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i started feeling like this right about when summer started the first days were the scariest i felt like i was living in a dream i felt like a lot of things around me weren’t real i felt like if i was on some sort of drug. i really hate this feeling i don’t know if its because of Anxiety or what i know i have Anxiety because i bite my nails alot they are pretty short but i don’t know if that could be it or maybe stress. Now i feel like im not me i feel out of it like im not in my body or something its really hard to explain i don’t know if i got used to the feeling or it changed sometimes when i walk somewhere and get there i ask my self like "Wasn’t i just sitting down" or "Wasn’t i just over there" also i dream more Often i know we dream all the time but now its like everyday i always remember them i went to the doctor and they gave me medicine for depression and anxiety iv bin taking it for about a week now i haven’t seen any results but the doctor said to wait. Also if i talk after wards i don’t know if i did say what i said i really dont know how else to explain this feeling but if anybody knows anything please helppppppp i feel like i am going crazy.

To make a long story short the past 4 years have been very intense, I travelled for 6 months came back home for 5 months and back to work, I then left again on a 15th month world travel and came back home to work again, 5 months later I moved to for work and the past year was alot of added responsibility and stress from the job and living in a country where I was not enjoying it.. I have also always partied alot and specifically over the past 2-3 years, and during the past 12 months. I was combining alot of partying, with alot of drugs & alchohol, with alot of stress, lesser sleep and loneliness.. Needless to say it has not been an easy time…

Then there was the moment, I was sitting on the bus and it almost felt like I got an electric shock to the brain; like a HD was crashing…. Since that moment I felt like i was drifting between 2 realities, the one I knew and the one I feel like I am in now… A loss of reality, feels like in a sort of matrix. I can act and function perfectly, work, etc but something feels different; like the things I am looking at are not real and I feel like I am caught in a dream..

I got a head scan, went to numerous doctors and everything and everyone says I am ok and it will pass, they said my alpha waves were very high and this could be the reason as to why I was feeling like this and that leads us to where we are now, trying to find out what is wrong or what I can do to help it?

I have been feeling like this for the last year or so. I talked to my therapist about it and he said it is stress trauma anxiety. Back a few years ago my family went through a tough divorce which caused lots of problems in me, such as a sour stomach (I always feel nauseous) and later, caused this feeling. I thought that I was all alone but reading this forum I see that others have this and we are not alone. What I have been doing lately that has helped tremendously is this. I think that this will help you all with this and you NEED to try this. Breath for 30 seconds through your nose and close your eyes. Focus on your breaths. Whenever I feel funny or I feel it getting onto me I do this, even in class (I am a freshman in Highschool D . And to prove that this does help, the other day I felt like I cracked through, what I call it, a cloak. I feel like I put a little crack in the cloak covering my reality. It was a little trippy, but better than feeling like this. Another thing that makes me a little crazy is that this makes me feel a little nauseous, which does bug me and I have to take antacids and vitamins. The only thing that I want is for this to be over, to feel real again. I also have Anxiety, which really doesn’t help in making me feel better. Today I was coming back from pitching practice (I play baseball) and I felt funny. I breathed twice in the car and still didn’t feel the best. I told my mom how I have been feeling lately and everything that goes on with it. I had a mental breakdown and started crying and venting to her about it. All I want is to feel right again. I wish that I could remember what it feels like to feel right. BUT. I believe after reading these reply’s that we have hope! I wish that I could have started to breathe earlier and not wait almost a year but it does help! Take my word for it people. We can get over this. Just have hope! I feel better venting about this. Truly I do. Fight on friends! Reality is so close I can feel it! Best of luck.