Find your goddess archetype – questionnaire, electricity song lyrics


Earlier, I’ve tended to attract partners who weren’t particularly good for me–creative, moody, emotional, volatile, men who fascinate me, intense relationships, partners who stir me sexually, poetically verbal individuals, unpredictability, charming, sensitive lovers. As I’ve matured, I prefer a sophisticated, educated partner with good taste and the means to enjoy– cocktails, linen, flowers, and romance.

I’ve tended to be attracted to individuals who are my intellectual equal. Their personality has a creative, artistic, healing or musical aspect. I want a partner who nurtures me. la gas prices average We have shared or complementary interests. We’re like ‘pals’ enjoying activities together that we love. We give each other a lot of space–that’s important to me. I need them to stimulate my love of adventure. I tend to be more practical than sentimental.

Marriage is most important to me–what I’d been waiting for–I feel complete in a marriage… and, to become the wife of a promising, upwardly mobile, professional individual. The role we each play contributes to the stability of our marriage–which is important to me. I marry ‘for better or worse’. I want to experience devotion from my partner–to be their absolute #1 priority.

I’m not particularly drawn to marriage–I possess a very independent nature and my freedom is very important to me. I don’t really feel the need for another individual to complete me. electricity word search j farkas answers However, a comrade-type relationship could appeal to me. We might decide to live together rather than to marry. In my partnership I require equality–and it’s unlikely that I will change my last name.

I don’t have a particularly strong instinctive pull for motherhood although I do like children. I enjoy my athletic figure/activities more than ‘being’ pregnant. I would be equally happy to ‘inherit’ a ready-made family. With my children I tend to foster their independence, early. electricity generation I enjoy taking them hiking & teaching them about nature & animals.

I adore inspiring my children’s creativity & self-expression and charm them into being well-behaved. gas pain left side I draw out my child’s abilities in a way that make her feel beautiful and accepted. I’ve been told, however, that I have tended toward inconsistency as I may give my child my total attention at one time and then may be off on my own social interests and desires at other times. I’m warm and generous with my children; however, I don’t make them the center of my life.

Involvement with family and close friends is my most favored, shared activity. I love cooking for family, friends and their children as well. I find this experience so satisfying–bringing everyone together sharing in a meal–the children playing together. I also enjoy sewing projects, knitting, baking, and making cookies with my children and their friends.

I enjoy quiet time–believe it or not, I enjoy my housework–it’s like a meditation for me. I focus on one chore at a time, getting into the rhythm of it without worrying about ‘time’. p gasket 300tdi I also enjoy reading, baking, meditation, flower arranging. On occasion I enjoy tea and sharing quiet communion with a dear friend. Occasionally I look forward to attending retreats of silence.

I have a wide circle of women friends and acquaintances. My women friends are either similar to me in that we live and love with intensity–we don’t get offended as we tend to treat our plans rather casually. OR, I have other friends who seem to enjoy living vicariously through my love adventures. I tend to be generous with my friends when I am with them; however, I just seem to get quite busy with my social calendar.

Place the Goddess Score by each Goddess name – seeing which goddesses have the highest ‘scores’ and the lowest ‘scores’. The highest ‘scores’ suggest the goddess energy you feel most comfortable with–predominating in your consciousness. The ‘lowest’ scores reflect qualities you are least connected with on a conscious level. These are qualities you may be least familiar with in yourself. gas up the jet You may wish to keep this in mind as you read about the various goddesses in this site. You may discover a desire to cultivate qualities of the goddesses for whom you received lower ‘scores’