First comprehensive, national study of coal ash pollution finds widespread groundwater contamination earthjustice electricity units of measurement


“At a time when the Trump EPA — now being run by a former coal lobbyist — is trying to roll back federal regulations on coal 1 unit electricity price india ash, these new data provide convincing evidence that we should be moving in the opposite direction: toward stronger protections for human health and the environment,” said Abel Russ, the lead author of the report and attorney c gastritis with the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP).

Lisa Evans, Senior Counsel with Earthjustice, said: “This is a wake-up call for the nation. Using industry’s own data, our report proves that coal plants are poisoning groundwater nearly everywhere they operate. The Trump Administration insists gas 66 on hurting communities across the U.S. by gutting federal protections. They are making a dire situation much worse.”

The data came from over 4,600 groundwater monitoring wells located around the ash dumps of 265 coal-fired power plants, which is roughly three quarters of the coal power plants across gas stoichiometry problems the U.S. The rest of the plants did not have to comply with the federal Coal Ash Rule’s groundwater monitoring requirements last year, either gas x side effects because they closed their ash dumps before the rule went into effect in 2015, or because they were eligible for an extension.

• Texas: An hour south of San Antonio, beside the San Miguel Power Plant, the groundwater astrid y gaston lima menu prices beneath a family ranch is contaminated with at least 12 pollutants leaking from coal ash dumps, including cadmium (a probable carcinogen according to EPA) and lithium (which can cause nerve damage) at concentrations more than 100 times above safe levels.

• Tennessee: Just southwest of Memphis near the Mississippi electricity physics pdf River, at the TVA Allen Fossil Plant, arsenic has leaked into the groundwater at 350 times safe levels and lead at four times safe levels. Recent studies show a direct connection between the contaminated shallow aquifer and the deeper Memphis aquifer, creating a threat to drinking electricity estimated bills water for thousands of people.

• Maryland: 19 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., at the Brandywine landfill in Prince George’s County, ash from three NRG coal plants has contaminated groundwater with unsafe levels of at least eight pollutants, including lithium at more than 200 times above safe levels, and molybdenum (which can electricity review worksheet answers damage the kidney and liver) at more than 100times higher than safe gsa 2016 new orleans levels. The contaminated groundwater at this site is now feeding into and polluting local streams.

“The findings of this report are disturbing, but unfortunately not surprising,” said Jennifer Peters, National Water Programs Director for Clean Water Action. “For decades, coal utilities have been dumping their toxic waste in primitive pits — often unlined, unstable, and near groundwater — while state and federal gas station near me regulators have mostly looked the other way. These dangerous coal ash ponds should have been closed and cleaned up years ago.”

The report details steps that EPA should take to more effectively protect public health and the environment from coal ash pollution. A more successful regulatory electricity per kwh program would: regulate all coal ash dumps, including those that are inactive; require the excavation of dumps within five feet of the water table; require more monitoring, especially of nearby residential wells and surface electricity office water; and mandate more transparency and public reporting. Resources: