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Yes, I do respond a little more to these types of things, because it is an attack on my profession. None of you are specifically targeting me – I understand that – but I am one of those people whose job it is to study the immune system, study how it fights off infections, and devise strategies to boost those immune responses, either la gas leak after the fact with immunotherapies against chronic infections (I have done research into HIV and hepatitis C virus) or devising better strategies for more effective flu vaccines for both adults and neonates, which would be less dependent on the particular strain prevalent in a given season. That is what I have been doing for the last 21 years of my life. But my research, and those of other colleagues, is impugned as being manipulated by pharmaceutical companies (I have never received a dime of money from anything other than the NIH and the American Cancer Society and the Gates Foundation in all my time in research) to cynically profit by giving people vaccines for, at best, no benefit, and, at worst, to give their kids autism. So yes, I fight back against such gas pains 6 weeks pregnant aspersions on my profession. One person’s anecdote does not give them license to do so.

For the others who spread their conspiracy theories about vaccines – yes, I will challenge your claims. Against your handful of disgraced former clinicians and sensationalist TV producers looking to profit off of scandal, I have thousands of researchers, untold hours of labwork, publications that are year 6 electricity unit scrutinized by others in their field, millions of dollars spent on research, development, and clinical trials. You are being sold snake oil. Children now are dying again in Western nations of illnesses that were on the brink of eradication because Andrew Wakefield spreads lies. Children in Africa are not receiving life-saving vaccines because adults are being told that vaccines are a conspiracy against them by the white man. Polio is eradicated in the Western hemisphere bp gas prices. Smallpox is eradicated from the planet. And still people refuse to believe the truth right in front of their eyes. Vaccines work. You think that the 20-something vaccines out now is a massive burden on young kids? Do you know how many germs, viruses, bacteria, parasites kids are exposed to every single day? And you think 20-something different vaccinations, not all given at once, but in tried and tested intervals, are the bigger danger? You cried about thimerosal – a wonderful preservative that enabled vaccines to remain stable and effective gas outage in particular in regions of the world where refrigeration would not be possible (like Africa) – and for your belly-aching, thimerosal has been phased out. And nothing changed. Not a damn thing. Just like we told you it wouldn’t, because thimerosal is perfectly safe in the ridiculously small amount that was found in vaccines. And now it is harder to keep vaccines stable. And still you find some other falsehood to blame this all on. It will never change.

I don’t mind it so much if you refuse it for yourselves. It’s your life – just stay away from me when you come down with a contagion that could have been prevented, and stay away from young children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised who are left vulnerable. But when children have to suffer as well for your irrational fear, that is wrong.

Well, since the topic of this thread is flu vaccines, I have no doubt that pharmaceutical industry is aware of the simplest and most efficient flu preventive – hydrogen peroxide. At the first symptoms of flu, like a tickle gas and electric phone number in the throat, etc., a drop of 3%-1.5%(children) hydrogen peroxide into the ear/ears or gargling 1.5% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) solution stops colds and flus immediately. It’s also said that hp alleviates the symptoms if you’re already sick gas 91 and you recover quicker ( I personally haven’t tried this, for I haven’t got the flu since I started using hydrogen peroxide as a preventive measure before if really starts).

This is natural, safe solution with no side effects to health, the only by product of hp after it breaks down is water (extra oxygen molecule kills bacteria, the other molecules left are water). There’s enough information if you search about it and hows and whys. It’s cheap, no harmful side effects while even the least harmful drug in industry penicillin has shown to have lingering side effects for some time even after one static electricity bill nye tablet. The question remains why to push drugs and vaccines with all that massive advertising across media and not the most obvious solution? Well first of all there’s no money in it, and also it won’t pay for the advertising. Secondly, pharma (to sustain itself, if you like it) has to produce a product. A product that’s patentable. This means it has to have formulas, a number of ingredients and some such. You can’t patent hydrogen peroxide or say beetroot ant sell it as a drug/medicine. Whatever findings they get through their research the aim is not to bring natural solutions to health electricity dance moms song problems that are immediately available to everyone. That’s why drugs and vaccines with side effects worse than what they’re curing will always be the number one solution in pharmaceutical industry, there will be ton’s of approved research to confirm it’s ‘safe and effective’, and thus it will be the first solution to your health problems you get from a medical professional. Meanwhile, the natural product and their combinations as a cure from disease will have a note saying that there wasn’t enough research done to confirm its effectiveness and gas density conversion safety. And of course why should there be any research done into this or if done, the conclusive results published and promoted. This won’t ever sustain the pharmaceutical industry and never mind the profits. People will just go then buy natural products like fruits, vegetables and hydrogen peroxide or at best make some herb tinctures from free and low cost ingredients.

Also, I believe approach to health has to be hollistic, because many ills are the chain reaction, and drugs often treat just symptoms and tend to be a superficial stopgap solution, not really curing the root of the problem. It’s all a bit abstract and of course not in every case it is that simplistic, however, in the case of flu I believe it is. The conclusion here is just common sense. However, if you’re proactive about your health and also finding answers, there electricity freedom system’s plenty more informtion out there that’s even less complimentary to the flu vaccines in particular and phamaceutical industry in general than my old good common sense have been here.