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I have been having the same shocking sensation as well. It happens only when I lay down to go to sleep, and even then only when my brain is about ready to relax enough for me to actually go to sleep. Then, it’s BAM! It feels like someone connected jumper cables to my brain and allowed a current of electricity to pass through. When this happens, I not only jump/convulse, but I feel it in my ears, and hear it: BAM! It happens multiple times until I am able to go to sleep.

Whatever it is, it isn’t good. I’m 37 years old, and I’ve been experiencing this with increased frequency the last few years, although I’ve experienced this intermittently over the last couple decades. When it happens, it does seem coincide with taking certain medications.

I’m posting this not because I have answers for you but because hopefully someone else will be able to find the answers if enough people with the same symptoms come forward. Who knows what my doctor thinks of me when I tell him about the shocks. He doesn’t know what’s going on.

What’s really messed up is the fact that I have chronic lower back pain from a back injury, and have been on pain-killers for a long time now. It’s hard to find a pain killer without terrible adverse side effects. I have to choose between lower back pain and freaky brain shocks.

For all I know, I could have epilepsy, or a brain aneurysm. I’d like to think it were as simple and as harmless as one of the posters here suggested: that it’s just my brain trying to regenerate seratonin. If that were the case, and a doctor could tell me that definitively, then maybe I could be taking anti-depressants while taking pain-killers? Something along those lines.

Ok, i first felt this after i had a week binge on Ecstasy. I had to of been around 17 or 18 and now i am 21. it was the same pill but i had to of taken it for like seven days with about 3 pills a night with some cocaine usage. way too much never EVER will touch it anymore..these shocks are the WORST feeling ever because its right as i am literally about to fall asleep MY EYES WILL OPEN WIDE AND I WILL TRY TO SCREAM FOR HELP AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS BUT NOBODY CAN HEAR!!!! (APPARENTLY I AM NOT PRODUCING SOUND) AND AS THIS IS HAPPENING I AM COMPLETELY IMMOBILIZED….it lasted everyday and even when i would walk around..makes you not want to live NOR EVER SLEEP AGAIN.

ok the most messed up thing is i abused opiates for a couple years then got clean and NEVER felt this before but i hurt my back and had been takin tons of pain killers and now i stopped and this ELECTRIC SHOCK has came back. i havnt felt as immobilzed since i had came off the E but when i felt that i tried to yell and i used ALL MY STRENGTH to move my arms and get up and i couldnt!!! but once i finally was able to move i got up talked to my parents and they said they didnt hear me…so i took like 5-7 klonopin withing an hour to help sleep but i was like tripping out..didnt want to sleep.

I WISH I KNEW WHAT THIS WAS but i researched so much online and the only CONCLUSION i came to was a problems that is found with somoene with parkinsons disease…reply if you know much about this problem..i cant stand this unbarable feeling..

The feeling begins in your head, with a sound similar to the one when you tense the muscles in your head, similar to when you try and pop your ears. Then, a sort of "shock" or "current" passes through your body, being felt especially in your head or chest. It feels as though your heart stops. There can be just one, or many of these pulses consecutively. After the pulses, I always feel the need to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Also, my body and legs feel weak afterwards.

I actively make an effort to stop the pulses, however, a friend of mine who was also on mushrooms "followed" the pulses, and allowed them to continue. He said he began to hear an overwhelming high-pitched ringing sound, and had to stop. I believe it was borderline painful, because he complained about his hearing for several minutes afterwards.

I’d like to note that myself and my friend have never tried ecstasy, but we have both done mushrooms before and experienced this several times, we only recently started trying to control it, as the frequency and intensity of the pulses are increasing.