Flexio 890 indoor outdoor paint sprayer wagner spraytech gas vs electric oven efficiency


All four times it misbehaved were user error. The first was severe drooling and glob-spitting because I didn’t realize the black keeper ring came a bit loose when I changed my spray pattern. That ring needs to stay as tight as it goes; I don’t think you can overtighten it by hand. Second time, I failed to unscrew the container before taking off the black keeper ring, and air pressure made it barf paint. Third time was glob-spitting, and I was stumped for a while; I thought I had done everything by the book. Figured out the teeny air valve had water in it from the last washing; when dried, worked perfectly again. Fourth time, same spitting, but because the little air hole in the top of the suction tube got paint on it– I had knocked over the sprayer’s container after adding paint. I detail those because the short trouble-shooting section in the booklet didn’t give the last two as "how to fix" options.

Some reviews said they took the nozzle apart and soaked it if they took a break, but you don’t need to. The air channel and paint channel are separate, so leave the nozzle all together and the paint won’t dry anywhere but the exposed tip of the nozzle, which is super easy to wipe clean even when the paint is dry on it; the plastic resists paint cling.

can hold as much as it does, it has a rim angle that means it has to be turned absolutely upside-down when pouring paint out. There was always at least a quarter inch left in the bottom that the suction tube couldn’t get. I am a female with size 8 hands and can barely hold the bottom of the material container with one hand, so the whole paint-retrieval process is slightly annoying.

I carried this rig in pieces up and down a two-story scaffold many times, slightly awkward but very doable. The reach of the hose isn’t great if you’re using this on a ladder, but any longer and it would get annoying to deal with; it is fairly stiff. I appreciated that I could turn the compressor on and off from the hand unit. The switch is on both sides of the handle, so it’s easy to toggle no matter which hand it’s in. The compressor’s just quiet enough that I didn’t need hearing protection (outdoors), and I am sound sensitive.

I’m glad I went for a model with the separate, ground-based turbine, and glad it has its own handled case. And yes, the spray gun holder on that handle is helpful, especially if you are working on uneven ground where the hand unit would fall over by itself.

Ease of use makes this a must have for all DIYers My husband and I own a small boutique that specializes in Repurposing old furniture. I bought my Flexio 890 last summer and since that time have used it to paint over 250 pieces of furniture. Prior to that I was painting all of our pieces with a brush. This product has been a lifesaver and a huge Timesaver. It also gives an incredibly perfect finish to our pieces that could not be achieved with a brush. The biggest compliment from our clientele is that the pieces we do have such a perfect finish…no brushstrokes…no drips. I was a bit reluctant at first, to use the sprayer thinking there would be paint everywhere. The paint gets on the piece but there is almost no overspray. I was also concerned that after a few uses, it would clog up and that the clean up would take more time than painting with a sprayer would be worth. Not true. The cleanup is very easy and after 250 pieces, it still works perfect every time. I use mine almost everyday and I don’t know now how I ever lived without it. No classes required. Fill it with paint and get to work. Your first piece will look like it was painted by a pro.