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Due to all the rain we’ve had this week and the snow melting the flows on the river have been raised to a little over 600 cfs for now. In spite of that there have been some anglers enjoying lighter crowds and some nice fish! Of course with these high flows we are getting skunk reports but the anglers who are getting their flies down near the bottom have been able to get into some nice browns up to around20 inches and rainbows up to 18 or so this week. Nymphs and streamers have still been the best, they’ve been getting away with some larger sized nymphs lately probably due to the higher flows and this is also helping get them down near the bottom where they need to be. The main thing to remember with these higher flows is to be sure to add as much weight as it takes to get your bugs down to the bottom!

FYI – The Nevada Department of Wildlife is re-vamping their fishing/hunting license program and will be sending Ken’s a computer license terminal in February for our customers to purchase Nevada licenses. During the change over I have been asked to send in all my paper license books on January 1 so they can be reconciled with the department. This means that I will not be able to sell any Nevada licenses for about 4 to 8 weeks after the first of the year. If you’re planning a trip to fish Nevada waters during this time be sure to get your license ahead of time, either online or from a Nevada license dealer! I’ll keep you posted when my terminal arrives and we’re online!

We haven’t had anyone fishing the ranch this past week but as with the California side the fishing should be pretty good if you are able to get your bugs down to the bottom, there’s lots of fish hanging out on the ranch so add some weight and get on down there!

The pond has been fishing excellent this week, mostly on streamers but there’s also some nymph action picking up. Leech patterns like Mayers mini leech, simi seal leech, twin lakes special and seal buggers have been doing well, also running a dry/dropper has been successful with a parachute adams or small stimulator on top and a zebra midge, rojo midge, soft hackle or soft emerger underneath has been productive.

Bridgeport has had some ups and downs this week with the crazy, rainy weather we’ve been having, most anglers are still getting into some nice fish but not quite the numbers they were enjoying last week. There are still some fish in the 5 to 6 pound range being caught both trolling and bait fishing. The bait anglers are fishing off of Rainbow Point as well as from the shore down near the dam, trolling has been the best out in the middle of the lake in around 20 feet of water. Powerbait, crawlers, pinched crawlers and mice tails are all doing well and for lures try speedy shiners, thomas bouyants and rapalas.

The Twins have been fishing very well this week with lots of anglers reporting lots of pan sized fish, both rainbows and browns, and Lower Twin also kicked out an 11 pound rainbow that was tagged with a Bridgeport Fish Enhancement tag!! Bait anglers are using pinched crawlers, power bait, mice tails and night crawlers, lure anglers are going with kastmasters, rapalas and thomas bouyants. Fly anglers are having success with olive matukas, twin lakes specials and seal buggers.

With all the rainy weather this past week the West is running pretty high and dirty right now, if you want to give it a try you should be able to hook into some fish in the Pickel Meadows area or any of the calmer areas through the canyon. For flies try prince nymphs, pheasant tails and soft hackles. For bait go with salmon eggs and crawlers. For lures try panther martins, mepps and rooster tails.

It sounds like the Virginias are mostly ice free with just a small iceburg floating around Big Virginia being all the ice that still needs to melt. We haven’t had too many reports from anglers up there but you should be able to do well with some night crawlers or mice tails, kastmasters and thomas bouyants. And fly anglers should do well with seal buggers, matukas and wooly buggers with a soft hackle or zug bug dropper.