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I would like to bring this notice to all the readers and to warn them that before booking a ticket to a flight in flyDubai, Be prepared to the consequent trouble and harassment made by the FlyDubai for their own several reasons given. We made a booking to a flight from Alexandria to Dubai for gas oil 10th Aug 10.35pm, now we are been informed by them that the flight is cancelled and now they are not ready to refund our money nor they are ready to give us ticket in the same day afternoon flight, they are giving us vouchers which is of no use as Fly Dubai is only flying hardly to any destination for which we can make a choice. If we reschedule our tickets airline will charge us additional Dhs 100 for changing our tickets, but now when they are cancelling for their fault they are not even ready to pay our money back. We are going for a short leave and leaving the country in 2 days and returning back to the work as per the schedule is very important especially in the recession scenario and moreover staying a day or two extra means extra expenses in a new country which is out of our budget. We are three passengers traveling including my 1 year old baby, the joy of journey have turn into night mare. Our only mistake is that we booked ticket for Fly Dubai, which we now promise never to repeat back in our life and never again to fly by Fly Dubai.

I gave FlyDubai 2 chances and they failed big time. First time, I booked my flight to Beirut and a day later I decided to add 3 luggages since it was cheaper to pay online than paying at the counter. I filled up the extra service 3 luggages and the balance was Zero. On the day of travel the Flydubai agent asked me to pay for the luggage again, he said gasoline p their system doesn’t show that I paid for luggage. I asked for a supervisor and they said no supervisor they made me pay 450 dirhams to fly. I emailed them with all details and I received a 2 line reply with a very poor written english that No Refund. It’s note worthy to mention that the counter agent advised me not to fly with flydubai due to the many many problems they face with customers, and of course customer service department doesn’t exist at this low company.

Just on February 16th, 2010 I made a reservation to fly on the 17th, the Dubai immigration cancelled my boarding pass due to a Visa. Flydubai employee acknoweledged that Visas laws keep changing here in Dubai. I went back to their main counter at Dubai airport showing them the cancelled boarding pass and the lady informed me that there’s nothing they can do to refund anything or apply towards a new ticket. I asked for a manager and the same answer No manager and the lady said what I’m telling you is what management think!

My brother booked a flight from Kabul to Dubai on 25/Aug. The plane was due to leave at about 1700 hrs and well after this time the passengers were informed that the flight had been canceled. My brother had to pay £200 to another airline to get a ticket to Dubai so that he could catch his onwards flight to London. Thank God there was anotehr airline flying shortly afterwards.

The staff at the airport told my brother that because flydubai is responsible for cancelling the flight, all passengers will be entitled to a full refund. However, when we contacted flydubai we were told they they had no money refund policy. They could only give us vouchers that are valid for 12 months and can only be used by the same passenger. My brother has no plans to go back to Kabul within the next few years so this means that we lost our money. This has to stop. What is passengers’ fault when flydubai cancels its flights. Is being stranded without a flight and having to buy another ticket not enough punishment for a passenger who made the misstake of booking with flydubai. But on top of all this, we dont get our money back. I dont know why the law of any country allow for such scams.

This opens the way for flydubai to sell tickets and not fly to the destination and still get the money. What a business. Please please please, learn from world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor our misstakes and never book with this airline. Pay a bit more or wait a bit more at an airport, but never put yourselves through such unfair an unjust situation in the hands of rude staff.

On 13.09.2010, I reserved a ticket (with familly) on the internet to travel to Dubai on the 20.09.2010 (Sunday). I paid cash at the UAE Exchange in Amman (Mecca Mall). I even have the Bill Payment which clearly mentions the Flight Reservtion No. On the 20.09.2010 (Sunday) I went to Alia Airport in Amman-Jordan, and the guy at the Passport Control told me that my name Familly are not on the PNL (Passenger Name List) and that I can not fly on this plane. I got really angry and showed him the flight reservation Fly Dubai sent me on my Email, and the Bill Payment. He told me that the problem is from Fly Dubai themselves, that they seem to have cancelled your flight by mistake !

I phoned c gastronomie plateaux repas Fly Dubai and they told me that they cancelled the flight by mistake (there was a problem with the computer system) and that an investigation was going on, and that they could not give me the Voucher to travel straight away. They told me that they will phone me after 48 hours to try and get me a new flight. Well it is now 10 days and they have not even bothered to call. They did not even send me an email (I wrote to them on [protected] attached the Bill Paymemt). I am phoning them every day and they just tell me to expect a call within 24 hours (it seems they are programmed to say this). Any way I don’t know how to complain, because the Staff are all Jordanians and are not trained at all, they have no sense of Customer Service Satisfaction, it seems that they were all hired because someone pulled some strings to hire these idiots. Look at Etihad and Emirates Airlines, they are relly good and really know how to treat there customers. I wish I could have reserved with another Airline, but I wanted to save some money. Well instead of saving some money, I ended up paying for another Ticket.

I fully endorse all above complaints, and I’m disgusted with Fly Dubai. My wife and daughter were booked by Flt 434 from Lucknow (India) to Dubai early this morning (02:55 hrs). The incoming flight arrived 4 hours late, and the crew weren’t willing to fly back ! And there was no prior announcements, passengers were asked to go for security check (so that they could not leave the ortega y gasset revolt of the masses airport). The Manager was inaccessible for hours, and gave incorrect information all the way. I called Fly Dubai (in Dubai) this morning and could not get any concrete reply, except the fact that the flight was expected to be delayed by about 12-14 hours. I asked them to forward my message to their complaint cell – they called me after another 3 hours to say that the flight had landed in Dubai on time !! Is this a joke played on the customers ? Complaint was filed by about 70 passengers at Lucknow, as they were stranded for more than 10 hours at the airport (30 kms from the city) without being allowed to move out ! After angry outbursts from passengers, the Manager at Lucknow airport arranged for accomodation, with still no definite departure time, at the time of writing this. This is a real PITY ! When I told them their information was inaccurate, they were helpless and asked me to contact Dubai airport.

Even last year, when Fly Dubai advertised their services to Lucknow, I bought tickets much in advance, only to be informed a week prior to flying that the service could not be started as they hadn’t received permission to fly ! I had to make alternate arrangements at a much higher cost with another airline (due to peak season and last minute bookings). Then they offered us free tickets for certain destinations (Lebanon/Syria) where we have no reasons to fly to.

Way how been treated in front before boarding the flight by supervisor in beirut. I, have been missed treated very very badly by the supervisor (Omer) where been asked to stand on line where there was no line and the 3 stuff was free to give me my boarding card he push me and refused to let me be serived and forse me to take away my bag until i, go back and use the line once again where there was no people standing in the line or i, will not be alowed to board the flight he also told that he is not here to service people like me. I, told him you are the representative of fly dubai and we have never seen this before with fly dubai this type of attitude by costumer services supervisor never happen to me with any flight, am requelar traviler for business with fly dubai. Please note this happen infort of person whose was travilling with me. I, believe fly dubai deserves better customers services and better polit stuff. Am here asking for gas kush apology from the same supervisor my flight details as under ; flight no fz 160 date 14 sept 2011 seat no. D 12 coming from beirut