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Leg fractures are uncommon and occur at a rate of about one case per 10,000 population per year. For those people under 25 years and older than 65 years, the rate increases to three cases per 10,000 population each year. Such injuries are more common in young males and include fractures sustained in motorcycle, motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, or gunshot wounds. The incidence of this type of fracture goes up in patients who are elderly. What Is a Femur Fracture? | Understanding the Injury

Regardless of the origin of the fracture, fractures of the femoral shaft and the neck of the femur are often treated with intramedullary nails or plates to bring together the ends to a reasonable approximation. These treatments are a far cry from the historical treatment of these types of fractures, which included casting and traction. The older types of treatments included risk factors such as pulmonary thrombosis, deep vein thrombosis, or joint stiffness.

The type of fracture depends on where the forces come from. gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the If there is a significant perpendicular force, this can result in a transverse fracture. An axial force can go up and cause a fracture to the knee or the hip. Rotational forces cause spiral or oblique fractures. The higher the energy, the higher the incidence of comminuted fractures. arkla gas pay bill Causes of Femur Fractures

The most common causes of this type of fracture are accidents, such as motor vehicle accidents, all-terrain vehicle fractures, motorcycle fractures, and other vehicle fractures. It takes a great deal of force to break a leg; this is why motor vehicle accidents and falls from a great height cause these types of fractures. In other cases, the leg can fracture secondary to osteoporosis or to cancers and other tumors of the bone. In those cases, the bone is more likely to fracture. Fractured femurs take a long time to heal—up to six months even if treated correctly. Risk Factors

Because most cases of femur fracture are displaced and foreshortened, the fracture can easily be seen on an anterior-posterior and lateral plain film x-ray. If there is a nondisplaced fracture or if there is suspicion of a tumor or cancer in the bone, a CT scan or MRI scan of the thigh can be done to see the pathology of the bone around the area of the fracture.

In diagnosing this fracture, the doctor needs to assess the pulses and neurological findings below the site of the injury. The fracture can impinge upon or rupture the femoral artery, therefore injuring the blood supply to the distal leg. Numbness or tingling in the lower leg can mean a major nerve has been damaged. electricity hair stand up Three Stages of Femur Fracture Pain

Pain management is given using IV narcotics until the patient is more stable. If the fracture is open, antibiotics must be given to prevent severe infection in the bone. Tetanus vaccination is also given. IV fluids are given to maintain normal blood pressure, and a Foley catheter is placed to monitor the intake and output. electricity and magnetism connect to form Broken Femur Recovery

It usually takes about six weeks for a broken bone to heal. The healing process depends on where the fracture is, whether surgery is needed and if there were any complications. If you’ve had surgery, the healing process might be longer. Full recovery can take anywhere from three months to a year. The fracture needs to be protected for the first three months, so that means you crutches will be required to avoid putting weight on the injured leg. FAQs

A: Most femoral shaft fractures are treated with surgery. Commonly, a metal rod is put down the center of the bone. The rod is known as an intramedullary rod. The rod is fixed in place by screws placed above and below the rod. In less common cases, a plate and screws can be used to connect the bone fragments. electricity experiments for preschoolers In other cases, an external fixator is used to keep the bones in the proper position until the bone heals.

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