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I recently had a colonoscopy and he was unable to complete it do to some kind of blockage. The next day at work, in the afternoon after eating, I doubled over in pain on my lower right side. I called and he sent me to the ER for a CT Scan. They did the scan and only thing they found was this fluid in the pelvic area. I have had a partial hysterectomy years ago so my thinking is there shouldnt be anything down there. A few months back though, they did a bunch of test on me and discoverd a right ovarian cyst. They then did a blood test to determine ( I thought) the severity of it. I heard nothing back. Part of me wonders if this was the blockage the doctor hit and if so, did he cause it to maybe burst? I have alot of abdominal tenderness and bloating. If I eat or drink, I feel like my tummy is going to just burst. It is very uncomfortable and I hate this wondering and not knowing what is going on inside my body….If any of you have found out what this Pelvic fluid is, please let me know…Thanks, Valorie

I have had the exact same thing for the last 2 years, the first time it happened i collapsed in agonising pain at work, i was rushed to A&E, first they suspected appendisitus, then ectopic pregnancy, then a ruptured cyst, as with a lot of you I was sent home with just pain killers, I wasn’t even given a scan. The pains reoccured a few time over the following 12 months, then I collapsed again and I was rushed to another hospital, here I received an internal examination and an ultrasound, all they found was fluid on my pelvis, I wasnt given any explaination to what could of caused this. Since then I have had another 2 ultrasound scans and visited my doctor numerous times, i was told that it was the pill i was on that was causing my egg not to release properly, then another doctor told me that this was wrong as this pill tricks my ovaries into thinking it has already released an egg so that it doesnt actually release one, so the next theory was that it wasnt stopping my ovaries releasing the eggs. It has now been 2 years and I still do not have any idea why this pain occurs.

Well I guess I will add my post after reading all of yours. On September 10th I finally went to my private doctor because the pain in my right abdomen was so painful, my body trembled. I was nausea. He told me that i constipated, and sent me home with Metamucil, Ducolax, and 6 prunes a day.By Sept.13, I was in the emergency room. Wher they did ultrasounds, CT scans, blood work. It was blood in my urine and I have a large cyst structure on Which appears to project from the right ovary with thin walls and some internal echo. The structure measures 7.3×6.4×8.8 cm and on the adjacent ovary which is my right ovary meaqsures 2.8 x 2.6 x 3.1 cm with smaller normal follicles in it. But my left ovary measures 4.5 x 2.6 x 3.8 cm and contains a septated cyst that largely replaces the parenchyma. I am finally after a month and a half of dealing my insurance two doctors and an emergency room will go to a specialist. I have been on pain killers with codeine for a long time. My life is non-existent at this time. Can anyone tell me what is this besides cysts.

In Januray, I went to the Emergency room with a pain on the lower right side of my abdomin. The pain was dull and constant and with an occasional extremely painful sharp darting pain on either my left or right lower abdomin. My appendix was taken out the next morning. The pain wasn’t as bad but i thought the pain I had was due to surgery. In mid March the pain became very very painful once more and i returned to the emergency room. They then told me that when they took out my appendix that it was normal. I was very angry that they had not done any further investigations at the time. One ultra sound, an OGD, colonoscpy and CAT scan later, they told me I was imagining the pain and sent me home, with advice on seeking counselling. At the end of August, the pains once more began to be beyond agonising. I was throwing up all day, passing out and barely able to move. I wasnt exactly keen on going back to the hospital incase they told me it was in my head. I eventually gave into the pain and went to the A and E again. I was put on a morphine drip and was admitted for 5 days. A baruim test showed that my bowel was slightly inflammed and that there was free fluid in the pelvis. They put me on a low dose of dothiepan(75mg)to act as a neurotransmitter blocker rather that an antidepressant to stop the sharp agonsing pains. Its amazing but i still have the constant pain in the right hand side of my adomin. I ended up getting very frustrated with the pain and sought a secong opinion. My new doctor couldn’t believe how i had been treated. She and her team had a case conference about me and im going back to her next week. She thinks i may have severe endometriosis and ovarian disease. my periods were always irregular and heavy and for that reason i went on the pill. she said that the fluid in my pelvis may have been the result of a ruptured cycst on my ovary. my sister ahd a cycst the size of a full term baby.thats why every time i went into hospital, the cycsts had already ruptured and thats why scans never found anything. Im at the stage where i dont care what the doctors tell me i have!! i just want it sorted once and for all!!!! did i mention im only 19?

I’m going through the same thing. Abdominal pain on the right side, fluid in pelvic area. Was in pain for days & finally went to the er. I thought i had kidney stones because i had just been diagnosed with a UTI. The doctor didn’t seem to really care. He asked for a urine speciman, which I gave him, and no kidney stone crystals showed up so he said there was no need for a CT scan, gave me a shot for pain and sent me home. The next day pain comes back. Because of this idiot for a doctor I have to go through the xmas holidays in pain. I also have 2 kids and had family dinner at my house. The day after xmas I was right back in the emergency room. Female doc this time. Thank you Jesus. Not that, that solved everything or even anything but at least she acted like she had some sense about her. She did a CT scan and an ultra sound. We learned that I did have some kidney stones but they were small, and shouldn’t really cause me any pain. She also said that I have fluid in my pelvic area. I thought the same thing, what in the heck is that??? Then I was told the same thing. I could have had a cyst that ruptured. I’m starting to feel the pain come back tonight. Thank the world she sent me home with a perscription of pain meds because I hate pain. Deep down I am a bit concerned though. My aunt on my mother’s side passed away from ovarian cancer. Oh and the doc told to follow up with my ob/gyn. Which I have not yet done. Now that I’ve read all the posts with so many ladies dealing with this for such a long time the seriousness of it is concerning me even more. I think I’ll call for an appointment tomorrow. I agree with the lady above me. God bless you all!!