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Join us as we study the Stations of the Cross, read Scripture, and spend time looking at artwork, writings and music created on the theme of Jesus’ journey to Calvary and His resurrection. We will be creating our own interpretive pieces (visual art, written word or music) collaboratively or individually. Some supplies will be available, and you may also bring your own materials. (No oil paints please, because of the odors.) Art exercises will be suggested. All creatives (artists, musicians and authors), advanced adventurers and beginners, are welcome! Class size is limited to 16.

Do you have a passion for extending hospitality and welcoming those outside of the church and the faith? Do you want to help create space for those seeking to raise questions and enter into spiritual conversation? Consider joining the Alpha team. gas in oil causes Our first night will be an information night where you can learn more about Alpha and how you might serve with the team. For those who feel led, we will continue in training and team formation for the rest of the course, in preparation for running an Alpha course in 2019. Questions? Email Ina at .

Do you feel ready to put down roots in our community of faith? Our pastoral staff will help you explore the essentials of the faith, affirm the Scriptures as our foundation, discover the distinctive aspects of First Pres and learn how to connect to the life of the church. Small group leaders will guide you through the sessions. gas kansas Becoming a Covenant Partner will enable you to live out your faith in intentional community and mission. Register at or call Ina at 719-884-6117.

The Great Divorce is one of C.S. Lewis’ masterpieces. In this imaginative story, passengers on a bus are on a trip from Hell (Grey Town) to get a glimpse of Heaven and perhaps an opportunity to change their eternal residence. electricity word search puzzle As you read this book, you will encounter different personalities and the choices they make, depending on whether they are turned in upon themselves or seeking a way out of the choices that have imprisoned them.

We will study and discover biblical truths and application in our everyday lives about the person and presence of the Holy Spirit, the baptism with and indwelling reality of the Holy Spirit, the power and purposes of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. This will be a practical, understandable and applicable theological study of the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. hp gas online booking Come, let’s learn and grow together!

The Old Testament is the foundation for our understanding of God’s work of salvation, and it establishes and informs the work of Christ on the Cross. But what are the “nuts and bolts” for understanding the Old Testament? Casket Empty (an acronym that will help you remember the scope of biblical history) is a two-part course to help you visualize how the Old Testament story progresses through six major redemptive periods, enabling you to locate key people, events and biblical books in the overall story of God’s redemptive work. A hand-held timeline chart is required. Cost is $10.

This parenting course provides easy-to-use techniques that will help you to raise responsible children. We will provide tools and teaching on the importance of choices, a five-step problem-solving technique, fighting words vs. thinking words, listening skills, responsibility, chores, allowances and much more. Join us for the fun of raising children!

The Sanctuary Choir welcomes all who love to sing and praise God through music. gas in michigan We enjoy singing a wide variety of music, not only for weekly worship services, but also for concert settings during the special seasons of the year. Led by our Minister of Worship and Music, Jim DeJarnette, this community of all ages enthusiastically prepares music and leads worship while gaining a depth of understanding of Scripture through music. Call the music department at 884-6172.

Join us to learn and practice writing songs for worship. We will learn about what worship music is and the added impact of raising up that music from our own community. electricity and magnetism worksheets high school If you have been thinking about writing a song, this is where you need to be. electrical supply company near me This workshop will help you find your voice and use your gifts to glorify God. It will encourage you as you work on completing at least one of the songs you have already begun. All ages are welcome.

Knowledge of the five temperament types will help you better understand your own needs and tendencies and will help you to see the soul needs of others. With the understanding gained through this clss and reliance upon God, we can move past barriers and grow in our daily connection with Christ, the source of Light within us, allowing that Light to shine outward to those around us. This class requires the A.P.S. temperament survey from the National Christian Counselors Association. The cost is $40, and you will receive a written report on your temperament.

We’re a multigenerational group of women who share our lives and our stories. It doesn’t matter where you are in life; if you are a woman looking for support through friendship and studying God’s Word together this is the place for you. Each week, we will be discussing the Scripture passage from the Sunday sermon series. Join us for joy-filled fellowship.

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Did He even exist? How can a loving God allow suffering? How do we know that the Bible is true? How can there be only one true religion? Is Christianity anti-science? Who made God? How could a loving God send people to hell? Have you (or your child or grandchild) ever asked these questions? Through entertaining video presentations, brief lectures and group discussions we will explore answers to these difficult questions. Come join the conversation!