First pylon goes up on richborough connection pressreleasepoint gas bubble in back


The new 20km line will connect Nemo Link®, an electricity link between Herdersbrug near Bruges in Belgium and Richborough, near Sandwich into the high voltage electricity network. The interconnector will play a vital role in the UK’s energy mix as the ability to import electricity is becoming increasingly important, given the current programme of power station closures and the target to end coal-fired generation by 2025.

The first pylon has been built at the junction of Broad Oak Road and Vauxhall Road just outside Canterbury. Engineers from Murphy Ethel Joint Venture (MEJV),used over 5,000 steel parts and 66 bags of bolts to construct it with the aid of a 150 tonne crane. The pylon stands 47m tall and weighs just over 25 tonnes.

“This is the first step in what is a significant project for Kent and for the UK as a whole. This is the first major new power line to be built in the county since the UK electricity transmission system was built in 1961 and it will play a vital role in helping us supply the electricity needed by homes across the county, the region and beyond.

John Murphy, CEO of Murphy said: “ We are extremely proud to be supporting National Grid in the successful delivery of this major piece of infrastructure. Our consistent delivery comes from planning and dependable project management. Our direct delivery model, enabled by great people and our better engineering capability, will allow us to find creative ways to solve problems alongside National Grid.”

In addition to the new line, construction is also taking place at Canterbury North substation and Richborough substation, to install new equipment, upgrade the existing technology and extend the substation buildings, ready for the new connection.

The work follows the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s decision in August 2017 to give the Richborough project the green light. This followed a lengthy consultation process which sought the views of local land owners, tenants, the local community and stakeholders.

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