Finding a flat or house to rent in belgium – expat guide to belgium expatica electricity vancouver wa


English-speaking estate agents are common, particularly in Brussels, and can help gas leak explosion new arrivals cut through the language barrier. They may even be willing to drive you to visit properties, which is ideal if you’re still finding your way around. Agency fees are typically paid by the landlord, so be particularly wary of any agent charging an up-front or signing fee. Online property portals for renting in Belgium:

The phrase ‘short-term tenancy’ has a specific meaning in Belgium where it refers to a tenancy of less than three years that is not a holiday let. This allows greater flexibility for expats on a short contract or those gas mask ark looking to buy a home in Belgium. Very short contracts may be difficult to find, although there is a wide selection of holiday homes and serviced apartments available.

Most properties are rented unfurnished. In Belgium, properties are frequently leased in an empty state, often without light fittings, curtains gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by, carpets or any kitchen appliances. However, it is sometimes unclear from the description to what extent the property is empty. Make sure you get a clear answer from the estate agent when viewing the property to avoid any unpleasant and potentially expensive surprises.

Most areas of Belgium seem to be less competitive than other popular European expat destinations. You may be able to visit properties you are considering a second time before finally deciding on it with the estate agent or directly with the landlord. You electricity billy elliot karaoke can expect to provide the usual information regarding your financial solvency, employment and residency status. The tenancy agreement/rental contract in Belgium

Each rental agreement has to be registered and as a result, you should expect to sign at least three separate but identical arkla gas phone number copies of the lease agreement. One for you, one for the landlord/ agent and one for the local registry office ( bureau d’enregistrement/ registratiekantoor). If the lease is a joint one, e.g. a couple or housemates renting together, then each individual tenant will receive a copy of the lease.

The lease must be registered within two months of being signed. Registering the lease is legally the duty of the landlord, although it is acceptable if the tenant undertakes the registration. The process is free, so you should not pay extra for this service. The inventory must also be registered with the same gas in oil car authority, typically at the same time. Types of rental contract in Belgium

All rental prices in Belgium can be increased annually in line with the cost of living index. You must be informed of this increase in writing each year. If this is done, the landlord can charge you the cost of the increase for the previous 3 months. This means that every year, around the anniversary of your moving in, you will get a rental increase or decrease (the latter are rare) and will have to pay a small extra sum to your landlord.

Tenants have more responsibilities in Belgium than in many other countries. This will gas weed strain often include maintenance of the building’s infrastructure, such as clearing the gutters. The tenancy agreement should have a detailed gas density units list of these responsibilities, as well as an inventory of all furnishings and fittings. When moving in or out it’s important to check these documents carefully and report any inaccuracies, as you may be charged to replace missing items or repair damages. It’s also a good idea to keep a detailed account (including costs and receipts) of work you do or pay for, to assist you in getting some of your deposit back when you leave. Tenant rights in Belgium

Belgium has strong tenants’ rights, and although the short-term and nine-year contracts may seem a little inflexible gas utility, they provide a secure lease where it is difficult for the landlord to evict a tenant without good reason. For example, if the building is sold, the new owner must respect any rental agreements which are already in existence.