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We’ve got a couple of fellow brides-to-be in the HELLO! offices who were very eager to delve a little deeper into the topic of how to achieve the perfect pre-wedding glow. So, knowing that Meghan’s a fan of what Nichola describes as "effective natural products", we called on the experts at Jurlique, Australia’s leading premium natural skin care brand, to find out their recommendations for how to prepare your skin for your wedding day.

Jurlique’s signature botanicals are grown in the unspoiled hills of South Australia, using organic farming methods. A unique three-step extraction process is then used to release and harness the essential oils, minerals and other nutrients. "This provenance and care allows us to assure both the purity and the performance of our botanicals," Jurlique’s UK Head of Education, Claire Roberts explains. "We have our own farm and rose garden in the Adelaide Hills, where we harvest our botanicals by hand in their most powerful state, treating them with care at every step, from seed to skin. The unique climate, pure air and nutrient-rich soil, are what make our products so effective."

Jurlique’s belief is that, when harnessed in its purest form, there’s no greater force than nature when it comes to achieving radiant glowing skin. "We believe that nature is the greatest, most powerful source you can use on your skin," Claire continues. " The land is infinitely more powerful than the lab, and the concentrated ingredients we use are uniquely designed to enhance the skin’s natural radiant glow, under any condition, for any age or environment."

Our beauty writer, Laura Sutcliffe, who is getting married to her fiancé this summer, jumped at the chance to go along for one of Jurlique’s divine Signature Facials. "I’m determined to have glowing, lit-from-within skin for my wedding day," Laura says. "It’s pretty much every bride’s dream – you want to look as fresh as possible in your wedding photographs so you can look back on the memories and know that you looked your very best. For me, fine lines and dryness were areas of particular concern, and the treatment I received was amazing, I looked visibly different after the treatment and my skin felt amazing."

Here’s a breakdown of the five-step plan Claire recommends you start around 6 weeks before your big day, to rejuvenate your skin and ensure your face gets all the goodness it needs to look hydrated, supple and fresh. Step One: Exfoliate & Mist

It’s important to prep the skin each day to get rid of toxins that build up over the course of your working day. The Daily Exfoliating Cream is best used in the morning, as it lifts dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and sparkling, the perfect canvas for makeup. To finish, a spritz of the Rosewater Balancing Mist hydrates, refreshes and soothes your skin, and can also be used later on in the day to refresh makeup.

A mask is great to use as it helps improve the skin’s moisture levels. The last thing a bride needs is a flaky, dehydrated face and the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask ensures that your skin is soothed and ready for the big day. The mask can be used in the morning as a quick, ten minute treatment, or overnight for a full-blown hydration fest, so great to use the night before your nuptials.

The Nutri-Define Superior Retexturing Facial Serum is a wonder product with potent ingredients. It’s great for targeting fine lines and wrinkles to reveal luminous skin with a remarkably ageless look. This smooth, silky product contains liquorice root and horseradish extracts which firm the skin’s surface – leaving it feeling energised and redefined.

A daily moisturiser is imperative for protecting the skin and keeping it nourished, particularly after harsh sunlight, wind, but also as a result of the environmental factors we experience daily. The Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion is rich in rose extract and rosehip oil yet is surprisingly lightweight. It works to provide a protective veil for dry skin, helping keep your face perfectly hydrated throughout the day.

It’s easy to forget sun protection but you really shouldn’t! Sun damage happens even on the cloudiest of days, so you should ALWAYS apply it – especially as you don’t want extra wrinkles before your big day. The UV Defence Lotion SPF50 High Protection Lotion PA++++ is oil free, non-greasy despite its high factor and best of all, you hardly feel it once applied. It leaves skin prepped and primed with a velvety satin finish.