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Health care related death, paediatric cardiac surgery, Queensland Paediatric Cardiac Service, congenital aortic stenosis, fourth-time sternotomy & redo Konno, right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) patch, CardioCel, wound management, sternal wound infection, mediastinitis, surgical debridement, VAC dressing, persistent post-debridement fevers and tachycardia, acute bleed from sternotomy wound 18 days post-operatively, after hours surgical assessment of acute bleed, Massive Transfusion Protocol, after hours theatre team call-in, emergency cardiac surgery, rupture of RVOT patch, catastrophic cardiac bleed.

Death by drowning while engaged on introductory scuba dive in Whitsunday Islands, separation of novice diver from instructor and group, poor visibility, adequacy of instruction of deceased, and of lookout by servants of diving company, recommendations as to conduct of future introductory diving excursions, re-establishment of Dive and Snorkelling Death Review Panel.

Infant death; Group A Streptococcus, impetigo, management by multiple general practitioners, regional private hospital presentation, failure to recognise and response to paediatric sepsis, paediatric early warning & response observation tools, paediatric sepsis pathway, Department of Health Statewide Sepsis Steering Committee, RESIST Sepsis Program.

Elderly patient, SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone), impact of citaprolam and duloxetine on pre-existing hyponatraemia, management of severe hyponatraemia, hypertonic saline infusion, inter-hospital transfer processes, clinical communication, clinical documentation, recognition and response to clinical deterioration, use of early warning & response observations tools (EWARS).

Urgent general practitioner referral to hospital emergency department. locate a gas station near me Thirty eight year old man with presumed pneumonia. t gastrobar Assessed and differential diagnosis did not include pulmonary thromboembolism. electricity water hose analogy Cause of death pulmonary thromboembolism due to deep vein thrombosis. gas tax in ct Contributing factor dilated cardiomyopathy. gas zombies black ops Background antipsychotic medication.

Death in care of 14 year old, Child Safety (Communities), self inflicted gun shot, consideration of options for placement of child, limited availability of foster parent families, suitability of relative carer, excessive case load pressure, absence of supervision by carer and case worker, insufficient response when child missing, illicit drug and chroming use, attempted self harm, failure to transfer case.

Death occurred following surgery to replace the catheter delivering intrathecal morphine to provide analgesia via Medtronics SynchroMed EL Implantable pump 8627L-18. The post-operative priming bolus dose was miscalculated, delivering a small overdose in a patient with a high level of tolerance to morphine. Patient died of coronary atherosclerosis.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) helicopter rescue, risks of night flying over water. Recommendations concerning community helicopters providers – minimum standards for helicopters and pilots in EMS work, spatial disorientation in pilots, clinical co-ordination of EMS missions, provision of overnight medical care in remote communities (Hamilton Island) funding of community helicopter providers.