Flower and wildlife therapy (and a pox on daylight saving time) electricity questions grade 9


Eeps, sorry, the week has gotten ahead of me. Let’s all blame “ Daylight Saving Time“. I put it in quotes because its title is patently illogical–it’s not like we are actually getting more daylight. And besides, I dislike this silly time change twice a year, that has no purpose but to mess up our biological clocks. Humm, I detect I am sounding a bit grumpy.

Daylight Saving Time is, however, a convenient explanation of why I can’t write a decent post today, so there is that. I did have fun with some photos this weekend, so I thought I’d share those today. In the meantime, I’m working on posts about exercises for older dogs, whether bigger brains mean smarter dogs and what fear might smell like. Stay tuned.

And i feel electricity in my body the turkeys came, and came and came. They are everywhere now, although I haven’t seen the males begin displaying as they do every spring. That should happen any day, because the Chickadees and the Cardinals are singing, which I would argue is the real beginning of spring. Wildlife is everywhere now; I just saw a coyote in a field nearby to the farm. Time for us to keep an eye out, our lambs are due in a couple of weeks.

Oh, what a treat as I sit down with my morning coffee! I love all these photos…wonderful power kinetic energy, thank you!! And the one of Polly (such a sweet name) is super cool… it looks like a charcol sketch. It would be nice framed and up on a wall. You didn’t blow the one of Maggie in the snow, the focus on her ruff is lovely, and you did that on purpose, right?!! What a neat idea to make the pictures black and white, now I will try that.

Nellie looks very happy, lucky kitty 1 unit electricity cost in india! My 2 ancient barn cats Emily and Smokey are living inside, after our bitterly cold (Ontario) winter last year, and they have adapted well to being indoors, surprisingly. My 2 remaining dogs, Echo and Sam, are also ancient now, so it makes for a busy and sometimes funny household, looking after the oldies. I now give Echo and Sam puppy food, and the way they race (lurch) down the hall to eat, is so cute. I think they’re still here because they want that puppy food. Alas, all 4 oldies are becoming steadily frailer, and so now I’m really appreciating each day I still have them.

Just in case anyone is interested, one topic I think might be important is dogs and sleep. One of my dogs, a hound, Pippi, became much calmer and better behaved once I put up blinds on the windows where she would constantly bark at the deer. She then got a lot more sleep, and I always wondered if that was what helped her calm down…well, not barking at the deer too, of course, but it seemed more than that.

Several states are introducing legislation to keep on year-round DST electric utility companies in arizona. I am all for that. Yes, it’s darker in the morning, and it is so much lighter in the evening when the majority of people have time to do chores, walk dogs, do outside activities, etc gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore. The reasons of wartime labor, agrarian concerns, and energy savings are all passe. We can do this on a state-by-state level, but to get it to be consistent, the feds will have to pass it, too. (Don’t keep the light on for that.)

A bill to retain DST has been introduced in my state. I have written my state reps and senators to ask for their support of this bill. Mainly because right now, I feel like it’s a small thing we can do to make a little difference for the positive, and if we can do enough of these little things, it starts to have a positive effect on our individual and collective psyches in these disheartening times. I truly dread the fall back position, so this has me hopeful and engaged. Are there literally 800 bills in the mix this session? Yes. Is this small shift worthy of a vote? Yes!

I would love to your thoughts on the general topic of competitive sports for dogs. I’ve been involved in a few over the years and every single time I’m always turned off by how competitive it gets. You start off in the gas approximation beginner classes and everyone (except for the veteran competitors who are on their 3rd or 4th dogs in the sport) is happy and jovial and laughing at their mistakes and generally having a fun time. As the classes go on, I watch these people, slowly, one by one, get more and more serious. And once they start trialing, it’s game over. Literally.

I always joke that it’s horrible to see what a 39 cent acetate ribbon can do to a person. The instructors start talking about the science and nuance behind every step 2015 electricity prices of the lesson. If it’s agility you will dissect the mega-second you can save by holding your shoulder at a certain angle. In obedience it’s about getting the dog’s rear left paw perfectly aligned with the right rear paw (and for some reason obedience seems to justify using the harshest methods even today) and in nosework it’s about the vagaries of the wind. I understand that humans don’t do well unless they have a goal, but it is disheartening to see people become obsessed with that ribbon and the dog, not necessarily unhappy but, take a back seat to the experience over all.

And I can’t help but be certain that no matter what we say to others (and there is a lot of lip service given to just having fun and proclamations that it’s not the dog’s fault) we are disappointed in our dogs when we fall short of our goal and we are just a tad happier with them when they succeed. I’ve seen some pretty horrible things are dog trials and I try not to let them get to me, but they always do. I always tell myself electricity nw these dogs are so much better off than most dogs in the world, but I just have to wonder if some of them wouldn’t just rather be in the backyard somewhere sitting in the sun.