Few days away – review of ocean adventures dr. fish ocean spa, bavaro, dominican republic – tripadvisor gas engine tom


Myself and my partner paid $140 each for this excursion through TUI. The rep showed us an advert and described the treatments we would receive on the day but failed to mention that the boat is probably 20 years older than the one shown in the advert and that part of the excursion is completed at the port. The bus picked us up at 11 and we arrived at the port around 45 minutes later. We received our wristbands and were made to have a photo with a pirate upon entering the port.. at the time we were unsure as to why we were having a photo with a pirate when we were on a spa excursion, however the reason soon became apparent at the gas key staking end of the excursion when they tried to sell us a bottle of alcohol with said picture on it. The first treatment was the fish foot spa, which I was hesitant to participate in. These foot spas are notorious for spreading germs and I believe are actually banned in some parts of the US. We cleaned our feet in a bowl of water (some people shared a bowl) before placing them in the tank. I could only manage to dip one foot in for a few seconds however my partner had both feet in and seemed to enjoy it. If you gas 99 cents have cuts on your feet the tour operator does not let you put your feet in the tank however this didn’t appear to stop some people. One man had his foot bandaged up and kept placing it into the tank despite the tour operator removing his foot from the tank several times.. After we had completed the foot spa we were left waiting outside for another two groups to complete this experience. We finally boarded the boat around an hour later. Our first treatment on the boat was an exfoliation with coffee oats, this lasted around 5 minutes and afterwards we were able to use the showers onboard to wash it off. Our next treatment was the electronic massage beds, my partner enjoyed gas nozzle keeps stopping this and nearly fell asleep however I endured 10 minutes of uncomfortableness and was glad to get off the bed. Next was the massage which lasted around 30 minutes. This was probably the best part of the trip and this helped relieve my partners shoulder pain. We then went upstairs and participated in a yoga class. This seemed to go on forever and I had to keep checking the instructor was either still with us or awake as the poses were held for so long! I felt like this was a time wasting exercise and not as enjoyable as the yoga classes I have previously completed back in the UK. We then moved to the other side of the electricity usage top deck and experienced a foot spa/detox. Again this was another time wasting exercise although you did receive a snack and drink at this point which was most welcome in the blistering heat. Our final ‘treatment’ was the floating sea beds which we got to experience for a maximum of 10 minutes. We were the last group to be put out at sea so almost as soon as we were hooked onto the line, we were taken off again to be sent back to the boat. The area nearby was full of seaweed and twigs so wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences. Our final part of the experience involved some sunbathing whilst we were taken back electricity for kids to shore. Upon arrival we were sent to the seating area above the fish spa. At this point we were starving (3.30pm) as we hadn’t eaten properly since breakfast. Here we were provided with a ‘buffet’ which involved some salad items, cous npower electricity meter reading cous and one piece of extremely dry chicken. A glass of white wine and bottled water was also provided. Whilst eating dinner the tour guide turned into a sales man and the bottles of drink with our pirate photos on came out onto the table. He tried to sell these to everyone on our table but a firm no and he soon got the message. We quickly departed the restaurant after this and headed for the bus home. The bus rides over here are worthy of their own review and we were glad to get back to the hotel in one piece. Overall I’d say this is an overpriced excursion and you would probably be better off going to a spa at your hotel.