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My wife and I were in Sri Lanka for the first week of our honeymoon just recently. We chose Driver in Sri Lanka as our means of transportation. I’ll first say, that I would hands-down recommend hiring a driver to anyone that is looking to tour the country. The roads are congested, very hectic, and dangerous for a non-experience, non-native driver. Our experience started gas 87 89 91 off on the wrong foot, when no one was at the airport to pick us up as promised. After realizing it was a slight mixup, we were picked up the next day no problem. We were greeted by the owner and our driver that would be with us on our whole tour. Our driver gas bloating after eating was Anura. He was an excellent driver,a kind person, always on time, and spoke decent English, although that was his biggest shortcoming. Sometimes it was difficult to communicate. He was great about recommending small deviations from our scheduled tour to see sites that we didn’t plan to see. He helped us with buying tickets to all the temples, and communicating with native speakers at restaurants, etc. if you need an English-speaking n gas price driver I would recommend Anura for sure! All-in-all our overall experience was excellent. A quick tip… make sure to calculate your mileage as closely as you can before agreeing upon a contract sum. We ended up deviating slightly from our original plan and actually came in under the estimate by 125 kilometers. This mileage was not refundable. So we ended up losing out on about $50. We had hoped that the owner would be so kind to offer us a free lift to the airport, about a half hour away, in exchange electricity experiments for 4th graders for the mileage, but he didn’t. This, among other communication issues with the owner, I give the administration side of the business a poor rating. However, it’s really all about the experience with your driver, and that was great! Hope this helps!

Thank You very much for your review using our services. Hope both of you returned home safely enjoyed your time in Maldives as well. Airport Pickup You had booked our services from 27th February to 04th March and your E Mail clearly requested us to pick you up from the hotel in Negombo nothing was mentioned regarding a Pickup from Airport. Also when gaslighting you called us it was 25th Feb. midnight thus it is easily understood that our quote didn’t included the cost for been arriving to the country one day prior to the initially discussed date which the quote was sent. So this was clarified understood by you when our representative met you at the hotel before starting the tour. But apart from all this Paper work costs we still happily helped you out as you are our client but the time the short notice made it is almost impossible to suddenly send a vehicle to the airport. Please note these vehicles are hired from external parties electricity voltage used in usa along with one of our drivers so organizing everything is almost impossible within short notice during midnight. Mileage Regarding mileage the Tour you booked was 06 Days 780km’s. Please note your quote depends on both mileage no. of days. This is done by all Operators as a common practice otherwise it will be a loss. Imagine if you occupy the vehicle for 10 Days only consumed 500km’s if expect to pay only for the mileage not taking into account the no. Of days then this amount is even not sufficient enough to cover the fuel costs also note that there tropico 5 power plant will be additional charges for the driver for his food accommodation for whole 10 Days. As we had earlier mentioned the vehicles are sourced from outside as you had saved 125km’s by not consuming the total mileage within 06 Days which it was entitled for you cant expect us to bring it forward to operate gas bubble disease an additional day as we have to pay the outside party for the vehicle also the driver as well. Hope you understand our situation for anyone who is in this misconception. All in all we are delighted to get to know that you had a great time in Sri Lanka hope to cater you in your future visits too. DISL-Field Operations