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First check a few things off your to-do list, just simple things that can wreck your day on the water if you don’t do them. The biggest thing is to take a good look at your line, if it doesn’t pass the test, re-spool the linecounters. These reels are a must have, and I have my old trustworthy Daiwa SG 27 LCA’s rigged up with 15 pound mono. Before anyone gets their hair up, yes I know its above the suggested 10 lb rating for the dive charts, but I have my reasons. For one thing I can pretty much assure you that the fish are not scared off by the bigger sized line out on the Great Lakes, and I will include Lake St. Clair in that statement. How do I know, because my crawler harnesses are rigged with the same line, but with seven-foot leads of 20 lb test. Hasn’t exactly hurt my catch rate! Second reason, the difference in diameter is minimal. I know that if I am marking fish down at 17 foot of water, if I let out enough line to get down to that 17 ft mark, that my baits will run above their heads. Why is this important, just remember that fish feed up, and rarely down below them.

Next up, check your electronics. What I really mean is, check your batteries. Nothing can ruin your experience worse than just not being able to fish. Check those trolling batteries, starting battery (ies) and accessory battery if you are running one. It doesn’t take long and it would be worth any amount of time to get that out-of-the-way. Since ignition requires a spark, check your plugs too. gas and sand If the engine doesn’t start, you cannot fish.

Last up, hardware which can include a variety of things. If you have been running the same snap on your line all season, give it an inspection. This small item will be the cheapest item on your list if it needs to be replaced. Not sure what kind of snap to use, I use a #2 Duolock snap. #2’s are a good size, and you can use a #1 or even a #3, but to paraphrase Goldilocks, for me the #2 is just right. Why the duolock, because the snap has a natural round bend which allows the bait to work itself back and forth as it was intended too. Back before we knew that split rings would cut your line, it was common place to tie the Rapala knot for the lure to achieve the same action.

All of these tips are little in the grand scheme of catching a big fish, but if you do not do them bad things can happen. I have said it before, it could be the difference between catching that big fish, or watching it break-off at the boat. 4th Season is just around the corner, it wouldn’t hurt for you to catch up on that checklist for your ice fishing gear too!

This year Vexilar came out with a new accessory that I knew was going to be part of my favorite platform, the Glo-Ring. I like glow lures, but like many people I get caught up in the moment and often forget to charge my lures up before dropping them down the hole. The ultra-violet Glo-Ring makes the process easy, no more fumbling around in my pockets for the typical flashlight devices. The installation was a breeze, just attach the bracket to my blue box, and slide the ring into it.

It has a built-in On and Off switch which easily mounted to the side of my Genz Pack by using two interlocking clear velcro pads that have adhesive backs. You can “plug” it in with two different methods. specjalizacja z gastroenterologii The first is the easiest as most pre-built packs from Vexilar have a charging port already installed and you simply plug it in. The second way is by using the alligator clips that come with the Glo-Ring. This method can be used on any pack, inside your Clam flip-over style shanty or for those with permanent shacks, any spare Vex style 12 volt battery.

Thursday I got the chance to hit Lake Erie for some perch fishing with an old friend from the Ice Team Trap Attack days. It was always fun to fish against Tim because nothing makes you a better angler than to fish against good competition. Back in 2005, he and his partner won an event on Wampler’s Lake out in Irish Hills. No small feat since there were some really good anglers fishing back then.

We hit Jeff’s Bait and Tackle for some minnows, mixed it up this time and picked up some rosey reds to go with along with some really nice emerald shiners. Just wanted an assortment of sizes to put down to see what the perch would want the most. Tim already had the Michigan 2-Fly Rig on his rod and reel, but we still checked out the assortment on the wall. I always like getting a couple of packs to mix up the color combinations on the rig. He went with all Glow Pink and I put down a Glow Pink with a Silver Shiner. It turned out to be a good combination for both of us, until I hooked the anchor rope and switched to a Glow Orange, but I saved that Silver! Will retie that for a later trip, its been the most consistent fly for me all year.

It is hard to beat a well-balanced meal, specially when one component is deep-fried and the other 50 percent of smoked goodness comes out of the Weber grill. A balanced meal is a 50/50 split, right??? I know, it sounds good, and I was going to have some corn out of the garden, but once again, another section of the garden destroyed by the annual August vacation.

Out of the fryer, it just doesn’t get much better than walleye caught this year. I, personally am not a big batter type guy. electricity facts Too many times I have gone out to eat and although the fish looks perfect, the batter was so thick that the meat below the crisp crust was raw. Despite sending it back several times, they can never get it right, so I pass on the potato flake encrusted temptation, besides my fish better than what they charge $15.00 for.

