Fighter on fighter breaking down ufc fight night 148’s anthony pettis – electricity voltage in norway


Pettis’ kickboxing attack is not quite as complicated as one would expect from watching his highlights. The third-degree Taekwondo black belt certainly has a varied arsenal of funky kicks to fling at his foes, but that’s not truly the core of his game. Instead, long-time coach Duke Roufus has Pettis stick to his most gas in dogs powerful techniques and ensure they are well set up.

While it’s not unique to Pettis, one important thing to Pettis is his preference to fight in the opposite stance of his opponent. The Southpaw-Orthodox dynamic is very different from a standard meeting of two fighters in the same stance, and Pettis excels at capitalizing on it. Pettis has a reputation as a Southpaw, but that’s only because most fighters are right-handed. Against a Southpaw in Benson Henderson, Pettis largely fought from the Orthodox stance instead.

Pettis does take great care to set up his kicks, as he only needs to land one cleanly gasco abu dhabi email address to drastically change the fight. In particular, Pettis does much of his best work with feints. He is not an incredibly active striker — he rarely throws extended combinations unless his opponent is hurt — but he does constantly feint. Because of the unpredictable nature of his kicks and their potency, his feints have to be respected. Once Pettis has his opponent reacting, he’ll begin to line up a brutal kick (GIF).

Pettis does his best gas station near me open work when able to stalk his opponent. Utilizing his very convincing feints and footwork, Pettis is constantly maneuvering his opponent into the fence. With his back against the cage, Pettis’ opponent is not able to evade strikes nearly as well. The most famous — and frankly, the coolest — example is the “Showtime Kick,” which nearly took Benson Henderson’s head gas prices in michigan off in their first match up (GIF). He’s attempted similar off-the-cage kicks/knees in bouts since, to varying degrees of effectiveness, but Pettis will just as commonly step forward and crack his opponent with a couple of heavy punches (GIF).

It is certainly true that Pettis 6 gases’ main weapons are kicks, but that does not mean his hands are useless. When leading, Pettis’ ability to feint with the jab and one-two combination to set up his kicks is pivotal, which means the strikes themselves must be threatening or his opponent can simply ignore the feints. On the whole, Pettis also does a very nice job of staying in good position to fire a cross or jab as his opponent advances (GIF).

Perhaps more than anything else, Pettis understands well how to pair punches with kicks. From Southpaw, Pettis will often fire a hard right hook before the left body kick — that’s a classic two-shot combo for a reason (GIF). A bit trickier is Pettis’ cross-kick, in which the kick (usually a high kick) follows the cross from the same side electricity bill nye, another favorite of fighters in opposite stance engagements. Finally, Pettis does a nice job of punching after the kick as he leg returns to position. While that sounds electricity review worksheet counter intuitive, the leg swinging back into place can provide quite a bit of force (GIF).

Defensively, Pettis’ flaws are pretty well-known at this point. He’s simply not great at circling off, falling back to his habit of moving straight backward. The most important consequence of this habit is Pettis walking himself into the fence, where suddenly he can no longer maintain distance and prevent foes from crashing forward. Wrestling

Pettis really likes to throw his legs up and attack whatever is available. Opposite Henderson, that v gashi 2015 was the arm bar. Pettis is a very flexible athlete, which helps him land that position with more speed (GIF). Pettis will attack with the triangle as well, usually using the common push-the-arm-through set up (GIF). However, Pettis will also land the choke by waiting for his opponent to reach back and punch, then throwing his legs up around his foe’s neck and remaining arm. Once Pettis locks gas bijoux soho his legs, he’ll properly finish the choke be hooking the leg and securing an angle.

Pettis’ guillotine is also a major weapon. Opposite both Gilbert Melendez and Charles Oliveira, Pettis was able to submit very talented grapplers with this technique. The interesting thing about Pettis’ guillotine is that it’s not all that complex. Pettis attacks with the high-elbow guillotine and does so from full guard, but he’s able to land the tapout because of his timing more than anything else.

Oliveira’s situation was less severe, yet he made the same mistake. The Brazilian had momentum on his side heading into the third round and landed an early takedown, but Pettis was able to scramble. Rather than take his gasbuddy trip time, Oliveira took an ugly shot to continue the grappling exchange and avoid getting his stomach punted. He left his neck wide-open, and Pettis was able to capitalize and electricity in water pipes end the bout.

Another factor in Pettis’ ground game is his offense from his back. Pettis throws hard upkicks and even sweeping round kicks from his back. Together with his jiu-jitsu, these strikes can make his opponent a bit hesitant to full engage with Pettis on the mat. In turn, Pettis is then able to land sweeps or stand ups because of that extra space. Conclusion