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I was here to research about feeling week, tired, sick after bowel movement because I get that from time to time, more often lately than before. I don’t know what it is, but I hope to figure it out. Regarding the possiblity of the Gall Bladder, I had Hepatitus A when I was 19 years old and it definitely has an impact on the Bile production/removal and the Gall Bladder, intestinal functions. I became Jaundiced from excess Bile in my system, fatty, greasy foods upset my stomach with an indigestion feeling and nausea because supposedly Bile is required to digest fats and the inflamed liver was somehow interfering with normal Gall Bladder function (according to the doctor). I now wonder if after 20 years later, there is a connection with my current symptoms and whatever longer effects of my liver damage and gall bladder condition after going through Hepatitus.

Regarding the lady on Atkins with Flatulence, I am no expert, but try researching about stomach flora balance and probiotics. There is a good symbiotic bacteria we need in our intestines to keep us healthy because they help prevent invasion of unfriendly bacteria. There is a supplement you can by over the counter as most health food stores and markets called Acidophilus or similar. Look into that and see if it will help you or not.

I also feel very tired all over for hours after a bowel movement. Not after every BM, but after a lot of them. I have to lie down. Sitting down is not enough of a rest, and a nap is preferable to just lying down. The whole-body fatigue is joined by an ache in my legs. This tiredness can last for a few hours or all day, with the potential for lesser but lingering tiredness the next day.

(1) I have been prescribed a non-addictive muscle relaxant to take an hour before bedtime called cyclobenzaprine, and it helps a lot, but not completely. My doctor said that if a constricted nerve in the lower back is an issue, then that can cause leg aching and an overall tired feeling. I have had a minor lower back injury, so this can make some sense.

(2) There is another thread on ehealthforum that covers fatigue after bowel movements and in it one person said this fatigue no longer occurred after being treated for a D. fragilis infection. The thread is called ‘Fatigue After Bowel Movement.’ It turns out that D. fragilis is a parasite that can be in the large intestine of people and some other animals. According to various Internet medical sites, this parasite might cause no symptoms or can cause gastric pain and other symptoms, including fatigue. For a while, the medical community thought that D. fragilis was a benign, inconsequential parasite with no ill health effects. However, it apparently does have ill effects for some. There are effective treatments for this parasite. A bowel parasite would seem to make sense for symptoms after a bowel movement, would it not? I’m glad someone found complete relief, and I’m also glad we have another avenue to pursue.

I get an ill feeling all over while "stool" is moving through my intestines. I get chills and a foggy, almost headachy feeling…an intense lethary….sometimes I lay down when this occurs it’s so bad. It happened yesterday and I laid down and "passed out" for 2 hrs….later when I got up, I did "go"….and it made me nauseous….after an episode and eliminating, sometimes I still feel the need to lay down. I have had constipation throughout my life. I have been told that I have several diverticulosis pockets after having had a colonoscopy……I can help my bowels by drinking more water, taking organic psyllium fiber in juice prior to bed and taking probiotics…..I do not have a gall bladder and usually take digestive enzymes or ox bile to help digest food. If I back off from any of that for 48 hrs, then I immediately start having gas, bloating and produce only pill or marble type stools…sometimes these "pills/marbles" will come out all hooked together but individually you can see them. I have been told before that I have a candida albicans problem…even was told after a stool sample test, that I had athlete’s foot fungus in my gut. I feel like my bowels are controlling my life. I turned 61 recently.