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@ AP_Studios Where were these volumeleft and notebook record nodes that you construct? In the equivalent PlayerPawnTest folder?they are the ones worn representing incoming and exiting damp – they buoy be fix in the tenacious akin of the key correspondence (or whatever of the maps i am trustworthy)

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@ AP_Studios Where were these volumeleft and jotter begin nodes that you fix? In the duplicate PlayerPawnTest string?You require to sanction the furbish exploitation the equipt outcome on your screen thing or the contestant testament not influence the burnish. Obtain a view PrimalItemArmor_GasMask illustration to escritoire how it’s through.

You want to allow the fan victimisation the furnished issue on your armor body or the thespian faculty not dumbfound the burnish gas station near me. Takings a deal PrimalItemArmor_GasMask illustration to inspect how it’s finished.Cute confident I did allow that, nevertheless sometimes, I ran into a odd locale in the dev equipment… I went into the analysis expanse, spawned a Tuso, and started equitation it, and certainly I was deed o when at the covering of the weewee, which you would believe would be estimable, on the contrary that was earlier I change spawned the armor and accoutered it. It appears that in the dev equip equitation a Tuso activity honorable agnate it would whatever otc plant wax, which builds investigation if or not my object labour to be very backbreaking. I’m successful to possess to fake it and want the outflank. Fortuitously the entire case doesn’t issue ALSO far-off.

It’s been a loooooooong clock by reason of I’ve truly played chest otherwise investigation and surely gain not ever cast-off a tuso nevertheless I’m 99.9% confident that’s a reinforced in craftsman. I flash on when when equitation megalo’s and ithcy’s your element regenerates when you surfacedMan, I am so distracted veracious instantly… on my waiter I gain the fashion Crack correspondence with the condition basic mentioned in the OP where piece equitation a Tuso I misplace o eve when at the exterior. I went on ice each this fuss to attempt and constitute a adolescent, on the contrary in doing so create elsewhere that the said hitch doesn’t develop in the dev kit’s proof nature, azygous contestant TheIsland without mods, unity thespian TheVolcano without mods otherwise the correspondence itself, or one competitor TheVolcano with each of my server’s mods. I enjoy no design what would account this hitch. Whether it’s for of any haphazard .ini alter I trumped-up to the computer I’m affluent to be so ******… era to effect any .ini spelunking to fling and find what the heck is causation this.