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Then we made it to the blue line and this awesome sweet customer rep helped us by giving us a Charlie card to load money on…they normally don’t offer them at this stop, but she had one she gave us and walked us through how to use it..she had us laughing and we all regretted not getting a picture with her- some people are so big hearted it shows on their face!

Easy 3 stops to State street and the first step off brought awe and wonder! You just ‘feel’ history and instant personality- we had to stop and take it in! A quick 2 minute walk and we were electricity jeopardy game at the Omni!! What a wonderful step back in history- the front desk were so welcoming, we had so much fun chatting up the haunted history and they gave us a room on the 10th floor -the most haunted!! The steps into their elevators reminded us of the Tower of Terror- we really have stepped back on time. Our room is great…corner with two windows, spacious, and comfy gas city indiana newspaper beds…no musty smell- everything charming!

Our reservations were at 6:00- I highly recommend reservations- they can be done easily online at their website. I am sooo grateful to the TripAdvisor bud who recommended this restaurant!! We are taking this trip to celebrate our daughter’s 21st and she’s an author -historical fiction. This restaurant had her overjoyed!! The food was amazing- they give you warm sweet cornbread- we had calamari/clam chowder-shrimp/scallops in a great cream sauce over rice, lobster ravioli, salmon and fried shrimp…veggies were well seasoned and again- our server was so engaging and gas x ultra strength during pregnancy friendly! The sweet lady in the gift shop has us laughing- it’s as if Boston knew us and were so happy to welcome us back-but none of us have been here before…I’m sure we might have a ‘miss’ somewhere- but Boston is hitting hospitality out of the park!!

We were stuffed after dinner, but were ready to hit The Last Hurrah and ask for Joe to help our daughter have her first alcoholic drink. Alas, Joe retired!! But Owen was up to the challenge- he was again over the top helpful and tried hard to find a drink she might like. First was an infused tea, fever tree, lemon, simple syrup- a specialty of theirs..I tasted it- it’s a well made drink…but her reaction was priceless- something between catching a noxious whiff of a dog who ate a rotten dish and that look when the sun hits your eye almost blinding you. Owen would not give up- brought her a very nice $20 a glass champagne- nope- same response. He brought her Guinness world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor- that was the best response from the facial contortions- alas-a fail…another bartender brought her a fruity concoction- nope. She felt so badly they worked so hard but she could just not drink them. She asked, “what’s that awful taste that keeps hitting me?” Owen replies, “That’s the alcohol.” We all laughed.. he brought her a cup of hot cocoa-she drank it down!! He was so kind, didn’t charge us for a single drink! We tipped him well and he even gave us more help because her sister’s asthma was triggered by the cold air and residual cold she was coming off of…we had to call her doctor to call in albuterol/steroids. He helped us find the right’s closed until tomorrow- but other amazing Bostonians told us to give her a steam shower to open her quadcopter gas motor up- it helped immensely! She hasn’t had an asthma attack in ten years..thankful for how helpful everyone has been- we will be at the pharmacy as soon as it opens!

We’re realizing a common thread with our luck with hospitality- the native effect- all those we’ve encountered with exceptionally electricity and circuits class 6 cbse big hearts- are long time locals. Today we encountered a few dull drops- we’ll just call them Crusaders. You know that stern, hard put disposition that no smile or conviviality can budge- they are on a mission to thwart any goodwill.

But, first the good stuff! Started out trekking to The Thinking Cup- after bypassing it because we just weren’t paying attention- we circled back and walked into a cozy and inviting breakfast spot. No Crusaders here, super friendly- yummy breakfast sandwiches. Met a spirited New Yorker praising their coffee saying she had thrown out her first two cups that morning until she asked a local where they got a cup- she said I chose well..I thanked you guys at Trip Advisor. We both lauded the Boston hearted people- I said she should relocate- she said her heart was too dark for ag gaston birmingham Boston. What a hoot to meet! We had to get back to the hotel to deliver much needed meds to our asthmatic one- we picked up a sandwich to go and her siblings took her breakfast while I waited for the pharmacy to open at 9:00. It honestly was torture watching the techs take 7 minutes to open those grill thingies…I just need the meds! Finally, at 9:08..they asked which of us was first- I was actually 2nd in line (arriving at 8:45 am) but they knew my daughter couldn’t breathe and let me go first…my great thanks! They had NO inhalers!! Isn’t that something every pharmacy should not run out e85 gas stations in san antonio tx of? I just took the steroid pack and hoped it worked fast. We were on the road by 9:30 to the Visitor Center.

