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ACCOLADES: At our most recent school board meeting this past Monday night, FRSD Board member Andrea Larson recognized students throughout the Fern Ridge School District for outstanding academic achievement in a wide variety of areas. This included everything from OBOB Teams, to the EHS Valedictorian, and many other academic based competitions and achievements. Thank you very much to Andrea for doing this, and congratulations to the many students that were recognized.

CALENDAR: The 2018-19 School District calendar was approved. The calendar can be found at the following link: http://www.fernridge.k12.or.us/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Adopted-2018-2019-Public-5-21-18.pdf. Some important dates include: School registration, August 22-24, first day of school, September 4th, Winter Break, December 22 – January 7, last day of school is scheduled for June 14th.

POLICIES: Several policies were updated, added, or removed. One in particular I wanted to share with folks is a new policy “Weapons in schools-Staff.” The new policy hasn’t been updated to our policy link yet, but will be soon. The policy language that was approved however, can be found at the following link: https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=42507946. This policy addresses weapons on campus in regards to employees, district contractors and or volunteers. In short, it prohibits those in the previously mentioned groups from possessing a weapon on campus. The Superintendent and the School Board considered this policy, various options, and research before coming to the conclusion that this policy be adopted. If staff or community members would like to provide feedback (either in support of, or against) regarding this policy (or any FRSD policy), please feel free to contact the Superintendent via email at: gcarpenter@fernridge.k12.or.us and your thoughts will be forwarded to the School Board.

Ms. Langley came to the district in August of 1999 and has been a Social Studies teacher at Elmira High School ever since. Ms. Langley notes that the favorite things about her job are interacting with the students. She says there is no such thing as a “boring teenager” and goes on to mention that she enjoys seeing them succeed as well as their huge smiles on graduation night.

Ms. Langley has done too many things here at EHS to mention them all. At the urging of a student, she started the Key Club here at EHS and was their advisor for 6 years. The club focused on care packages for soldiers, school kits for a community in Africa, Easter baskets for kids at the Eugene Relief Nursery, as well as several local projects here in our community. Ms Langely currently serves on the School Safety Committee, Site Council and the District Calendar Committee. Ms. Langley was also one of the founding teachers of the annual AP debates between the Democrats (Juniors) and Republicans (Seniors) that is held every November here at EHS.

In her free time Ms. Langley likes likes to spend time with her family, reading a good book, and she also enjoys photography. The Fern Ridge School District and Elmira High School are lucky to have Ms. Langley here to serve our students. Thank you for all you do Ms. Langley!