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It got the job done but… I bought this unit to replace my power painter plus model 320 with the backpack tank for material. Preparing our home to put it on the market. I was a smoker and the ceiling was badly stained with nicotine. I had my 320 since 2003 but hadn’t used it in years. My plan was to spray the ceiling with Kiltz 2 latex using my 320. After all the prep was done I loaded my backpack tank and started priming the sprayer. That didn’t work out so well, the piston seized just as the material reached the new swirl valve and of course parts aren’t available in my little podunk town so it was time to shop for a new sprayer. The Wagner website is ok but could be a lot easier to use. My choice was the Flexio 2000 because of the ability to spray in an upward angle above 45 degrees. The podunk town factor limited me to the 590 so that’s why I’m here. I was concerned the Kiltz 2 was going to be a bit too thick to prime but it didn’t seem to ne a issue. The pattern was good and the volume of material was great. I was able to take my time and everything was working as I had hoped. As time went on the volume of material increased and could not be contrived by the adjusting knob. It didn’t have an effect in any position I tried. I was able to complete the project and it looks great but I had to work really fast in order to keep the material from being too heavy. There was more over spray than I’ve ever seen. I think the most of it came from the inability to spray at greater than the 45 degree limit. I was afraid to tilt it up too far because I didn’t want to damage the turbine and void the warranty. The picture of the lady painting her ceiling is misleading in my opinion. There should be a disclaimer large enough to notice that says not recommended for overhead use. I am satisfied with the finished project but it was a lot harder than it had to be. My old 320 would have knocked it out in less time and with less over spray. Wagner makes great painting products but it is very important to get the right one for the project at hand. 4 stars for the uses not being clear enough on the packaging. If I had not read the manual and information on the website I would have destroyed the sprayer and wasted 150 bucks.

Worked great with Ben Moore Advance! I bought this sprayer to refinish 35 painted cabinet faces in a large kitchen remodel. I already owned an HVLP sprayer that I was not happy with from another manufacturer. My intent was to use the Ben Moore water based Advance enamel, a product that I have had very good luck with in this type of project. Before unpacking my new sprayer I checked in with the help line at both Ben Moore and at Wagner. Ben Moore advised only to thin if absolutely necessary with water and then no more than 8 ounces per gallon. Wagner advised to set the blower up to full speed at 8. I then set out on my project.

After a bit of trial and error I would like to share what I learned and how I obtained very good results with both the sprayer and the paint product. I fully diluted the paint with water as advised by Ben Moore and set the sprayer as advised by Wagner. I did all of my spraying with the door faces horizontal to avoid sagging. First of all, if you have never sprayed before you need to follow the instructions in the Wagner instructions about moving the sprayer evenly across the work. There are a couple of additional things that you need to consider. You need to start the sprayer off the work until the blower is up to speed otherwise the first spray out the sprayer spatters because the air is not up to the proper pressure. You can actually see this when you first hit the trigger. Keep the trigger down as you pass the sprayer back and forth across the work and you will avoid most spatters. Next, since the sprayer is only putting out a fine mist of paint you need to move the sprayer very slowly across the work in order to build up enough paint so that it levels as it dries. In the case of the Advance paint it means putting on a bunch of paint and you will be rewarded with a very smooth surface when it dries. It will not look smooth at first, actually a little bad, but give it forty five minutes to dry and the finish comes out very nice. Also note that I used the fine finish tip.