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Reading this just brings back scary memories for me. A couple years ago I was laying down watching a movie with my boyfriend and all of the sudden I felt this shock of dizziness and anxiety come over me. I had never felt that way before, so I freaked out and thought I needed to go to the hospital.. I slept on it but did not feel the same way for about the next 6 months. I felt like something happend to my brain that night that made me feel dissociated with myself. I would always look down at my hands and feel like I really wasn”t in my body, I felt I was always in a dream or in another dimension. It was the weirdest thing that no one understood. My heart would always race esp. if someone asked me if everything was ok, if someone asked me that I would freak out thinking omg why are they asking me that, do I look sick, or look like im about to die. It was all very scary, and thought that feeling would never go away. Finally after making my mom take me to tons of doctors, and after tons of blood tests and even mRI”s on my brain, one doctor prescribed me lexapro, and it did wonders! After 2 weeks of taking it, I felt like my brain clicked back on to normal.. I started finally to feel like myself. Looking back I think it was a long term sysmptom of anxiety, but it was horrible!

Wow. I”m shocked that i”m not the only person who went through this! About 2 years ago I was sitting in class one day when all of a sudden something changed in my head and everything appeared terrifying. I felt like i was going to faint and had an extremely strong urge to get the hell out of the room and be by myself. I had been very uncomfortable before but this was totally different and much more intense.

After that first ”attack” I assumed life would go back to normal but it didn”t. The next day the same thing happened. And the day after that. Pretty soon I was having several panic attacks every day. And even when i wasn”t terrified I felt light headed and weak constantly. I was always afraid I was going to faint but I never did. I also experienced the ”out of body” feeling a lot. I thought I was going crazy.

After a while I started getting this feeling on the sides of my head like ants were crawling through my brain. It made me think i was going to have a stroke. I eventually asked my doctor about it and he said it was tension in my neck that was squeezing my nerves.

This situation continued for 3 months. Eventually things gradually started to improve. And I mean very gradually. I never got treated for the anxiety. I just dealt with it as best I could. And slowly it went away on its own. I don”t know if that was the most intelligent way to deal with it. Its just what i did.

To those of you who are suffering so many individual symptoms, I would sinserely suggest you see a specialist who is qualified to decide if it is just anxiety or something more involve. When I have a panic attack, I get short of breath, I have heart palipitaions, feel tense, and unable to control my feelings of doom. Their are so many medical reasons any of you could be suffering from these disorders, anything from hypothyroidism, to BPD. You really should seek the advice from a professional. Stress eventually cause physical symptoms, anxiety, depression, perhaps ulcers. Because all of you may be feeling the same kinds of anxiety, please dont assume you are all suffering from the same thing. My very best advice is to see your doctor and have him refer you to a specialist that deals with anxiety. Sometimes we may require medications to relieve our symptoms. Please seek medical help. I am worried about all of you. As someone diagnosed with BPD 5 years ago my symptoms started with anxiety which sent me to the ER because I felt like i was having a heart attack, I was having heart palipitations, they showed up on the ekg, but the blood work was not vinictative of a heary attack. After a wide series of blood tests I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. You may all feel like you ahve the same thing buy we are all physicologically different. Anxiety is brought on by stress, sometimes we need to find out what is causing this stress. Thats why my best advice is to seek medical help.

I used to get that out-of-body feeling. I remember the first few times I was filled with panic and thought I would faint. I still do sometimes but I learnt how to deal with it. You basically just have to ignore it and focus on something else, like start a conversation with someone and really focus on the conversation. Once you stop thinking about it you come back to reality and the feeling then goes away. It’s that simple: think of something else. Once you realise you can ‘switch it off’ you no longer feel the sense of panic when it comes, and it wilI happen less often.

I think it’s usually the result of fatigue or stress. It seems very common I think it is quite normal for the brain to have a little malfunction now and then, it’s certanly not something you should be taking drugs for. If you go to the doctor they will most likley miss-diagnose it because it is very hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. All it really is, is your brain telling you to slow down and get a proper nights sleep. Private healthcare as in the American system will always lean towards medication because there is money to be made. Avoid taking drugs that are not necessary. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to take prescription drugs just to feel normal. Remeber the next time it happens just RELAX that’s the secret!

i am a 21 year old male i have been diagnosed with anxiety 2 weeks ago.. i have always worried most of my life and a bad stress head lol .. any way i love to go out have a drink at weekend meet people etc etc. i litrally woke up about 3 week ago and my head waz numb and i got paranoid worried and a pannic attact came over came that i know sort of how too deal with panic attacts over came that but it felt like my head is damaged if thats what you want to call it and i was a mess with paranoia Worry ! and all that. days later it never went got wrose didnt want to speek to people asking my self constanty if i will get better walkin around didnt have a clue what to do with my self. i went to the doctors and told him everything i am feeling and he told me a waz realy bad with anxiety and stress and depression.. put me on antidepressants i have been on them to weeks think im kinda used to them now my head was in bits thinkin i was going to go crazy or lose controle of my mind . now from these tabs i just feel spaced out but the numbness as gone kind of .. but still worried about my head ? is this realy anxiety ?? and is these tabolots ment to make you feel like this ?on the internet constantly looking all this up i just dont feel me out of body experinces i feel zonked out and am worried about medication will it help me soon have any 1 of you been though this feeling at all ?? feeling dodgy cant be arsed to do anythink and thinkin sendin your self crazyyy ?? i hate it so much .. many thanks reply if possible please