I will take this fine product of Marshall, Michigan every day of the week over other brands. Drakes has been a staple in the house since I was knee-high and my Aunt Bess was frying up the pike in the campground that my dad and uncle’s caught on Big Bay. Her cast iron skillet was huge and it just added to memories of how good dinners were in the Upper Peninsula. Today though I break out the 5 liter deep fryer from Cabela’s, with the fancy magnetic attaching cord. Instead of making a wet batter, I simply grab a bag or bowl and dry dredge the fillets. When the little round green light comes on, I will give the bag another shake or give the bowl a few flips and into the oil they go.

With the ribs there has been a progression over the years and every time I think I have it nailed, I do something else that just makes them even better. Today’s method starts the night before, and the first step is taking off that sheath off the backside of the rack. I would stay somewhere around 60 percent of the time it comes right off with a little work and we won’t discuss the frustration levels with the other 40% of the time. Then I take one of the big meat trays from Cabela’s and submerge the racks in a combination of apple cider vinegar and water, then cover with foil and put in the fridge over night.

In the morning I put a dozen or so charcoal briquettes in starter chimney and let that go for about 15 to 20 minutes until they glow red, meanwhile I line up more in the Weber grill in what is called the snake method, google and watch the videos that come up, it works really well. My Weber grill is pretty well seasoned so I don’t use a lot of wood chips to get that smoked flavor, and you can just place them on a couple of spots on the charcoal. When my coals are done in the chimney, I add them to one end of the snake and then put on the ribs on the opposite side of the coals. I wait until the coals are all lined up just to be sure there that the ash or dust off the coals are all settled and won’t get on the meat.

I season both sides of the ribs with some McCormick’s Season All, then put lid on the grill and make sure you out the vent holes over the meat. By doing this you will draw all the heat over the meat, and you get a nice indirect heat. electricity physics I forget them for roughly three hours, then open the grill and flip the rack over. Come back in another three hours and do my final step.

The final step involves the homemade BBQ sauce. I remember when I followed the recipe….once! Then batches just seemed to grow bigger and have tweaked the recipe over time to add a little more heat, to balance out the sweetness. Way back when there was a couple who had a show on the Food Network, the Neely’s. I don’t know where they went but the recipe is still available on the website. The Neely’s BBQ Recipe is the link. If you want some more heat, you can use more fresh cracked pepper and if you like, cayenne powder will add a nice little kick.

Back to the meat, so after about six hours I will coat the top of the rack with the BBQ sauce and then flip into a large piece of tin foil. Add some more sauce to the backside of the ribs and close up the foil and put the lid back on. In roughly two more hours your ribs wont be fall off the bone, but the bones will fall out of the meat, it’s that tinder.

Keep in mind several factors while trying to do a drift, first and foremost the winds have to be right. We had a nice little chop on Sunday so the technique worked perfectly in conjunction with the 1 ounce bell sinkers I poured the week before in my Do-It mold and my trusty St. Croix Premier six foot ultra light spinning rod. electricity distribution network Now if the wind is kicked up a few notches you might want to break out the drift bags, or if your boat is equipped with a bowmount trolling motor you can slow your speed down enough to make this an effective method of finding a school.

I popped a nice 12 inch perch right off the bat, and as soon as I got it back in the water another fish came up just that quickly. Don’t have to hit me too hard in the head not to know we were on some fish. I carefully walked up to the bow and after a little wiggling to get it out of the box, dropped the anchor. Again, walking carefully back to the stern, I looked around to see we were all by our lonesome, not a boat around. There was a big pack to the north, and another flotilla of boats south and east of us….perfect! I have a philosophy in the works, and fishing in a crowd creates too much competition.

Contemplate this for a second, lots of boats can draw your fish away because at some point you will be going at it hot and heavy and the perch are flying in the boat. All it takes is one time for everyone in the boat to have their rods out of the water and the perch will move off in search of more food. Think about, a fish is driven by food and sex, and this time of the year, momma’s eggs aren’t quite in their prime 😉 Without too much structure available below Lake Erie’s surface, those fish are constantly on the move. If you fish the crowds, you probably already guessed, but those perch have already moved off to the next boat’s offering before you get your rod back in the water. One solution that I have come up with is leave a decoy rod in the water rigged with plastics to hold their interest just long enough for you to get the real deal back down to the bottom. Northland Tackle makes some excellent soft plastics for the decoy rig and they will pull a few fish throughout the day. The Mini-Smelt and Bloodworm imitate the perch’s natural forage and when put on the 2-Fly Rig with that extra flash created by the fly, they put keep the interest of the fish peaked.