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Feit Electric announced Security with Style, a new line of decorative outdoor security lighting. In addition to the timeless designs, Feit Electric’s Security with Style lighting includes simply smart features with built-in light sensors that automatically turn bulbs on at night and off during the day. Equipped with the most advanced LED technology, each fixture works to ensure energy and cost saving benefits for customers while also keeping their business, families and homes secure. Feit Electric is proud to offer a diverse line of decorative security lighting fixtures that will complement the existing aesthetics of any home or business with easy-to-install units and various designs to meet individual security needs. Each of the six styles features LED technology that is Energy Star® approved with energy-saving innovations that offer value at purchase and savings over time with an average life of 50,000 hours, or 17 years of dependable lighting. The floodlights are unique given the white lens doesn’t show the less than attractive LED’s seen on other fixtures with clear lenses and provides an even glare free illumination. Customers can choose from six different outdoor security lighting solutions: · Half Moon Bronze Dusk to Dawn Security Wall Light: Traditional design with a solid bronze finish and turns on at dusk and off at dawn for added convenience and energy savings. The durability and life span of this fixture are enhanced with heavy duty rust proof aluminum construction and a high quality, shatter resistant polycarbonate lens. The bright 850 lumen daylight 5000K light illuminates decks and pathways or any desired location for nighttime coverage. · Mini Stainless Steel Dusk to Dawn Security Flood Light: Available in single 1500 lumen and dual head 3000 lumen styles, the fixture provides added function to any exterior residential or commercial area with non-dimmable, built-in 5000K natural daylight LED so there are no bulbs to replace. The 180 degree adjustable lamp head allows the user to direct light where needed. It is weather and rust resistant with integrated photo cell sensors that turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn adding to overall energy savings. · Single Head Stainless Steel Dusk to Dawn Flood Light: Featuring built-in bright long lasting bulbs, this fixture is also equipped with photocell sensors that turn 3000 lumens of light on at dusk and off at dawn without the need to replace bulbs. The rugged cast aluminum corrosion-resistant housing has the look of stainless steel without the cost, is ideal for outdoor installation and boasts an adjustable head lamp that allows for light direction where needed. · Dusk to Dawn 13” Outdoor Security Area Light: Available in bronze and stainless steel finishes, this beautiful bell shaped wall light is the perfect outdoor complement to any home and turns on at dusk and off at dawn with even light distribution of 3500 lumens. Consumers can choose from the solid bronze or sleek stainless steel finish, each with a sturdy, rust proof construction and high quality, shatter resistant polycarbonate lens for enhanced durability.

Feit Electric announced the availability of its IntelliBulb LED energy-saving lighting solutions with effortless customization and problem-solving capabilities. With IntelliBulb solutions, all the intelligence is built into the bulb so there is no need for special smart home hardware, mobile apps or dimmers to optimize lighting for a particular environment, situation or task. Lighting can be controlled with motion or a light switch user already have, providing the benefits of a smarter home without costly installations or hassle. IntelliBulb light bulbs also offer all the energy saving advantages of the latest LED technology and last up to 15,000 hours or 13.7 years at three hours per day. Now available in select Ace Hardware stores, customers can choose from five different IntelliBulb lighting solutions: Dusk to Dawn: Built-in light sensor automatically turns bulb on at night and off during the day. Perfect for outdoor light fixtures or any location user want a care-free way to keep well-lit at night. The 60-watt equivalent A-19 bulbs are available in 2700K soft white and 5000K daylight. Motion Activated: Motion activated A-19 light bulbs turn on when triggered from up to 19 feet away. The 180-degree microwave sensor detects movement even if the bulb is used in glass fixtures or a table lamp with a shade. Install this bulb in a garage, basement, closet light fixture or anywhere user need a handy hands-free way to light up a space as user walk by. Switch to Dim: Choose from three brightness settings – 100%, 60% and 10% – using a standard light switch. The A-19 and BR-30 light bulbs allow users to adjust the light intensity without the additional expense or effort of installing a dimmer switch. ColorChoice: Get three color temperature choices – warm white, cool white and daylight – in one bulb. Choose the desired color temperature using a standard wall light switch or pre-select using the switch on the bulb. Available in A-19 and BR-30, the bulbs can also be used with dimmers. Battery Backup: Make frantic situations less frantic with up to three hours of reliable emergency battery backup lighting. If the power goes out, the bulb will stay lit. It’s rechargeable, fits a standard light bulb fixture and is ready whenever a need occurs. The bulb can also be used in enclosed fixtures and damp locations. For all IntelliBulb solutions, except Battery Backup, A-19 bulbs are $9.99 MSRP and BR-30 bulbs are $11.99 MSRP. Battery Backup is $19.99 MSRP.

Feit Electric announced the availability of its Glass Color Filament Bulbs offering a traditional filament look with the latest LED technology. Building off the success of Feit Electric’s incandescent filament light bulbs, these LED bulbs liven up any occasion and are perfect for everyday needs while also providing energy saving benefits. Feit Electric’s traditional LED glass color filament design collection turns home lighting into lighting expression with a beautiful, colorful and bright glow. Designed to showcase a variety of attractive colors, including red, blue, orange, green, pink, yellow and purple, LED filaments instantly glow brightly through colored glass bulbs. Ideal for any occasion or most-used room, these bulbs run relatively cool and the LED filaments, instead of fragile incandescent filaments withstand vibration. These dimmable bulbs use only about 4.5 watts of electricity with an average life span of about 20,000 hours or 18.3 years, which makes it easy to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly without compromising performance or fun. Designed for indoor and outdoor installation, can celebrate throughout the day and night while experiencing considerable energy savings in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs.