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We believe global hunger is solvable. Feed the Future is working to solve it through partnerships and innovation. Our model was born from an understanding that business as usual was not going to create the sustainable, long-term change needed to end chronic hunger and poverty. So, we forged a new approach. We bring together partners from across sectors and the U.S. Government to use each of our unique skills and insights in a targeted, coordinated way to help countries that are ripe for transformation change the way their food systems work.

As the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future works to give families and communities in some of the world’s poorest countries the freedom and opportunity to lift themselves out of food insecurity and malnutrition. By equipping people with the knowledge and tools to feed themselves, we are addressing the root causes of poverty and hunger, helping people end their reliance on aid, and creating important opportunities for a new generation of young people—all while building a more stable world.

Ending global hunger is one the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time. More than 800 million people across the world go to bed hungry each night. To meet the needs of a growing population, global food production needs to increase without increasing the need for resources to do so. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked, robbing people of healthy and productive lives and stunting the mental and physical development of future generations. And while the world has made progress in reducing global hunger and poverty over the past decade, there is still more to do. Results

Feed the Future has shown that progress on ending hunger is possible. By bringing partners together to invest in agriculture, resilience and nutrition, we have helped millions of families around the world lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

The U.S. Government also coordinates activities and support across a set of aligned countries and at the regional level in Asia, Central America, and East, Southern and West Africa to improve food security and nutrition through Feed the Future. Our Strategy

We believe the best development solutions are the ones that continuously empower others to get in the game and carry the work forward. Feed the Future helps partner country governments create better policy and organization for food security and nutrition to ultimately help them move from vulnerability to self-reliance. Private Sector Partnerships

Lasting change requires progress driven by private sector investment, a healthy business environment, and strong market systems. Feed the Future works closely with the private sector to foster economic growth and establish well-functioning, connected markets. Research & Innovation

Research in agriculture is one of the most effective of all investments at reducing poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Feed the Future invests in research and develops innovation that are critical to the future of agriculture in developing countries, as well as America, through a network of U.S. universities and international and national research centers. Resilience for the Future

To guarantee lasting food security for future generations and reduce the need for costly humanitarian aid in the future, Feed the Future bridges the gap between humanitarian and development efforts by helping vulnerable communities and regions build resilience to complex risks, including addressing the root causes of recurrent food crises.

Tackling global hunger requires an “all hands on deck” approach. Feed the Future represents a broad partnership that draws on the expertise, resources, talents and dedication of numerous organizations, companies and individuals. And as the initiative working to end hunger abroad, we work with many partners here at home.