Crusader #1. The three working the desk. Two were texting away and didn’t even look up. The one in the center had his phone up ready to text- but I quickly seized on his eye contact. Just needed to know best stop to get to Gardner Museum off the trail and hop back on. He did give me the information- just was a bit annoyed he had to…our first- meh moment. He won’t deter our enthusiasm! Off we go! For some reason, the gold domed state House said it should be open but the guard said it was closed until Spring? Just went along the Freedom Trail, the church was closed as well electricity water analogy animation- we were able to go inside three buildings- worth the fees..Paul Revere’s home was cash only- we forgot that- luckily scraped by…made it to Regina’s Pizzeria in the North End. No Crusaders here! I figured out what I love about Boston- the ‘feel’- it was like stepping back into my grandma’s kitchen- welcome home- rest your feet and relax- I felt as if I’d been here dozens of times- I could ‘feel’ all the hot summer days and it brought back my childhood in the 70s running to the 7-Eleven to get a slurpee…except it’s delicious homemade pizza!! Our server was like a great aunt who tells ya you’re loved but will tell ya exactly where you screwed up. This is Boston!!

Easy easy. Took us awhile electricity bill cost per month to find the museum- all our fault- but signs would have helped. Loved the museum! Paid online, had my printed tickets- but no one asked to see them- we just walked on through. Amazing museum- the theft of art is mind-boggling when you see how BIG the Rembrandt that was taken! Asthma child forgot her steroids and was starting gas news today to crash here- we took it slow and she recharged with a nice break in the red room.

Back to the Freedom Trail- just finishing up at The USS Constitution- walked across the bridge…and followed the mast riggings. The Navy gent we greeted said “No charge” today…our luck is improving!! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour- only hit my head on the bulkhead two times, we are all kind of tall- my son had to crouch all through the bottom deck- he found one spot he could stand upright. I admire ALL Navy seamen! No way I could survive 5 minutes in those conditions with 450 sailors!! Yikes!!

Off to Warren Tavern, baby girl (19) is crashing- we won’t be able to subway back- we’ll need to call Lyft. The freezer at WT was a great Crusader- thankfully our server was not. Warren Tavern was not what we expected- maybe if we’d gone there first- but it just couldn’t improve upon the experience we had at Oyster House and Regina’s. Food was good, but not a place we’d repeat.

Our Lyft driver was awesome-what a life! He was shocked we thought Bostonians were so nice- and after a long examination we both agreed it’s the gas under 3 dollars locals that are nice- he wasn’t a local- but he was so nice- from Serbia- by Texas- by Germany- and his wife works at MIT so they settled here. I encouraged him he disproved our local theory- he laughed.

We had to get the next steroid dose in our girl so we headed back to Omni and 3/4 of us fell fast asleep. Long day…woke up to hit up some Parker rolls and Boston Creme Pie- we were not fans…but loved the rolls!!! Our server was the electricity fallout 4 greatest Crusader of all, it was funny because she wore a smiley face button- almost as if it was meant to do the job for her. Completely stone faced and put out by our presence. But we asked for 8 rolls and they brought us 14!!! My son is 6’4…I only had two rolls-but somehow they ate 12!! They were that good! Maybe that Crusader will find her mission to smile.

We went back up and my oldest daughter (21) is convinced our room had paranormal occurrences- we had to talk her electricity nyc down a few times- she felt a fuzzy tingling feeling when she went to open the door, a light kept flicking when it was off, but always at odd times as if it was in tune with our conversations..she woke up at 1am and there was a clicking sound in the wall, then it went above her head- she was freaked out. The only weird thing for me was that my younger daughter was sending a message to her boyfriend- they were talking about a specific plan for this weekend- I had no clue about the plans-but the thought entered my head and I said “Why don’t y’all do this one day”…she freaked- she said, how did you know that’s what we were talking about??? It was just gas out game directions odd as if our spidey senses were escalated in room 1066.

At the airport, our girls made their flight back to school, but at our gate they needed three passengers to take a later flight…I jumped! My son wanted to get home- but when the offer went up to $1000 voucher per person- there was no choice!! We’ll be spending the night at the airport bc our flight is early early…and we get first class back to Houston. Boston really wants to make sure we leave with a full heart and opportunity for more adventures!! The world is a beautiful place. We love you, Boston!!