First ride impressions bmw r1250gs and gsa – za bikers gas 02


It is a proud moment for Chris and team as he introduces us to the new flagship GS models that we are gas works park fireworks here to evaluate. He mentions that BMW Motorrad has just completed its 8th consecutive year of record production. Close to 165 000 newly manufactured BMW Motorcycles has seen the light of day in 2018 alone. The Juggernaut seems to be at full momentum, hence the slogan “Unstoppable”, adopted a few short years ago.

We leave a congested Durban behind gas out in search of the serenity that the Midlands Meander and Drakensberg regions have to offer. The open road affirms yet again why this beast has become a household name. If you have not experienced one of BMW’s Adventure incarnations, then do yourself a favour by contacting your local dealer for a test ride. But be sure to plan a full day of riding, as this is where eon gas card top up you will truly appreciate its qualities.

Day 2 beckons, and I am handed the Storm Black R1250GS, fitted with Michelin Anakee Wild tyres. We leave a thousand photo opportunities behind, in search of new ones. There is lots and lots to be said about these bikes, our experiences and where we rode, yet I have decided to cover two of the most hotly debated questions a typical Motorrad Sales Executive has to deal with. Follow me…. “What should I buy, The standard GS or the Adventure?”

However, this k gas cylinder answer seldom suffice, as the customer searches from a deeper conviction. So here goes; From a “Rand-and-Sent” point of view, the Adventure model certainly makes more sense. For the extra R25 000 odd, you get the larger fuel tank, larger wind shield, higher suspension gas blower will not start, upper and lower crash bars, LED driving lights, quick adjustable rear brake lever and wider footpegs. The seat also has extra padding and there is a neat glove box forward of the fuel cap that can hold your credit card, spare cash and gate remote. You also get steel luggage frames as opposed to the standard GS’s Plastic frames electricity voltage in canada. For most buyers, this warrants a decision towards the GSA. Photo credit: Rob Till

Then there is the other side to the coin; The standard GS is a much more exciting bike to ride, primarily because of the very absence of these extras. Whereas the Adventure ushered me into a comfort zone of bird watching and flower smelling, the standard GS kept provoking me to cover more ground in less time. The GS was an absolute blast to ride. These bikes are so similar, yet so different. Photo credit e payment electricity bill up: Rob Till

Careful thought and engineering went into the portrayal of character, so to speak. I know many friends who have had more than one Adventure, eventually down scaling grade 9 current electricity test to the standard GS for a different look and feel. I am on that same path. Owner of numerous Adventures, I have since found the standard GS a more rewarding bike to ride. I often find myself in the middle of nowhere, needing nothing more than a GS and a soft luggage roll strapped to the back. Photo credit: Rob Till gas oil mix ratio chart “Tell me more about the automatic suspension?”

In summary, the two days spent in the company of the BMW Motorrad team and their newest offerings was certainly time well spent. Accolades to the team for planning such adventurous routes, backed by some of the most exquisite destinations. The new motorcycles are state of the art and will certainly position the brand well for the next round of battle in this, the premium segment of Adventure touring. These bikes seem to tick all the boxes with even less effort than before and should enhance the ownership experience, especially with the added peace of mind that the 3 year electricity 2015, unlimited mileage warranty offers. Photo credit: Rob Till