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This is less a museum and more a food court with a cover charge. That said it is still fun. The street level has souvenirs and info on the history of ramen in Japan. The restaurants/ themed areas are below street level. Each restaurant serves a regional ramen and has a kiosk outside where you place and pay for your order, then hand the receipt to an employee who will seat you. I tried Komurasaki gas news in hindi- restaurant’s kumamoto ramen. It’s flavored with garlic oil and crumbled garlic chips. I highly recommend this one. Even on a week day I recommend going before the lunch crowd. It’s a good place to try different styles of ramen. I was full with the small bowl of ramen from gas density at stp one restaurant. On the upper level of the themed area there is a candy/ toy kiosk called Dagashi-ya that has items reminiscent of what was found in the 1950s. Also on the upper level are a few restaurants and Kateko café and snack restaurant. Kateko serves soft serve ice cream, coffee, and alcohol. Karaoke is also available and smoking IS allowed. I’m not a smoker electricity song omd and it’s a small space so I chose to not to go in there. More Show less

Only one place to learn about ramen; only one place to eat all kinds of ramen; only one place to see everything about ramen; only at Sino-Yokohama Ramen Museum can I do everything. It was a nice day for a train ride out to Yokohama from Shinjuku. On the first floor they had a very nice exhibit gallery on the history of ramen with a linear timeline, the process of making ramen noodles, the nutritional value of ramen, and the make-up of a good ramen bowl with broth, oil, noodles, and toppings. With 7 ramen shops spread electricity lessons grade 6 over basement 1st and 2nd floors, there were so many choices to chose from. We made our ramen shop selection, stood in line, got ticket from the vending machine, and waited as the line crawled closer and closer to the front door of the ramen shop. The wait was about 35 minutes, but some shops had wait time of 50 minutes. Each ramen shop signs up for several years before another one ramen shop comes. If you govevery year, you electricity storage handbook can always try another different shop. Next time I come to Yokohama, I am going to try another bowl of noodles at RAMEN CENTRAL…at Sino-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

I love ramen but sadly I didn’t have enough time here to savour more than one shop. I made the mistake of going here on a Sunday afternoon, at the worst possible time (not only because it was a Sunday but also a public holiday weekend) and gas x strips instructions with a Shinkansen to catch in about 2.5 hours’ time. The queues were insanely long because of that. Waited about 20-30 minutes to get into the restaurant with the fish-based soup stock (Stall #1), tried the Shoyu version and wasn’t very awed by it but kd 7 electricity socks my wife did the Miso one and she said that was much better. We heard that the Kumamoto ramen (Stall #6) is good too. But I can’t verify that except via hearsay from friends who live in Shin-Yokohama. Good thing about this place is that they serve half portions so that you can hop around and try various stalls. If you have the time of course. One thing that cheesed me off is that there’s an entrance fee to the museum which is like a cover charge. I felt there was no need for it when there’s not much of a museum and the stalls operate much like in a food court setting already. This is why this place is getting three stars. Oh, there are also shops selling traditional electricity and water sweets. Go check those out if you have the time and like sweet stuff. I felt like I was transported back in time to twenty years ago.