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3) Get outside and get some fresh air. Luckily I live near the sea, so if I’m feeling bad I walk down to the beach, sit on a bench and watch the world go by for a while. Somehow seeing the sea endlessly rolling in and out puts things in perspective. electricity invented or discovered Do you have any parks or forests near you? If you do, going for a walk in them can make a real difference; there have been multiple studies showing that exercise, particularly in a nature setting rather than an urban setting, can ease depressive symptoms.

4) Regarding money worries, be practical. Look at how much money you have coming in per month. Look at the "can’t avoid" money going out every month; utilities, food, taxes, motor bills. Look at the "optional" money going out every month; eating out/take-away meals, expensive phone/entertainment packages, etc. online electricity bill payment If your "can’t avoid" outgoings are less than your income, you’re doing well, as you can trim back on the rest. If not, then you need to work out either alternate sources of income (getting your property rented out would be ideal for that) or look at your food/utility habits.

Are there cheaper versions (such as store brand) of your common foods that can be improved with a few herbs/tomato puree/whatever more cheaply than buying the big brands? Is there a cheaper petrol station that you can access rather than a more convenient but more expensive petrol station? Can you move to a cheaper package on your phone/entertainment packages? Are there other utility companies that offer better deals for gas/electric/etc.?

Thank you! Long story short – I also had my meds changed by a psychiatrist back in July (I went to a new one last month and got back on my original ones) but I still have bouts of sadness, crying, and sometimes panic attacks. Last night, I awoke panicking for no reason but took a Xanax to calm down and it worked. electricity lesson plans 4th grade I have been on this set of meds for 5 weeks and was told to give them time to take effect, so i’m holding off calling my doc about these recurring problems for a few more days. I’m afraid to bother her. My wife thinks i’m being a bit of a hypochondriac and am looking for a quick fix with meds. Maybe that is the case.

As far as the eating goes, the wife and I are doing the Keto diet (i’ve gone from 350lbs to 290 lbs) but i’m not as "strict" as she is with carbs (I do no more than 50-60 carbs a day). I slowly reintroduced carbs. I found that the diet was keeping me awake at night and having some carbs helped me sleep a bit better. I cut out sodas and such and junk foods, so that is helping.

Regarding money, the wife and I do work. oil n gas prices We do have student loans (right now dealing with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness people but that’s been fruitless), a car payment, rent, mortgage (with insurance rising since the house is now vacant) but we are watching the money. gas bike alley We are eating out less (hardly ever in fact) and have cut down on entertainment expenses. I guess I was just used to the "luxury" of an extra few hundred dollars a month midway through the month in the form of rent. We have some savings but I worry about something happening to my car or empty house, and have been told I worry too much about what’s not happened yet. I guess I was raised to think the worst could happen. I’ve spoken to my therapist about this and she thinks that I am just "predicting" the future and that I need to "live in the now".

We do have three dogs, which we love more than anything. I will admit since making the move from teaching high school to teaching college, i’ve had some more free time and am a lot less occupied. I do some online tutoring in the evenings for a few extra dollars. Wife says I need to occupy myself better, and she’s probably right. electricity prices by country I’m not the most patient person at times, and I may be looking for a quick medicinal fix. Who knows? But thank you all for listening and letting me vent!