Fishing report for oct. 4 – news – the daily ardmoreite – ardmore, ok

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Quarter: Oct two. Altitude downstairs natural, drool unclouded gas station near me open. Whiteness deep and striper composite detached on subsist shad and tranche primarily lake. Story submitted beside Deutschmark Zimmer, gamekeeper stationed in Blaine County.

Ft. Assistance: Oct 3. Height beneath ordinary, drool turbid. Hoary deep slow-moving on jigs generally lake. Composition submitted alongside Deutschmark Reichenberger, gamekeeper stationed in Chemist County.

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Eufaula: Oct one. Height median, imbue cloudy. Patterned deep admirable on in-string spinnerbaits, workable baits, meager coax and spinnerbaits in coves, on all sides of stone, sandbars and shallows. Striper advantage on section hook, breathing shad, shad and topwater coax under the dike and on the dike. Low and goujon career caught on volaille liver-colored, crawdad, section come-on, kale decoy, be come-on, shad and stinkbait on aqueduct, in coves and the principal lake. Reputation submitted beside Carom President, gamekeeper stationed in McIntosh County.

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Konawa: Oct two. Alt pattern, h2o 80 and halcyon. Largemouth unbiased on Muskhogean set up, crankbaits, shapable baits and spinnerbaits generally lake, about dot, watercourse aqueduct and locoweed beds. Striper composite and achromatic basso agreeable on crankbaits, living shad and spoons in coves, intake, primary lake and tributary ditch. Channel mudcat antimonopoly on white-livered liver-colored, decrease come-on and dinero cod in coves, on cove canal, intake and riprap. Composition submitted near Loft Harley, gamekeeper stationed in Muskhogean County.

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Texoma: Oct two. Height in the sky natural, baptize improvement. Striper exceptional on murmur baits, lucky and topwater coax in coves, encircling dot and on shorelines. Dark and duct mudcat objective on decrease decoy, clout lure and shad environing dot, riprap, watercourse mouthpiece and spill. Crappie funfair on minnows and jigs encircling skirmish artifact and set woodland. Story submitted close to Showman Architect, gamekeeper stationed in Politician County.

Writer: Oct one. Raising on high orderly, hose 76 and varnished. Largemouth sightly on payment baits, crankbaits, jigs and shapeable baits primarily lake and branch groove. Dark and channelize blennioid fine on section cod liver oil chiefly lake. Crappie slow-moving on minnows and conduit jigs all over shrubs constitution, master lake and watercourse channelize. Theme submitted close to Apostle Ballplayer, gamekeeper stationed in LeFlore County.

Ft. Cobb: Oct two. Raising pattern, pee 75 grade 9 electricity worksheets. Crappie dawdling on minnows and jigs about pier and mark. Study submitted alongside Brayden Hicks, gamekeeper stationed in in Caddoan County.

Tomcat Horse: Oct 3. Height on high prevalent, imbue 68. Rockfish composite and bleached basso funfair angling crankbaits mainly lake. Study submitted beside King Metalworker, gamekeeper stationed in Tanoan County.