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My review of Abuelo Gerardo Restaurant today. I had written down the name when Robert posted it on the first page of this topic…but did not add the address…just the directions from the Parque/Park. So I was out and about looking at apartments electricity production in chad and villas and condos and pigeons…and suddenly realized that I might be getting near on my walk back to the hotel. Stupidly I ask this man near the church where electricity billy elliot this might be…duh….he was wearing the shirt from there…a waiter going home…and I know he thought I was in need of being walked right inside!!! At least I got there. Loved the music that was playing…the fans were working and needed them after walking for 4-5 hours and it is humid as heck today.

I ordered the b games play online Mahi Mahi fillet which comes with good rice (there is a difference!!)…excellent assortment of cooked to perfection veggies. There was a small ear of corn, some green beans, summer squash, peas, real carrots and broccoli…so I was very happy as I am a veggie fan! I got hot tortillas but sure didn´t need them…and two really nice sized fish fillets cooked just perfect with a little garlic and a little butter as requested. And even happier to find out that they have Bohemia iced t gastrobar el tenedor cold. They brought me chips and a salsa that I did not even attempt as he warned me it was hot..but did eat the pico and the guacamole electricity and magnetism physics which I mixed together and was very good.

It was so nice to be in town today as there were just a few ships and many stores were closed for the holiday…and less being grabbed and swung into a store to get my free piece of garbage. I have told a couple of the sales people that if they touch me one more time I will drop them to the ground. I told another one I would see him early evening…he called me a liar…well he about swallowed those words when I walked by at 8PM…and the ships were all gone…and I asked him if I was a liar now? He was shocked as apparently many electricity cost per kwh by country people tell him that line!!! The sales people are farrrrrr too aggressive and hate the name calling. Edited: 05 February 2019, 05:54

Because some days the water is splashing up and over the sea wall…and slippery is about equal to those vendors. There is a little action going on now about the problem…seemed to have found the right persons!! Tired gas stoichiometry practice of being called the white F´n B…because i will not look at their garbage. First couple of days I say No thanks…and then I just do not speak after that. They are much worse than Time Share in San Jose del Cabo wd gaster theme or Puerto Vallarta airports. At least in the airports they are on camera.

Interesting as my friend parked today at Mega…and walked to have breakfast with me. She electricity billy elliot broadway had listened to my complaints…and she came to the hotel and was SHOCKED at the crap that they say…and how they are into the touch and grab and spin you towards the door. She let go of her Spanish…and two of the vendors apologized saying..OH we thought you were a tourist. WHAT??? No reason for this. And interesting as it does not happen in places like Diamond International, etc. Just about 4-5 blocks with all the Chinese imported stuff and drug stores and cosmetic places. She doubts that electricity projects for 4th graders the vendors are even from Cozumel. The cosmetic vendors are all from Israel and Russia…and they switch out each day or two from one store to one electricity and circuits class 6 questions of the other 3…and are some of the worst offenders. And do not walk down the side of Casa Mexicana where all the drugs are being sold…legal or not…they are total huge problems. Grabbing at the purse seems popular there big time. Edited: 06 February 2019, 00:36