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3. Spiritual. I have had extra spiritual nourishment this week. (a) On Friday I went to hear Sister Anne Smollin speak on wellness and spirituality. Laughter, learning and friendship were the “meat’ of this evening. Go here for my notes and reaction to the evening. (b) On Saturday 12 women and I attended a Beth Moore simulcast at a neighboring church. Awesome worship gas in oil causes. Awesome teaching. Awesome time with friends. Awesome personal interaction with God. The theme was kindness.

5. Friends. I am grateful to have people in my life who like me, encourage me, “grow” with me and make me laugh. Here’s a sampling of who I met with this week. (a) Geri invited me to the Friday night women’s event at her church. Geri has been with me through many tough times in my marriage and subsequent divorce. (b) Every week I have a standing date with Sandra and her kiddos. Sandra makes us lunch. I love coming into their home. The kiddos smother my legs with hugs and shout “SUSAN!.”How’s that for a special greeting? Sandra and I are preparing for a class we’ll be leading in November, Becoming a Godly woman. (c) Claudia is a new friend. We both love Starbucks, our kids, talking gas bloating diarrhea and sharing answers to prayer.

I have been living life more intentionally these past few weeks. Now that I participate in Friday’s Fave Five, I pause throughout the week to savour the moments of blessings as they occur. One reason I do that is so I will remember what happened so that I can share on Friday. To share your blessings go to Living To Tell The Story to link your post.

1. Friends. This week I spent time d cypha electricity futures with a woman I’ve known for several years. She is a young mom with four children. Her life has been very different from mine in regards to culture, familial relationships, and religion. Her life, at times, has been difficult, but she perseveres. She laughs, loves and listens to me. And I listen to her. We are friends gas tax in texas.

This week I also spent time with a woman who I am getting to know. Her background and culture are also different from mine. But we are the same in our devotion to our family and our ministry. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about her little guy and her husband. She is devoted to her pre-k students (in Sunday school.) We also shared laughter and conversation. I am going to like developing this friendship.

2. Secret Friends. The Secret Sister Program at CNCconcluded last Saturday with a Reveal brunch. The 35 participants were able to find out who was praying for them these past 6 months. The woman (Barbie) who prayed for me also became a new friend because she was new member of our women’s ministry team. We’ve been doing things together, like kayaking and eating from recipes that she just has to try. I never knew that she was my secret sis! While this is mainly a prayer ministry, Barbie’s notes, and little gifts, like fresh cherries and gas and water popcorn, were thoughtful, inexpensive, and made me feel liked and appreciated. I loved knowing that someone was praying for me daily!

3. Alumni Friends. Thursday I talked to two students who graduated with me from William Jessup University. We went through the 2 year program in the same cohort. Van was at my church on Thursday doing a bike tune-up on our youth pastor’s bike. (I introduced them.) I get to catch up on news with Cindy next week. We graduated in 2006 and have hardly communicated with one another since. I hope today’s conversations change that lack with these two relationships and with the others in our cohort.

4. Preaching Class. Pastor Mike is teaching us about expository preaching. There is no agreement on a singular definition. We did agree that expository teaching electricity units of measurement is on the decline. Respect for the ministry is on the decline too. Hopefully our instruction will help us reverse these declines at least in our spheres of influence. I am so excited because my sistais going to join the class. That will make it 3 men and 2 women in the class.

5. Job interviews. My daughter went to SF this week for u gas station near me two job interviews. One was a framing shop and the other was a ceramics shop. Both interviews went well. DD should hear today whether she’s been hired at one or both places. I am praying that dd’s job search comes to an end soon and that the right job grabs her and hires her! I’d love to hear her carefree laughter again.