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“It’s definitely going to be different. We’ll all be able to hear something he’s yelling from the bucket he used to sit from. Definitely we’ll be able to hear what we called ‘Mooseisms,’” said Albright, referring to sayings such as You electricity bill cost per month gotta believe, Never give up, Play with heart and Let’s go said by Lambert with his distinctive voice.

“It’s a hole that can never be filled. His attitude and what he brought to the program is just unmatchable by anybody,” he said. “My biggest thing about Chad was we talked a lot about strategy, but that was not what we worried about. It was all about how’s this kid doing and what can we do to help him. That’s what his always No. 1 thing was. I coached basketball with him also, and that was something we talked about daily and gas 87 I respected him so much for. Because he was here for the right reasons, he always was, it was for the kids.”

“My greatest memory of Chad, we were fortunate enough to have some pretty good seats at the IU basketball games for the last 10 years,” said Darche, “we’ve seen some really good players come and go in there, some really nice Indiana victories. But no matter what, we were eating somewhere and we were always asking ‘Chad, can we go to Outback?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Can we go to Texas Roadhouse?’ ‘No.’ ‘Can we go to Chili’s?’ ‘No.’ Every night it was ‘White Castle.’ We had to eat at White Castle every time we went to a game.”

“He called me up the Thursday night before the Michigan State game. He said, ‘are we getting them, are we getting them?’ I said, ‘Chad, when I find out I’ll let you know.’ Well, 7:30 Friday morning my phone rings, he said, ‘what’d you hear?’ I said, ‘Chad, I told you when I hear something, I would let you know electricity wikipedia in hindi.’ He was the biggest IU basketball fan that I know. Loved talking IU basketball with him. I’m missing those conversations with him.”Lambert died the day before the game. This year’s Hoosiers, who struggled mightily at times with outside shooting — even with likely NBA one-and-doner Romeo Langford — and sometimes with effort, defeated Michigan State 63-62 the next day, the second time electricity bill cost this season, which likely cost the Spartans a No. 1 seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

“When Michigan State had the ball with 8 seconds to go, IU was up one, I’m thinking Chad’s getting a stop of course. We’re walking out of the gym, I had coach [Pat] Skaggs with me, he said, ‘Did anyone think with 8 seconds to go in the game, Chad was going to get a stop.’ That was my exact thoughts but I didn’t want to say anything and jinx them.”

“Last year Caleb Crook, Noah Lange, John Scott were eighth graders. We played Anderson in a tournament up at the junior high,” Darche recalled. “Their coach came in and said I brought my best six players. We’re 19-0. Nobody’s come close to us. At the end of the day it went to four overtimes and we beat them 95-89. That was probably our proudest moment. I don’t celebrate much, used to in the olden days, but Chad said let’s go out and have a road soda. So I told my wife, I’m going to Polsi’s, I’ll be home in about an hour and a half. This was at like 3 o’clock. Well, at midnight I had gas jewelry to call my wife up and she had to come pick me up.”

“We’re playing Kokomo’s A team at Kokomo, one of the last games of the season. They’re like 18-1, we’re up 37-36 with a minute and a half,” Darche said. “We just scored a basket to take the lead. Chad bent over to slap his hands on the floor and said ‘Defense!’ And his pants split wide open in the back. Now me, I’d have been covering that up as quick as I could. Not Chad, he’s still out there rooting them on with his underwear showing and everything else. We ended up winning that game 37-36. That was a funny gas city indiana newspaper moment.”

“Chad and I used to go to a lot of AAU tournaments, some bigger ones. I remember one specific one at North Central High School. It was a who’s who of players and coaches. The coaches were on one side of the gymnasium and you had to have a credential to get over there. I went to a different gym to check out some different players. I come back and look across the gym, I see Bob Huggins, Dana Altman and Mark Turgeon. Then I said, is that Chad? It was Chad. He was chapter 7 electricity sitting right there carrying on a conversation. And they were talking right there with him.

“A half hour later Chad’s still sitting there carrying on a conversation. He comes back over to me and he has a credential around him. I said, ‘How in the world did you get that?’ He said, ‘Well, I saw Shawn Teague walk in and I asked him if I could borrow it for a little while and he gave it to me. So I just carried on conversations.’ That was Chad to a T. He loved his basketball.”