Food supplement for use in a process of metabolic rebalancing (gexnano s.r.l.) c gastronomie limonest


The present invention relates to a composition of substances defining a so-called “food supplement” which can be used to induce, in a body that takes it in, biochemical processes modifying metabolic and/or physiological cycles within the body itself.

As is well known, various chemical substances of natural or synthetic origin can provoke alterations of the metabolic equilibrium in bodies, inducing non-physiological states, and it is likewise known that other substances can counter the action of harmful agents (exogenous or endogenous) introduced into the body: in this regard, one may mention the so-called “anti-oxidants” present in various types of edible substances of natural origin, e.g. anthocyanins, polyphenols, carotenoids, various types of vitamins (tocopherols and tocotrienols, ascorbic acid), as well as in endogenous enzymes with an anti-oxidant action, such as glutathione, catalase, superoxide-dismutase and various peroxidases.

In general, therefore, it is known that a body can take in different substances contained in natural (or even synthetic) foods which have functions of countering the metabolic alterations produced by one or more factors that are harmful (toxic) for all organic molecules in general and thus also for the cellular component. There are thus various known types of “strategies of assimilation” of these substances, aimed at regulating physiological activities in an optimal manner (in particular to combat so-called “oxidative stress/damage” and the pathologies correlated therewith): the methods of intervention in the body usually provide for the intake of appropriate compounds, which are then absorbed by the digestive system and afterwards distributed in the body, where, finally, they exert their effects in a more or less intense manner.

The compositions of a known type are not, however, free of drawbacks, particularly in terms of effectiveness of absorption of the substances ingested and the consequent effect on physiological conditions: not infrequently, in fact, active principles that are theoretically effective in laboratory conditions are almost insignificant or inactive under real conditions of use and assimilation (in such cases, one speaks of problems tied to so-called “bioavailability”).

Another problematic aspect of the known compositions lies in the fact that in the combinations of various food substances (which in turn deliver the active ingredients to the body during ingestion and the subsequent assimilation), the active ingredients prove to be not only scarcely bioavailable, but can also prove to be scarcely assimilable by the body: this makes it rather difficult to identify the correct amounts of composition and also gives rise to a risk of under- or overdosage.

Moreover, the formulations of food supplements of a known type, despite being constructed on the basis of well-established, scientifically documentable principles of non-toxicity, are in general conceived to have a generic effect on the body, and do not “target” particular dysfunctions: this forces one to proceed on a trial-and-error basis in “gentle” treatments of physical malaise, since it is necessary to try out—over what may also be a particularly long time—different “recipes” if it is desired to verify effectiveness against a particular state of physical malaise. DETAILED DESCRIPTION

In consideration of the prior art and the problems mentioned here above, the object of the present invention is thus to provide a composition of substances, definable as a constituent base of a food supplement, which is able to remedy the drawbacks of the prior art.

More particularly, the object of the present invention is to implement a composition that is highly efficient in terms of both bioavailability and assimilability, thus being much more suitable for being ingested or in any case assimilated (and being capable of exerting a more “intense” function on the body).

The present invention also has the object of devising and preparing—also on an industrial scale or in any case with high production volumes—a composition for a food supplement that is simplified to the utmost in terms of variety and/or relative amounts of the individual components/ingredients, and is in any case highly effective in terms of the assimilability and ready availability of its “active ingredients” in those regions of the body that require the actual localized action thereof.

From the viewpoint of formulation flexibility, the present invention also has the object of being able to offer different composition variants, which all have in common, however, a very high bioavailability of the functionally most important active ingredients and a rapid assimilability also by subjects having different metabolism/digestion/assimilation capacities or who are even compromised by more or less severe pathological conditions.

The object of the invention is also to considerably improve the actual operational capability of the composition, making it suitable for intervening in specific conditions, and in particular conditions of toxicity/intoxication (or also, according to a term in current jargon in natural medicine or naturopathy, in conditions of so-called “intoxination”) that are equally peculiar, e.g. conditions of toxicity/activity of the so-called “blood complement”, which in turn are correlatable to different types of physical malaise.

Yet another object of the present invention is to devise a food supplement that can be made with accurately determinable amounts of active ingredients, even when based on different commercially available ingredients with a different degree of purity or concentration or titre or in any case a different form of aggregation (powders that are more or less fine/homogeneous, with variable amounts of residual moisture and so forth).

Moreover, a further object of the present invention is to provide a food supplement for use in the treatment and prevention of female infertility, more specifically in the treatment and/or prevention of “unexplained”, and in particular immune-mediated, female infertility.

at least one substance facilitating penetration through a cell membrane, which cooperates with the other two substances just listed in order to deliver them into the cells that require their presence/action, said penetration facilitating substance being preferably selected from among membrane phospholipids, biopolymers or biocompatible polymers, serum albumin, bovine serum albumin, piperidine and mixtures thereof.

Preferably, the present invention relates to the composition as described above for use in the treatment and/or prevention of “unexplained” female infertility, more preferably for use in the treatment and/or prevention of immune-mediated female infertility.

In order to be optimally balanced in terms of “concentration” of active substances, the total mass of a single unit of administration of the composition itself can have an overall weight comprised between 0.40 grams and 1 grams and even more preferably comprised between 0.45 grams and 0.8 grams, and the respective optimal amounts of the individual components of the composition can be indicated in relation to this reference amount (which in fact corresponds to that of a single dose that can be taken by a subject).