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Sure, there were preliminary approaches to the problem and a vaccine was on standby, although this drug proved ineffectual in combating the deadly virus. Instead, it found its way into the veins of millions of victims’ after rushing it through substandard trials not nearly good enough to withstand thorough examination by the few who know about such things.

The fear in some circles concerning the vaccine, given in a series of three injections, amounted to this: the first would relax the immune system, the second would fill the person with deadly organisms, and the third would turn the immune system back on thus creating a cytokine storm. This eventually dealt a deadly blow to the body. electricity towers health risks The perfect storm involved various proteins, secreted by cells that carry signals to neighbouring cells, but in this case causing a catastrophic reaction.

While not fully understood by most of the medical profession, nearly all were convinced the vaccines were harmless, although they did consider multi-dose phials could pose some risk of sepsis. Nevertheless, the fact practically all the professionals’ pondered the flu virus may eventually mutate and become more virulent, they still acted accordingly to produce untested vaccines based on the original poisonous recipe to combat this mutated syndrome.

This remarkable virus had struck 30 years prior, although much less virulent. The vaccine killed more than the actual flu itself by causing an array of symptoms similar to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease, where the body’s muscles eventually give out. However, with this recent toxic mix both the brain and bodily functions ceased functioning in its advanced stages.

Currently still no confirmation if thiomersal (a mercury-based product) and/or other chemicals including Beta-Propiolactone, now suspected to be a human carcinogen, are to blame. A leading national health institute released a report prior to dispensing the initial vaccine, while still arguing over what other additives augmented secondary inoculates.

There was no cure for this distinct viral epidemic and so it was with this mutated virus, somewhat different, yet like the first microorganism all those years ago. As with all viruses, it had hibernated then reared its ugly head at a future time when Mother Nature deemed the world too populated and apoplectic, or on the edge of self-destruction, if you like.

With air conditioners turned off and windows open, this airborne virus had a life-cycle within a couple of metres and a few seconds, yet in a warm enclosed environment it could exponentially increase its wrath. Paper towel replaced hand dryers and antibiotic soaps were now used to clean, wash and disinfect. Facemasks, oral sprays and hand soaps carried by every remaining upright person.

Many influential individuals from politicians, senior police and armed forces personnel, judges, business executives, along with most health workers stayed away from the vaccines or isolated themselves after worldwide rumours began trickling through via the media, internet and other telecommunication networks. electricity number The third world poor, now almost extinct due to their fragile health caused by years of famine, war, drought, despot leadership and the greed of so-called civilised nations. With their lack of immunity and care they did not stand a chance.

Hospital personnel were on the front line when it came to treat the sick and the scenes they encountered would leave most traumatised for life. They found the thick yellow/green sputum attached itself to their gowns no matter what the cleaning procedures. gas tax nj They soon recognised that disposing of their protective clothing before the end of each shift was common and necessary. The more virulent strain had mutated and allowed the virus to latch onto the pulmonary cells deep within the lungs causing the formation of this clotted chaos the sick could not expectorate, choking and drowning in their own phlegm.

Pregnant women again faced the wrath of an unforgiving sickness when those who had taken the vaccines languishing on life support while giving birth. That notwithstanding, the most harrowing plight of the birth was the condition of the child, where some of the most agonising abnormalities ever encountered were enough to send the weaker of our species insane. Some survivors who encountered these horrors did go insane.

Nurse Lucy and a few of her compatriots were blocking the gateway of the large enclosed tent city, cordoning off the gate from the half-dozen hardheads’ who resembled a pack of bulldogs in wet weather gear. The leader had what appeared to be a sergeant’s insignia on his helmet and looked like a short, bloated toad with the face of a robber’s dog. He glared up at Lucy with a snarl and began a torrent of abuse causing the old nurse to puff up to her full height, which was quite considerable, while glaring back down at this subhuman in such a way that, in the past, caused many an incompetent doctor to cringe.

This menace to humanity previously had the task of guarding these camps and other facilities, but had this duty taken from them after complaints of sexual misconduct, pillaging and brutality. Especially now when they finally became enclosed compounds there was no reason for them to be there harassing workers’, patients and professionals that were giving their time so freely to the dying.

The low priority prisoners were escorted on and off the compound daily unless they were needed overnight to continue in their capacity as aides. After all, they were volunteers who wanted to help and maybe earn an early parole for their efforts. Escaping was out of the question because they didn’t want the alternative, that is, transported to God knows where and brutalised by hardheads.

In fact, there was another locked gate, used only for exit purposes, at the rear of the camp where they would take the departed through for civilised cremation. power outage houston txu In fact, the circumstances regarding the dying were changing, in that suddenly the bedridden sick, once lingering for some weeks, were dying peacefully in their sleep more rapidly than previously observed. Hopefully, this was to be the case from now on. Finally, to lay them at rest.

Reports had been trickling in regarding the abominable circumstances in less fortunate regions of the world, including the indiscriminate killing of sufferers of the virus and those succumbing to the vaccines. Also, of concern, the murder of those still healthy by other survivors for their personal possessions, along with cannibalism, looting, rape and other nefarious acts in a world without order.

Luckily, if you could call their plight lucky, there was a sense of symmetry prevailing in modern societies with the chronically ill dwindling faster than first expected, nevertheless with many still coming through the system, specifically the second injection sufferers, most were deteriorating faster than expected. Although, those with a stronger immunity seemed to be lingering with care and support. electricity merit badge pamphlet Their survival very much depended on their own will to fight.

This involved exposing themselves to a certain extent by way of a continual battle with the ruling bureaucrats to have things done democratically without the interference of the Home Security Command. The HSC were becoming more menacing and disconnected from the government who originally established this misanthropic mob of feral lunatics.

This, however, was not going to be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Along with setting themselves a dangerous assignment, they had to convince the government these violent transgressors were unnecessary. A perilous mission they were sure. electricity 4th grade powerpoint The hardheads were not going to relinquish their hold easily on their increasing power shift within the nation.

Some politicians’ and police were in the pocket of this extrajudicial organization. Where they acquired their unlimited funds was anybody’s guess, albeit their claws where in the pockets of many organisations’ and individuals. Yet, there was something else going on regarding big money involving waste disposal, or so whispered the rumours filtering through the community.

No one was really counting though, providing they did their job, but like all regulators’ or bounty hunters of the old west, when the job finished, no one wanted them around anymore. Not that this entailed the elimination of hardheads’ and their superiors. It was about social control and protection of the innocent, along with the gathering of the ill and infirm.

There was a rumour a respected politician was trying desperately to organise others in the House to disband the HSC, until he mysteriously died under the wheels of a truck driven by a local business owner. Death by misadventure was the report submitted by the police. The coroner’s office did not say that it appeared more than one truck was involved; such were his injuries. Unrecognisable due to the extent of his wounds: pulped, the headline read. Could this have been a warning?

Clockwise around the large makeshift trestle were Nurse Lucy; Doctor Jack Williams and Clementine; Professor Jacob; Matt and his girlfriend Linda. electricity video ks2 Then there was James, a big old fellow from the Pacific Islands who for years worked with Lucy as a nurse’s aide after his release from prison. If threatened, James could drop you with an open hand; nevertheless, temperate by those who knew him. His loyalty to Lucy did not have boundaries.

By the time they returned the worst of it was over. Keeping in touch occasionally with loved ones by shortwave radio the advice was to keep away for a long as possible. They had drifted back to civilisation when communication ceased and connected with Lucy by accident when they realised further travel was out of the question. The fate of their families’ hundreds of miles away still a mystery.