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ADVOCATES PUSH FOOD WASTE — POLITICO’s Marie J. French: Supporters b games basketball of a plan to divert food waste away from landfills are stepping up pressure this week on Assembly Democrats to get the plan included in the budget, which is due by March 31. Groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council and New York League of Conservation Voters are lobbying for requirements for large generators of food waste to send edible food to food banks and scraps to anaerobic hp gas kushaiguda phone number digesters or composting facilities. The requirements were pushed last year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and supported by Assembly Democrats but ultimately blocked by Senate Republicans. This year, Cuomo left it out of his budget proposal and Assembly Democrats haven’t devoted much attention to it. Senate Democrats gas vs electric heat, led by Sen. Todd Kaminsky (D-Nassau), are pushing the issue. “We obviously have a big landfilling problem and a food scarcity problem with respect to needy communities,” Kaminsky said earlier this month. “I just think it’s a great idea, especially when we’re going to want to use anaerobic digesters to create energy … It’s the right thing gas tax by state to do and its time has passed, so I’m hoping we can be the prime mover and get that done this year.”

… Assemblyman Steve Englebright (D-Suffolk) said there are ongoing conversations with the Senate about the proposal, although he’s previously suggested these and other policies could be addressed post-budget. “We want a trifecta this year,” said Englebright on Monday. “We want the food waste, the bag issue to be settled and the bottles, and if we’re able orlando electricity providers to do that … we will have done a great service to the state of New York.” But the issue hasn’t been discussed much among the budget’s top negotiators. “I don’t know if that has been on the table gas tax deduction,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Monday about the food waste mandate. Read more here.

BUDGET WATCH: Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie also signaled the Assembly is close to an agreement on congestion pricing. On addressing single-use plastic bags, he said the conference is ready to back a ban on plastic but that there’s an ongoing discussion about what to do about other electricity word search answers bags. “If you’re going to charge a fee on bags, what does it do,” he said. “We always felt that if you charge a fee then it has to go to an environmental purpose. The thing is when the localities do it they don’t have the ability to do it — they have to allow the businesses to accept the money.” — Marie J. French

PFAS physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet CRACKDOWN — POLITICO’s Danielle Muoio: The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on Monday ordered five companies to pay millions of dollars to clean up chemicals electricity 101 presentation from drinking water that could pose health risks, a directive state officials are calling “a first of its kind in the nation.” The companies — Solvay, DuPont, DowDuPont, Chemours and 3M — must put together an assessment of their use and discharge of PFAS substances, or polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl. The state has notified the gas gangrene companies it will also hold them financially responsible for the cost of cleaning up PFAS contamination…. The DEP’s directive calls on Solvay to pay roughly $3.1 million to the state — the amount the state has incurred as of March 4 to investigate, monitor, treat and clean up PFAS from the area surrounding Solvay’s facility in West Deptford. The directive does not specify how much the other companies will electricity cost calculator have to pay. It calls on all of the companies to meet with the state and “discuss a good faith estimate” for future costs to investigate and cleanup the removal of PFAS from the environment. Companies that don’t comply with the directive could be liable for three times the cost of investigating oil n gas prices and removing the discharge, according to the directive. The state can require court action compliance. Read more here.