sanctions is difficult and Huawei may indeed have not always done so. Then again – U.S. allegations of sanction violations can always be made up from hot air. They are certainly not the real reason why Meng Wanzhou has come under fire. The White House even admitted such.

Melania was right when she told an interviewer in Africa that her husband is surrounded by enemies within his administration. These are people who either opposed him during the 2016 campaign season or who signed up early in the campaign with an expectation that they could get jobs in a Trump Administration and in both cases understood that a president not accustomed to thinking seriously about other than business hustle could be manipulated or deceived in pursuit of their own agenda rather than his or that of the “deplorables .

I knew there was something wrong with Donald Trump’s presidency the day he bombed the airbase at Al-Shairat in Syria. gas bubble It was a turning point. I knew it was a mistake the moment he did it and argued as such at the time. No act by him was more contentious… That day he did something in the moment, with bad intelligence and let fly with tomahawks which Russian and Syrian air defenses misdirected and/or shot down.

And since then the hope has been that given the enormity of the opposition to his Presidency he was still fighting for what he campaigned on — no nation building, bring the empire home, protect the borders, and clean up the corruption. He’s made a few minor changes but not enough to change the course of this country and, by extension, the world.

So here we are with a pathetic Trump outclassed at the G-20, a meeting he should dominate but instead is ushered around like a child, given poor earpieces and looking a little lost. He’s only allowed to have one meeting of note by his handlers, with China’s Xi Jinping. Because that meeting wasn’t going to end with anything damaging to the long-term plan.

The game is all about time and money. And thanks to Mattis and, yes, Trump, Putin will win the war of attrition he is playing. Because that is what has been going on here from the beginning. Iran, China and Russia know what the U.S. power brokers want and they knew Trump would always cave to them. So, they knew exactly how to get Trump to over-commit to a strategy that cannot and will not ever come to fruition.

And that is leading to everyone defying him versus cutting deals to carve up the world, end the empire and come home. Trump is not leading here. He is being led. And change requires leaders. He has been led down the path so many presidents have, more militarism, more empire. n gas in paris lyrics Because when you’re the Emperor everyone is your enemy. This is the paranoia of a late-stage imperial mindset. It certainly is the mindset of Trump’s closest advisors — Mattis, Bolton and Pompeo.

Yep, DJT has only himself to blame. When Bolton and Pompeo conspired behind his back to arrest Meng Wanzhou blowing up Trump’s deal with President Xi he should have fired them on the spot. His presidency is over just as the presidency of FDR was over when he drank the poison and JFK’s was over when he took a bullet to the head. FDR’s fate was sealed when he got rid of his Veep Henry Wallace, DJT’s fate was sealed when he got rid of General Flynn.

DJT is rhetorically as dead as FDR and JFK. No one can trust him anymore. Trump is in grave danger now, he passed the trillion dollar tax cuts, upped the military budget to a trillion, levied tariffs against everyone and the neocons have taken over his administration. He is no longer of any value or use to them the Deep State has neutered him. Stick a fork in, he’s done and America she’s come undone.